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Oh my, oh my... What a treat I have for all of you today! Let me begin with the warning message: In order to proceed, you must be at least 18 years of age (21 years of age in some jurisdictions), and legally permitted to view Adult Content in your area.  This is an archive of literature written by and for Adults, only. Man, I really adore sites that start with this kind of message! As soon as I see that, I know that something great is about to happen because I'm legal of age! And I bet the same stands for you all! So, today, I won't be speaking of a regular porn site! When I say regular, I mean porn sites that provide videos and photos of stunning dolls getting fucked hard! No, you won't hear anything about that here! This post is dedicated to one awesome place. A porn site that represents the group of sites with no images or videos! So, what does it offer then? It offers sex stories! With no further ado, I present AdultFanFiction! 

So, what does AdultFanFictions bring to the table?

You are probably asking what can be found here, what can satisfy your sexual urge! Well, let me tell you! AdultFanFiction is all about art and story authors; activities on AdultFanFiction involve challenging people to write about all kinds of topics, sharing as well as helping others find stories written way back. This amazing place is a platform where authors not only challenge each other in contests for awards but also mentor and support each other. For instance, there is a writer’s corner where authors discuss the art of writing among themselves which includes advice, strategies, styles, and specifics in writing adult material. If you are interested in becoming one, AdultFanFiction is the perfect place for you, trust me! Also, there is a Character Profile help forum. This forum aims at helping people create a good character or more for their stories. A really caring community that aims to help each individual member! 

This place can be considered as a tool for writing sex stories!

Once you land on the homepage of AdultFanFiction, you will realize that this place can help you in a lot of ways! First of all, just check the header and the navigation bar, and everything will be clear to you! The site logo is placed in the left-hand side corner and its resemblance to some school logos, meaning that this is an educational site and that you can learn a lot here! Then, there is a Literotica Free 18+ Chat title in the middle of the header, which also indicates that this place is made to improve your writing in the XXX industry! Now, let's check what AdultFanFiction offers in the navigation bar? News, Contests, Member Tools, Forums, Archives, Info & Support, Advertising, Supporters, Donate, and log in! See? Once again, you have some tools, forums, supporters, all of them here to serve a greater cause: to help you become an excellent xxx adult writer! But, that's not all, so let's check what these sections have to offer:


These folks keep you posted about everything happening on the site in general, forums, and about contests being undertaken. I found this quite effective especially because even when certain links are not working you will be in the know.


As far as I can tell, there is no a fucking person who hated forums; this shit brings together suckers who share the same ideologies. Before joining any of the forums however you might want to consider going through their 8 key rules! Here, you must get used to the terms such as signatures, creating an account with valid data, and much more. But yeah, definitely a place you don't want to miss on AdultFanFiction!


This is definitely my favourite section with lots of content for your viewing pleasure. This includes; anime, books, bleach, games, celebrity, Naruto, manga among many other erotic contexts. Yeah, AdultFanFiction is not only a writing tool, it offers a lot of porn content instead! 


Interesting fact is that every month the AdultFanFiction comes up with a certain amount of money they expect to be able to have raised by the end of it. Surprisingly, these guys really depend on handouts from members and fans for financial support. Even though it’s a fucking good thing that they haven’t bombarded users with Ads, I think these guys haven't planned how to sustain their site well, and if we choose to trust the rumours, this place is currently on sale!, Anyways, if you wish to support their course, you can send your donations via PayPal to "". They appreciate those who do so by listing them down in the supporters' section together with the amount they donated, and I really like that transparency! 

What about the membership:

Signing up for a user account at AdultFanFiction is not an easy process! They are requiring you to fill in a series of stuff from your valid email address, display name, password among others. The only thing they didn't ask me to provide is my grandma's name and the name of the company I worked in server years ago! Yeah, creating an account here is free, but this is something I would not recommend to the worst enemy! Thank god some sites only require an email and nickname. 

After all, AdultFanFiction is a decent place where you can see and learn a lot of things!

There is so much erotic content in the form of drawn art, stories, and discussions on various topics like hot movies you know, the song with sexy lyrics, and more. I have already said that this place looks like some nestling ground for upcoming artists; there are a writer’s wall and character-building forums to guide them too. I really have to emphasize that giving back to the community approach! If you are in need of sexy stories and some help while writing them, AdultFanFiction can be a perfect place for you! 

What We Like At Adultfanfiction:
+ Lots of erotic stories
What We Don't Like At Adultfanfiction:
- No search option
- Outdated site design
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