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And they said that doing reviews doesn't hurt! Believe me, I have never been more cringed and hurt than by today's review and you will probably feel the same way after you are done with it. Or, on the other hand, you represent that 1% of the world's population that loves the content you are about to see. Fetish sites are some of the most diverse porn sites in the world and this genre is definitely the most imaginative, so to say. When we range fetishes, we can be as mellow as the people who love fucking in their stockings and high heels, and we can be as harsh and brutal as the people who love their balls being busted. Guess what this review is about! It is about the porn site called BallBustingTube and yes, it hurts to even think about it, let alone watch or experience that. I hope that I will never have that feeling in the area that God meant to be treated nicely. But, this is for all of you out there who love this fetish and who upload such videos on sites like these.

Ball Busting Actually Feels Good To These People

Remember when you are playing football and your friend strikes the ball into your crotch? You probably fell down to the floor and couldn't get up for the next ten minutes. The worst thing is that you have no idea where you feel the pain. Your whole body is convulsing; there is a strong feeling of sickness in your stomach, and your balls just feel like they will fall off. After that, every step that you take is followed by a strong need to sit down or faint. Yes, that is how much it hurts getting hit in the groins. Now, imagine repeating that sensation over and over again and you will catch just a glimpse of the content on BallBustingTube.

This free porn site is a tube for all of those men who love living an extreme life. We are not talking here about sky-diving or jumping out of airplanes. We are talking about busting balls. These men voluntarily accept to have their balls stepped on, squeezed, hit, bit, and God knows what more. This fetish is one of the most hardcore and most nauseating experiences you can have in porn and yet there are so many people who enjoy it. The kinkiness of it falls short in every description because being kinky means drinking piss and getting bound to have sex. This is in a completely different dimension.

Amateur Recordings Of Busting Balls

I have mentioned that BallBustingTube is a free porn site. Of course, no one in their right minds would pay to see or experience this shit. I seriously don't know how these men can even sit after this. I have spent some time on this site and it pains me to even think about it, but hey, I am a professional. The videos on BallBustingTube are mainly amateur. There are just a couple of professionally made kinky videos and it will not be easy to find them. The scenes are mostly shot and uploaded by the members of this site and we can conclude that they are the people in the footage.

The movies are various but they all have one thing in common - the pain in the groins. For example, I have seen a video where a man has been tied down and put on his knees. His legs are spread and BOOM! Before you know it, a chick in high heels takes a massive shot at his balls. What is interesting, after I regained my consciousness, is that the guy didn't flinch and he didn't scream as much as I would expect. This leads me to believe that these men either take some painkillers or they just simply and plainly enjoy their balls being busted. This site is a perfect opportunity for dominant females to exact revenge and to beat the crap out of their men.

The Site Gives You Easy Access

Since there aren't many fetish porn sites like this, BallBustingTube has to bring out its A+ game. And, it is safe to say that its game is excellent. The color of this porn site is pitch black with some dark red details which is the ultimate colour pattern for kinky and fetish porn sites. The homepage is probably the place where you will spend most of your time and it looks perfect with all of its options. It is covered in thumbnails of different movies and short clips where the balls are being busted in many different and imaginative ways. On the options bar, you can choose different sections to help you find what you are looking for.

Therefore, you can explore the Videos page, the Photos section, Categories, and many other options. One special section is the Premium page. This is where you can find more than 3,500 DVD titles if you register for this site and if you decide to share your money with it. The DVDs are full-length and they send the BallBustingTube into another dimension of busting balls. If you are a worshipper of this porn fetish, this site will prove to be the right thing for you. It is easy to use, it will give you thousands of amateur porn videos where poor balls are being crushed and tortured.


If you don't feel pain from your neck down, this site will prove to be the best experience for you! BallBustingTube, as its name implies, approaches one of the most specific and most brutal porn fetishes in the adult industry. The men in these videos are being tortured, tied down, and stepped all over their balls. Sometimes, even other men are included who are not being so gentle to the male reproductive organs. Seriously, if you love busting balls, BallBustingTube will prove to be the right place for you. Ok, visit it, and I will go and sit in an ice bucket because my balls feel numb just thinking about this!

What We Like At Ballbustingtube:
+ Regular updates
+ Interesting categories
What We Don't Like At Ballbustingtube:
- Ads
- Quality of some videos
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