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When you spend time talking to people about porn, they will all tell you that they watch movies with gorgeous pornstars where they enjoy hot sex with one straight man. Of course, many of them would be lying because there is so much more to the porn industry that everyone needs to explore. And people do exactly that. The internet gives you an opportunity to explore anything you want and find your own specific fetish. When speaking about porn, there is an infinite list of fetishes that people have and they are too scared to talk about them to their friends and family because they would label them as freaks and as too kinky and sick. However, when you find a community of people on the internet that love the same thing, there is your jackpot. If you love reading sex stories and if you love BDSM porn, we have a porn site for you that mixes those two pieces together into a perfect puzzle. Its name is BDSM Library and here we are reviewing it for you.

Read BDSM Stories And Jerk Off To Them For Free

There was never a more appropriate name for a porn site than this one. BDSM Library is a place where you can read thousands of stories with BDSM porn elements. If you are a newbie and you don't know (or act that you don't know) BDSM is a hardcore kinky fetish porn with bondage, spanking, pain infliction, domination, and many other fetishes put together in a slimy concoction. There are many people in the world who love kinky BDSM sex but this is one of those things that you don't speak about in public. To the rest of the “normal” people, the ones who are invested in this type of fun are just plain sick and should be treated.

However, BDSM porn comes in various ways and perhaps the stories are the least painful to the public eyes. I agree that not too many people love to get off to letters and the mere images they have to create in their brains. But, when they are so colorful and vivid like on BDSM LIbrary, it is extremely easy and very satisfying. This site has been updating its material and publishing new stories ever since the year 2001 so you can enjoy a wide variety of different styles that have only one thing in common - the kink. We are talking about the user-published content so the stories and the experiences can vary from being true and being fictional. Either way, you get to read them for free.

The Site Hasn't Escaped The Clutch Of The Year 2001

For some people it is really refreshing to see an outdated site but when it comes to porn, the more modern the site is the better it gets accepted. Therefore, the outdated style and interface of BDSM Library doesn't really bode well for it. The site was clearly designed for a 4:3 resolution and the sides of it are completely empty. The fonts and options look like they were made in the early version of Microsoft Windows 98, which they probably were. Still, we can all agree that this site needs a serious makeover to attract a wider audience. Despite all that, the number of people who read these stories is increasing. Therefore, we can all agree that no books should be judged by their covers.

On BDSM Library, you will find many different stories with characters, plotlines, twists, turns, and, of course, a lot of bondage and BDSM. If you wish to search for a story that fits your preferences, your best bet is to click on the Library field or to choose the Stories Main on the left. You can search the newest stories, the most popular, most discussed, the longest ones, authors, titles, and many more. It can be a long process of finding something that you like but when you do, it will come back to you with a huge reward. The stories on this site are so vivid and now I understand how people are able to jerk off to this. The images that these stories create in the mind are unbelievable and I can already feel the bondage marks on my hands.

Enjoy Pictures And Many Other Options

As you know, the BDSM Library doesn't need your money. It will ask you to become its member so that you can enjoy the full benefits of being a member of this site. When you create your account, you can do many other things. You can comment on the books, vote on them, set favorites, but also upload your own material. If you are a talented writer (or not), you can send your story to the BDSM Library and see how it gets accepted. Just remember, it must have kink in it. Also, when you become a member, you can actively enter the community of this site. You can exchange private messages and finally talk to someone that loves the same things as you.

Some other fields that get opened when you create an account is that you can actually watch some videos and see pictures of BDSM action. Also, you can access the live BDSM cams and live BDSM chat where you can contact the community. This site will open its doors widely, make you feel at home, and strap you to the chair as it does some kinky and nasty shit to your brain. You are gonna love it!


Despite being an outdated porn site, BDSM Library is one of those sites that will quickly get under your skin. If you are a fan of reading stories and you also have some kinky BDSM fetish tendencies, this site will shower you with its BDSM stories. They come in different styles and you will definitely find something that suits your kinky needs. If you are not careful, this site will easily make you its bitch! Happy reading!

What We Like At BdsmLibrary:
+ Thousands of sex stories
+ Active community
+ Chat rooms
What We Don't Like At BdsmLibrary:
- Outdated site design
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