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Big Bang Empire is an in-browser flash game that helps you to build and grow a pornstar that is up and coming. The game can be found at But one way or another, you've already heard of this place. Without having their banner advertisements everywhere, there aren't many porn sites you can go to. Speak about hitting the market right! Anyway, these guys have only been around for about 5 years and every month they pull in a solid 1.5 million visitors with quite a major jump over the last few months.

First impressions

In order to play, you will have to set up an account when you first move over to Really, nothing too complicated. It's free and you only need to enter a password and an email. You're in after that. And my first thought was that it seemed, oh, all right, I suppose. Only let me elaborate. It's a flash game, so it has the look of a flash. You know the look I'm referring to. The art is constrained by what flash can do here, so I can't really recommend it for sitting down and fapping, but in terms of a neat flash game, let's talk about it.

The gameplay

You will create a pornstar once you have created your account. Depending on the fantasy you want to pursue, they may be male or female. These guys look sort of like Johnny Bravo. Picture a buff jock named Chad, and in your head, you probably have the right image. A 10/10 skinny chick with good boobs is the babe type. You can give them a name here, change some of their characteristics, and then start. You will begin playing the game until you have developed the slut of your desires. Your dream is to make it out of your crappy town and become an even better pornstar in the big city. You have to complete missions to win gems, gold, and experience to accomplish this. The missions are pretty easy. You press on them and it shows you what you are going to earn and how long it is going to take in real-time for the task.

Player versus player and co-op

In addition to the missions, other players will also "Duel". It's fairly lacklustre. Without any particular animation or feedback from you, your character and any other player's character only kind of deal damage to each other. You're having prizes and crap, so it's not all that entertaining. I suppose this will work if you're looking for a time filler to do between other assignments. You should create a porn studio and invite your friends to play in it. Based on how many porn stars you get and things like that, this earns you bonuses. Boosts that shorten the time for missions can be found, however, again, those require in-game money, which would most certainly cost you real cash. Alternatively, to cut the time in half, you should see an ad. But you can only do it once every hour, too. The "sex shop" section of the game is quite amusing. You can dress your character as much as you want, or undress him. You can't strip off her panties to have a look at the items, so if you feel like it, at least you can remove her top and check out her boobs. There are a number of wardrobe choices, but there is some sort of makeup for the absence of model offerings.

It's good on mobile

On mobile devices, this game is accessible through an app that you must go to their website to get. Currently, mobile makes a lot of sense to me for this sort of game. To keep the game running, you can click on a few quests, shut it out and let it go for a while, then come back every now and then. I wouldn't really recommend it anymore, but if it's your kind of game, you might enjoy it. It operates just fine on cell phones. Currently, I agree that it functions better than on a laptop.

Is it worth it

Although the game might not be as erotically motivating as most of the games I've played before, it definitely has an agenda behind it that is very fascinating. I mean, in their profession, you get to work with pornstars and make them popular. There's also the dress-up store thingy that enables you to see the nakedness of all the girls as you dress them up and label them as you like. You will still be able to view some nasty pictures at some point to drool about in mind that spending or not spending completely depends on how many things you want to miss to get to the yummier pics. See, after all, not so bad.

Massive content

A positive thing here is that a lot of content is available. I only played in the first two areas, but there are more than 10 others to try. And after those, I'm sure there are still more. You should skip microtransactions and only play it at your own pace if you don't think about how long it takes.


I would recommend adding more, say fetish, hardcore or purely immersive gaming elements, given that I didn't find the game all that erotically interesting. This is not only to keep the players on their toes but also to get the fantasy porn universe physically inspired as well as appropriately stuck. Overall, if you are a fan of fun, easygoing games where you don't really have to put a lot of effort in, you might like this game. The only thing is, the benefits are just not that big. If you want something more porn-oriented, I'll keep looking for it.

What We Like At Bigbangempire:
+ Really free
+ Hot game
+ Great on mobile
What We Don't Like At Bigbangempire:
- More erotic than porn
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