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If you thought that ASSTR is a site with a focus on sexy asses, you're wrong and you're neither the first nor last who thought so. Their abbreviation of site name stands for 'Alt Sex Stories Text Repository' and they're focused on actual stories. Thinking that sex stories are boner killers? Well mate, you're wrong again and I'll give my best to walk you through their content and present their work in detail. Be sure that after this review you'll start to appreciate this form of erotica and realize it's a really nice way to express sexuality.

Whoever thinks that writing and reading of sexual stories are lame, should just remember one of their moments (and I bet there were many) where you caught yourself having a boner while watching a hot scene in a movie? A scene without nudity or any kind for that matter, let alone penetration or a blowjob? Well, my dear reader, it is called sexual tension and it wasn't because of some boobs or ass that made you get a chubby one, but because of writing! 

Abou Asstr

Sex stories can indeed be exciting and be sure that these on ASSTR will definitely tickle your mind as they are nothing but raunchy and dirty experienced people from all around the world! However, if you're in a hurry and just want to crank one out, better do a quick search for a video and get done with it because these stories require some commitment since you're indulging in a sexual story where a good amount of having pleasure there depends on your focus and creativity. As any woman will tell you, the secret to a great orgasm, is in the buildup. Pure pumping of a pussy without foreplay won't lead to the same result and satisfaction of a woman as it would if she got primarily and properly eaten out. Well, you could say that the same principle can be applied to these stories on ASSTR which mainly create sexual tension rather than simply jumping in straight to the action. This tension raises as you read and once it is ready to explode, your cock will explode with it! If you're concerned about what kind of stories you'll be able to read there, just know that all the categories you can find on any porn site, you can find on ASSTR as well! From first-time sex stories and college babes experimenting, to gangbangs, orgies, and even taboo themes such as stepdaughter seducing her step-dad, etc. There are plenty of story genres for everyone and enough to keep you busy for a while!

The only difference between a porn site and these stories is that they're not as strictly categorized as other types of porn while some stories can be a part of the real-life experience but also a part of fiction, so, don't be surprised if you end up wondering how true that story could be. Consider this as one of the charms of sexual stories because while porn videos are often fake, that cannot be said for stories on ASSTR! Perhaps the best example of this can be found in the Older vs Young section.

In case you wondered who writes these stories, know that the answer is... everyone! Both professional erotica writers but also true amateurs that never wrote anything in their life are those sharing their experiences or fantasies. That's another beautiful part of the genre because stories are independent of the budget and do not require any money, or acting, makeup, cameras, sets, moods, experience. Sex stories are just that, stories, and even you, if feeling liberated to tell your fantasy or having some interesting story worth sharing, can become an active member of the ASSTR community! Some of these stories can be completely true or made up, but also both of it mixed. 

While most of the sex stories you can buy in the forms of books are erotica, these on ASSTR are about more explicit stuff. Don't get surprised if you come upon some both softcore and hardcore stories that really go into details perhaps even more than some of the close-up videos you can find! Count their work as a form of hardcore erotica that can be quite exciting and titillating for many women, but men as well! One good example is the Lolita series which was appreciated by both genders! It's really surprising how a well-written story can do as much as images and videos can! 

One of the best things on ASSTR is the lack of censorship since many subjects are getting censored on the internet which became a place of selective freedom. Subjects like fetishes like incest, rape, gore, and others, are not the most welcoming on the Internet but there are definitely people who are into it and their stories are all available and uncensored on ASSTR! A good amount of their content is done with a detailed description of where these details do an excellent job of building up the sexual tension as you read the story! The other thing that's also impressive is the diversity of the stories and authors because it's a perfect mix of both amateur and semi-professional writers.


Still, there are a couple of things that they should improve and make their site a better place. Mainly, the lack of unified text formatting but also lack of any other type of media. In some cases, the text may be poorly formatted and can cause complications if reading with a tablet. By being a site with no censorship or content moderation, it's understandable that they also don't have rules regarding text formatting. Another important thing to mention is most of the stories are accessible through FTP only, meaning that if you never came across this type of navigation, the page will look as if it isn't loaded properly. All in all, if guys on ASSTR decided to modernize the website and better sort everything, they could turn it into the best one when it comes to sexual stories!

What We Like At Asstr:
+ Free donation
+ Quite regular updates
+ Large database of stories
What We Don't Like At Asstr:
- Difficult browsing
- Old site design
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