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Have you ever thought about what is the most wanted material when it comes to what people fap to? Of course, that's porn! In today's modern society, hundreds and thousands of porn sites of all kinds are available and we can choose what we want to watch and what we want to fap to! From free tube sites, aggregator sites, to paysites, people can now decide what they like and can choose between thousands of superb looking porn stars! But, my question is, what happens when you find all of the above-mentioned boring? And that the reality! No matter how sexy pornstar is, how good fuck is, how good the quality of production is, in one moment, porn will bore you! Trust me! And, what do you do then? Well, you mix things a bit! Don't worry, this bore phase is just temporary, if you love porn once, you will love it always! So, what do you do when that phase comes? One suggestion is to change the subject of fap! And what is the better way to change than replacing pornstar with real stars? With people, mostly girls, who we watch all day long! A real celebrity!!! Yeah, today, I'm going to write about one amazing site which is all about celebrity nudity, and I know how much of you have fantasies of having some steamy action with actresses, sportswomen, tv broadcasters, singers, and so on. If you are one of them, AzNude is a place you wanna visit! Why? Check it out below! 

A huge database of nude celebrities!

In my knowledge, one of the most famous and oldest sites which dealt with the nude celebrities topic is Fappening, and as far as I can tell, AzNude took a lot from it! What is the main mission of AzNude? In my opinion, this place is here to make us (people who like nude celebrities) happy! Can you imagine how hard it would be for each of us personally to search the web for celebrities nude scenes, leaks, and stuff like that? Let's take one example: Imagine your favorite celebrity. Now, find all her nude scenes, if she is an actress, or nude performance if she is a singer. Now, let's widen this search, find all her naked photos, from Instagram stories, or Tinder, Twitter posts... You got the idea! A lot of job and time is required for this! But now, you don't have to do anything about this! AzNude got you covered because now, you have all these things in one place! The database of this site offers an incredible amount of celebrity pictures, videos, and other content. As a matter of fact, I strongly believe that every famous girl in the world has some posts dedicated to her in this place. The list of the celebrities goes from A to Z, therefore the name of the site! Every letter has hundreds of entries, so you can imagine how many celebrities can be found here. Kudos to this site for being so thorough and professional, it is bringing celebrities right to our feet for free. No, this is not a mistake, you read it well. All of the content on this AzNude comes without any subscription, memberships, and credit card payments. It is all for air.

Modern look and design with the combination of the easy-to-use interface!

The first thing that poked my eye (in a positive manner of course) was that combination of black and yellow! I like the famous song! It really looks cool! That dark theme is perfect for some nightly hunt for celebrity sex videos, nude pictures, and scenes from the movies. The second thing I've noticed was the Welcome note! I will quote their message because I like the way they have come up with it: "We have a large, free, every day growing universe of celebrity nudity where stars from all movies and series shine"! So, you got the idea! This is where all these babes from mainstream media show their true potential! 

Navigation and search features are implemented very well! 

The header of AzNude is reserved for the site logo, Categories dropdown, Search feature, Browse, Sign in, and login buttons! Click on categories and you will see Lesbian, Real Sex, Nude, Butt, Breasts, Sexy, Thong, and others... Each of these categories will provide you with sexy celebrity material, all you have to do is to choose what you like! You can browse between images, celebs, movies, videos, tags, playlists, stories, and porn! Really easy to use a navigation bar which is made to make your stay here pleasant and to save some time! And that's not insignificant! The search bar is off the charts! You can type in the name of your celebrity babe, or you can use letters, from A to Z of course, to help you find what you like. A simple click on the letter will lead you to the pages with numerous stars! 

Once you find your celebrity crush, you will see another amazing page!

When you find your celebrity doll, and the best way for that is to type her full name in the search bar because an alphabetical search can be a bit long, you will see a totally new page, with all the stuff from the chosen babe! So, everything about that person can be found on one page! How awesome is that?

Explore movies and videos tabs!

Man, I must confess that I have spent more time on these tabs than I planned and that was enough for this review! I strongly suggest you visit these sections of AzNude for the ultimate celebrities scenes!

All in all, AzNude must be considered as one of the best sites in the celebrity niche!

The main focus of the site is celebrities! AzNude is not only about videos, you can find everything which is sexy about celebs, it offers a huge amount of scenes and photos, and it is totally free! Definitely a place worthy of visiting!

What We Like At Aznude:
+ Modern site design
+ Responsive
+ Good navigation and search features
+ Big thumbs
What We Don't Like At Aznude:
- Some celeb profile data missing
- Lots of annoying adds
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