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There are so many porn sites to choose from, well I am here to help you figure out which one is worth your time and which one can be forever forgotten. What makes a good porn site? There are a number of things, from high-quality being the most important one, to site design and how easy it is to navigate on it. There are also things like quantity and different categories. So with these things in mind, I will be visiting a Japanese porn site Avgle. Self pronouncing themselves as Google of adult content. A pretty bold claim, which I will be testing in this review.

What is
Avgle is an awesome JAV porn site that has a lot of hot videos plus multi-language support! You can switch the site to English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Danish, Slovenian, Croatian and a dozen other languages! It’s a hot site that has plenty of those hot Japanese porn videos; that’s amazing because the content is 100% original and it’s so difficult to find good JAV porn outside of Japan.


From the moment you land on the homepage of Avgle, it's looking pretty similar to some porn tubes. The menu bar is up at the top of the page, and a bunch of thumbnails down below grouped off into different sections. In the case of Avgle, you have videos that are being currently watched, then a list of categories, then you have Featured Videos, as well as Hot Videos, and the most recent ones. Everything is looking pretty standard for now. Above the thumbnails is the menu bar, which is simple and not too cluttered. Choose from Videos, Dating, VR, Collections, Categories, Live Sex, Upload, and also with a search bar all the way to the right. Check the page for categories if you need something specific – they’re in English rather than the chosen language, but I’m not complaining, at least not too loudly.

VR is Legit

VR section is legit, it's a very good and useful addition to a porn tube site, allowing you to easily filter through all of Avgle’s content in order to only be shown those that have virtual reality capabilities. It is also a treat to find a free porn tube that has VR videos available at all, let alone one that caters to them specifically (in addition to all of the more traditional content).

Great Asian Porn

I have spent a good amount of time looking at the content that is provided here at and I can honestly say I am extremely pleased with the experience I had so far. You’ll find anything and everything from schoolgirl and anal through to Korean and mature. As someone who really likes and enjoys Asian porn, this website really gave it to me. While you can be basic and boring dude enjoying the most vanilla sex videos, you can also be a BDSM beast that will find its pleasures here with extreme porn and some crazy rough action.

Community Features

As far as additional interactive features go, though, you are a bit limited. You can like or dislike a video, or easily access a link to embed it to your blog, social media post or whatever, but it doesn’t look like you can comment on videos or that there is any sort of means for discussion or community on this site. Check the page for categories if you need something specific – they’re in English rather than the chosen language, but I’m not complaining, at least not too loudly. As far as registering to use the site is concerned, I would skip doing so unless you plan on uploading your own content. There just doesn’t seem to be enough features to warrant it otherwise. That being said, though, if you are looking for a site on which to find tons of great porn Japanese porn, Avgle definitely has it. I understand that not everyone requires that additional, kind of above and beyond features that other sites offer (like a forum, chat capabilities, a profile, social media features, a blog, etc.). For many, all that is required is a convenient and easy site to visit for a quick fap and go.

Endless Content

A couple of things can be said about how many HD, full-length movies they have (I’m talking hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of hours of content. Avgle has more hours of porn available than you likely have hours left to live. You’ll definitely never run out of fap material, that is for damn sure.

Ads Preventing Fun

For all its endless high-quality content available here at Avgle, there are also endless ads. Ok, maybe I went a little too far there, but there are for sure way, way too many ads on this website. You better arm your browser with more than one ad blocker. Each click will take you to three popups, crazy right? Don't worry, you will also get ads while you're playing and pausing your videos, but even if you take my advice and arm yourself with ad blockers, it will still ask you to turn them off, with last but not the least famous line, "we know ads are annoying..." you damn right they are.


Ok, so now that we took a deep dive into it's time to come to a conclusion. If somehow by some miracle you are able to overlook the ads, Avgle is a pretty damn good Asian porn site with tons of high-quality material. Are they Google of adult videos as they claim? No, they are not. But is it an awesome Japanese porn tube you can visit for your wanking pleasures? Absolutely! The design is, let's say nice, has a nice range of interesting content, both normal porn and VR, it has that much porn it will last you until your end, and of course, everything is in HD. Wasted potential with the extreme presence of ads, and who knows, maybe they realise just how good it can be without them.

What We Like At Avgle:
+ Multi-language support
+ Lots of VR videos
+ Endless content
What We Don't Like At Avgle:
- Standard design
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