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Looking for a handmade porn Chinese at 91? The best porn smutty videos are those created thereby all of you. I suppose that professional porn is okay. It's overdone, though. What's the appeal of looking at porn if you know it isn't really enjoyed by anything that gets railed? And neither do the hollow ass moans. Nothing will destroy a decent jerk away such as a pornstar who really overdoes it to insanity.


Though much of the web is in Chinese (and I would strongly advise you to automatically translate these sites into your favorite language using a navigator like Chrome, reading this? 91porn also explains several reasons why you should consider logging up to a VIP account. I presume that it is English. The following benefits are given to VIP members: • Watch more videos (10 a day can be viewed by visitors). Users that register without a fee will see additional 10-20 videos a day). • See HD views. • Choose your favorite server for streaming. • Videos download. • Do not see announcements (as many ads as are on 91porn this may be worth the cost of admission alone). It's very fair for pricing.

VIP membership

And here's a VIP subscription, asking for the currency. Guests can search and view up to 10 videos per day for free, but you will have to pay for one of their annual plans if you want to see more videos or watch them in HD. And in reality, they are quite rational. You can watch 60 videos a day for 45 bucks a year. There will be difficulties hitting 60 videos a day except with the most porn-fucked fuck. And this is just the first way to join. They've got one for 95 dollars a year which allows you to see 400 videos a day. Moreover, you can import VIP videos and no advertisements are available.

The website

I believe the homepage just lists certain videos by the latest. It just doesn't say. However, with that page, I wouldn't even bother. To access the page with videos and sorting tools, click on "watch." This is a fairly typical filter list. Shit like the most famous, hot, highlighted, and high-tech this month. You can use the search bar if you know the name of the video you want. The layout of the web will make it difficult to filter by names. I would propose that you try to recall users who want you to post content instead.

Previews and player

The video previews valuable facts in a mockery tone. You will be able to download the video, add the date, likes, the number of favorites it has, feedback, and an assessment. This is wonderful, but it comes at a price. This is great. To see what is happening in this preview shot, I need a fucking microscope. They're the little ones I saw. It's cool that they can get a lot on one page, but instead, I would like far bigger pictures. Turning to "detailed view" is somewhat easier. You have more screen sample pictures. However, this does not make them any stronger. It's just a series of little pictures in one place.

Good video quality

But let's discuss the quality of the film. It's good. Not the brightest I saw out there definitely. And if you do not full-screen, the video player is pretty thin. There isn't much helping when it is plagued by publicity from both sides. You may even get a pre-roll commercial, but there is no redirect advertising here at least. These videos play easy. I had no buffering of any kind. And I'm very questionable about the VIP members' HD video assertion. Of course, I can't be certain, but I don't know how to proceed with all these homemade videos. You can pick the video page, leave suggestions, rate it, but if you decide to download you will have to pay for the VIP membership.

Not optimized for mobile

Do not use websites. Do not use mobile sites. Just don't. Just don't do that. The desktop edition is 100% the same. No tablet or other formatting. It is functional, but you can't prevent the hundreds of advertisements on the site from clicking. Each time you want to read a video title or view a preview, you'll need to carefully zoom out. It really isn't valuable. I would like to see them in the future make some redesigns. After all, every month they carry a huge crowd. I am confident that if they had a reasonably passable smartphone website they would skyrocket even further.

More on the website

The way they curate their content is my favorite feature of Some erotic videos you like can be downloaded by users themselves. The only requirement is that you record the images. This makes a website full of unbelievably warm videos which you won't find somewhere else. Although it might be a little tougher to categorize all these videos, it's like nothing else to watch the raw footage of a hot pair. It's terrific it is.


Overall, is a wonderful place to visit whether you want to view or share homemade sex videos. (often misspelled as '91pron'). They have a huge collection with a great deal of kinky stuff. If you can overcome the problem of advertisements and bad design decisions, you certainly have fun here. Take a look at those amateur videos now.

What We Like At 91porn:
+ Lots of homemade videos
+ Amateur content is huge
What We Don't Like At 91porn:
- Mobile not friendly
- Pay to download videos
- Site design
- Only 10 videos for quest users
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