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We all know about the phenomenon of Anon and the stories that circle about that special name. It means anonymous and it is closely related to all the shit that has been going on in the world lately. However, people seem to forget that there are other sites and other places that originated this abbreviated word before. Let’s go back to the year 2010 and one special porn site that started its journey then. Now, don’t get confused. This site has a lot of names. Some of them are Anon Reloaded, Anon Sharer, New Chan, and many more. They just cannot seem to opt for one name so they have taken loads of them. Naturally, they all focus on a single porn site that we will call Anon Sharer. We are here to show you the contents of this site and tell you if it’s worthy of your time and effort. Let’s dig in!

Style Of The Website Hasn’t Changed Since

The first thing you will notice when you visit AnonSharer is that it sends out a strong 2000s vibe. The look and the feel of this site have not changed since the moment it was created. Simply because it didn’t need to change, it has remained the same. The site is very functional and easy to use. If we ignore the beginning of the page that shows you a lot of pictures, links, and billboards that all mean the same thing - getting a premium AnonShare account. You can opt to do that, but there is no real need for that. There are thousands of pictures, videos, and chan-related content that can be found here for free. Let’s see what this site has to offer.

Ton Of Amateur Stuff Not Meant To Be Seen

People who start a relationship with one woman and stay with that woman all the time are rare. They are living the life as it should be lived; find your soulmate and stay with her. Others, immensely more numerous people, have had bad relationships with the wrong people in their lives. When things go astray, they are left angry, disappointed, and most of the time - vengeful. Now, when a man wants to get back to his whoring ex-girlfriend or lover, one of the ways to do that is to post her nudes and their private sex tape to a site like AnonSharer. Why would someone choose a site like this? Well, for many reasons. One of them is that you don’t have to create an account to upload your content. You don’t have to pay for it and no one can trace the content back to you. It is a perfect crime. Therefore, if you have an ex that did you wrong and you just don’t want to delete her nudes, post them on this site so that everyone can get a good look at them.

The Site Is Very Functional And Widespread

When you spend a couple of minutes on AnonSharer, you will see how it works. Ignore the top part of the homepage because it is trying to sell you the premium membership. This membership is about $20.00 a month and it lets you access the premium content on it. Without an account, there is also a ton of pictures, gifs, and videos to watch. Mostly amateur babes and young chicks can be found here, but don’t worry, all of them are above 18. If someone tried to upload an illegal content, it would get deleted from the site.

On the bottom part of the page, you can search for what to watch. There are tons of categories from amateurs, gifs, hentai, midgets, chanwhores, reddit, and many others. Other than that, you can search the girls coming from your area. If you are from the USA, this is a piece of heaven because every state is listed. However, if you are not, you can pray that your country is listed because AnonSharer includes only the biggest countries in the world. Sorry, Zimbabwe!

When you click on a category, you get transferred to a page where you can update your own material or look at the content in that category. The pictures and other content is listed as if in a blog post style fashion, one under another. You can click on it, expand it, post a comment, and of course, download what you like. This is the perfect site to explore and find what you like from the amateur girls around the world.

Mobile Version And Ghost Protocol

When it comes to the one thing that bugs me on this site, it is that some categories seriously lack in content. For example, hentai category has only a couple of pictures on a single page. That is really slim for a monstrous site like this. On the other hand, there is another bright light in this story. AnonSharer has an excellent mobile version. I hope you don’t have big fingers though, because you can easily miss the category you wanted to check. The letters are small but the pictures and other content is big and bright! Especially I like the black dark background of this site! Finally! Something that doesn’t damage my eyes! For a porn site that has 10 years in its history, these ghost categories need to be better and bigger than ever. When this happens, AnonSharer will have become one of the best free porn chan sites that show amateur and kinky porn at its best.


AnonSharer is a completely anonymous porn site where you will find the sweet taste of revenge. All of those boyfriends who were played by their girls posted their nudes and sexy material on this site as a form of revenge. The content is swell and it is completely free to see and download. You can also upload any content you want for free, without making an account or registering. Enter the land of AnonSharer and enjoy hot amateur girls from all over the world.

What We Like At Anonreloaded:
+ Lots of free content
+ Community is quite active
+ Excellent mobile experence
What We Don't Like At Anonreloaded:
- Well...nothing yet
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