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Paying for sex is something that has been around for centuries and that is only the part of the history that has been written about. Who knows if people used to exchange a bag of flour for some sexy time when money was not yet invented. Still, if you can get something for money, sex is the obvious thing that you can get. Still, people need to learn the difference between a plain hooker that is standing on the side of the road and a real escort lady. With hookers, you give them money and they give you sex, it is that simple. But with escorts, you can originate your own scenario for the whole day or night. You can go to dinner with her, take her on a real date, go figure skating and whatnot, and then have sex at the end of the day or during all of these actions. So, hookers will take less money from you and give you only sex while escort ladies will take significantly more money but give you the full feeling. We have one great escort porn site where you can find some hot ladies to make your day or night better. Its name is AdultSearch and we are taking a look at it.

Find Escorts, Strip Clubs, Sex Shops, And Massage Parlors

Usually, when you want to find an escort on the internet, these sites will try to hide their real intentions. Most often, they choose a name that will not immediately associate you with the escort services. Still, AdultSearch is the type of a site that doesn’t get scared easily and it puts its job right in its name. So, we are certain that they have some sort of a deal with the law. This site has originated in Netherlands which is a fairly openminded country when it comes to sex and services such as this. Therefore, this is not a surprise. AdultSearch started its business almost twenty years ago and it is still going really strong.

In a single month, millions of people visit this site in search of an escort lady. Of course, ladies are not the only types of escorts that you can get on this site. It has separate sections for male escorts and transsexual escorts as well. So, it has grown over the years and it is no wonder that so many people visit this site. In the thumbnail of this site, you can see that it is not only about finding an escort to help you with your loneliness. AdultSearch will help you find strip clubs, sex shops, and exotic massage parlors all over the world. The web that they have waived stretches all across the world and you have excellent chances of finding these places and girls in your hometown. Let’s see how you can do that.

Choose Your Country And City To Start The Party

The sites like AdultSearch function in a very similar way. Finding an escort lady should not be a complicated process so these sites make sure to narrow it down to the simplest units. First of all, what you need to do is to choose your country and city. There are different sections dedicated to the entire world on the homepage of this site. Of course, the USA is one of the most popular destinations for everyone so its states and cities take up most of the place. However, you have sections dedicated to Asia, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia with Oceania. Still, if you wish to find your city, I suggest you try the search option. Simply type in your city and AdultSearch will do the rest.

Once you have chosen your city and clicked on it, you will see an individual page with all the information you need. You will see the number of female escorts available, male and shemale ones as well. Also, you will see the massage parlors in that city, swinger clubs, strip joints, sex shops, and even brothels. It is interesting that this name has been kept all this time when we all know it is a sex parlor. Also, at the bottom of the page, you have the general forums section. This is where you can see other people’s opinions about the escorts and other things from the given city.

Once you have chosen a girl, you can click on her profile. On it, you will usually see a couple of pictures of the escort lady and a lot of personal information written by herself. You will see her name, her measurements, what she likes, where she is, and, of course, her phone number. Still, you won’t see any prices on these profiles. I guess you have to text these girls or call them and ask for the price of their escort services. Once everything is set and done, you can expect them knocking at your door when you arrange it. It is very simple.

Are You An Escort?

AdultSearch has a wonderful option that allows you to become an official escort and post your own profile on this site. This can be done if you register on this site. Also, if you register, you will get some additional perks as a member of this site. You can see more pictures of the escort ladies, enter the discussion panels, and post your own opinions about the site, escort models, and anything else on this site. The registration is completely free and it is worth thinking about.


Drowning your sorrow and loneliness in some hot escort pussy has never been easier. All you have to do is to visit AdultSearch, an excellent escort site, and find the girl(s) that you want in your city. They will do whatever you want them to do for a certain price. Also, you can find erotic massages, sex shops, strip joints, and many many more things on AdultSearch. Give it a try right now and you won’t regret it.

What We Like At Adultsearch:
+ Lots of users reviews
+ Simple and clean site design
+ Lots of useful info
+ Language options
What We Don't Like At Adultsearch:
- Nothing
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