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We live in a society that deems paying for porn a luxury. Unfortunately, a large number of people think that way but they don’t flinch when they buy cigarettes and alcohol that are ruining their lives. Porn is there to prolong your life and make it more interesting. Premium porn is the best thing that can come from the porn industry and there is a great number of porn sites that are premium and exclusive. When we speak about the most premium interracial porn, one specific site comes to mind and that is Blacked. This is as premium as the porn goes. Blacked is a place with exclusive porn videos featuring black dudes with huge cocks and gorgeous white girls. So, strap in while we take a detailed look at this monster of a porn site.

Blacked Entered The Grammars

You know that you are doing something special when you make changes and impacts that can be seen in the grammar of your language. Blacked did exactly that - it added a new verb in the vocabulary of the English language. When a sexy girl gets fucked hard by a BBC (big-black-cock), people say that she got “blacked”. Now, if that isn’t an impact, we don’t know what is! deserved every bit of recognition and fame that it has today. It is a premium porn site with some of the best interracial porn videos that you will find on the internet. When it comes to its niches, that’s it. They don’t stray away from it; interracial porn with black dudes and white girls is what you get. But, this can sound really dry until you actually visit the website.

Shelves Are Packed With Awards

This site is one of the best interracial porn sites out there. It has a brother site called Blacked RAW which is also as successful and famous as its older brother. The team that stands behind this site is a team of professionals who don’t know the word “failure”. The movies on Blacked have achieved so much success in the porn industry that it is redundant to speak about it. Just give them the fucking Nobel prize already! For real, the content of this site is better than top-notch. So far, the movies from this site got 7 XBIZ and 15 AVN awards and many other accolades and nominations and we don’t doubt that these numbers will just get higher. This site is just superb and it is not stepping off the throttle.

Top-Notch Interracial Porn

As we have noted, the only genre that you can expect on this site is the interracial porn genre. But, as dry as it sounds, it is fucking awesome. The movies you get to see here are all in 4K Ultra HD picture quality. You can see and access the database of more than 400 exclusive porn videos with amazing girls and thick long black dongs. You can see that the directors are paying attention to every single detail, from the setting of the movie, the backstory of it, to the physical appearance of their actors. Every actor and actress are just perfect. You can expect loads of couple sex videos, threesomes, and even gangbangs. Some gangbang videos on Blacked got awarded for the best picture so go ahead and check them out.

Site Design Is Amazing And Smooth

Premium porn sites usually keep to the same formula for success - keep it simple, smooth, stylish, and give the people what they need. This is exactly how we can describe the website of Blacked. When you enter it, you will see a huge preview video of a popular movie from the site which will blow you away right from the start. As you scroll down, you get the familiar database of porn movies that are available. Further down, there are models who are featured, the upcoming series, and flash sale that can save you some money. You can search through the videos and models from the options tab at the top of the homepage and these tabs are expertly made to give you what you want.

No Premium Porn For Freeloaders

Let’s face it, you can find a lot of Blacked porn videos on free tubes, but they are not in the full 4K quality and they are usually short clips that just tickle your imagination. If you want the real deal, you need to become a member of this premium site. The freeloaders will only enjoy extraordinary pictures and slick previews. If that is enough for you, go visit the site right away and don’t spend any money. offers a couple of membership options. You can get these pricing points:

trial access for 2 days and $2.00 a day
monthly access for $35.95/month
90 days access for $71.95 
and 180 access for $119.95. 
That’s right, there isn’t an option to become a yearly member on this site.
The site promises 4 updates a month, award-winning porn, and discreet billing. These memberships all renew at the full price at the end of the membership period until you cancel your membership.

Mobile Experience Is Top-Notch

A premium porn site cannot afford to have bad optimization for mobiles and tablets. If you access this site from your smartphone or tablet, you will enjoy it maybe even more than on your computer. The thumbnails and the videos are bigger and displayed in excellent quality. When you scroll on them, they automatically give you the preview which is jizz-worthy. Therefore, the mobile version of this site is simply without any flaws.

Bottom Line On

There is just one suggestion for this site - buy it! You will spend a little more than a buck a day on this site and it will return you hundredfold more. This site is one of the best interracial porn sites and its legacy is already undisputed. Enjoy the hottest girls taking the biggest black dongs and always asking for more in a setting and production that has won so many esteemed awards. You will never regret your decision to become a member of this amazing porn site.

What We Like At Blacked:
+ Amazing and smooth site design
+ Flawless mobile experience
+ Discreet billing
What We Don't Like At Blacked:
- Quite expensive memberships
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