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For a certain form of porn pursuer, Booty plantation, ladies and gentlemen. If you're not the normal sort of pervy fuck who gets off to just plain old people having fun, then maybe cartoons are more your pace in a mobile Farmville type game. What's to say? I will admit, however, that this game sure has a lot to do with!


Take the typical smartphone game, take one that really generates and grows a farm that produces crops and services while you go so that you can buy stuff from a small store on the sidebar. Why the heck am I concerned about this kind of game you may be wondering about? Ok, because one of the items that you can save and buy is a series of virtual girls that you can buy and then have a dirty one later on. Not just that, but it blends the entire aspect of farming with what can only be represented at the same time as a dating simulator. To have more and more experiences with the girls that you already own, you have to farm crops and food and follow those standards. By farming up some wheat or letting your chickens lay some eggs, you get 1 more talk with the girl in question each time you meet the requirements based on who you chose.

The Game

You will be brought to the wide embed version of Booty Farm with the additional option of playing the game on full screen after pressing the 'play now' button. A couple of the older Nutaku titles don't extend from corner to corner, but Booty Farm does, I'm glad to say. You'll speak to Mindy until the game starts-a she's ginger-haired, busty wide, who wears almost nothing on the farm and welcomes you when you come to see your new block of property. She's not too impressed that for a fast buck you decided to sell the property and quickly tries to encourage you to stick on. The city is full of studs, in her words, but the farm town is mostly inhabited by sexy chicks and a few bozos. You take complete advantage of the situation and decide that, after all, the life of the country is for you. Basically, the whole farm is only there to help you advance further with the girls you've either purchased with the money or won by levelling up. You level up through every single fucking action that you do, by the way, so you'll always level up as long as you play the game. Once you've ordered one of the bitches, you only get them unlocked immediately, so I suppose you have to feed them, there must be an excuse she's asking you for those food products before you even get to have a discussion with her. The correct answer is fairly obvious, like normal dating sims, so once you pick it, that's it. You get to practice, sometimes you get coins, sometimes you get a key (you end up having several keys for each chest) for the little chests you get to open, and your "affinity" with that girl goes up.

The game and website designs are very good

Overall, I like Booty Farm's art style, which looks tidy and clean, and blends in with contemporary cartoon representations of pretty people. If you click on the crude picture on the left-hand side of the chick (the girl who looks like a half-chicken, half-human hybrid), you'll be able to see all the ladies you've unlocked, as well as a few additional features. All the girls have facts linked to them, such as their age, hobbies, heights, cup size, pubic hair status, and whether they're into masturbation, anal sex, or threesomes or not. As you advance, these increasingly become accessible, as do the images associated with each chick and her story. It's all a lot of fun and I hope you're going to love the last minute of the challenge while it takes work to get the material revealed. In order to make the hentai fun and worth the chase, Booty Farm really goes beyond and beyond.

The end game is porn

You're going to have to bang all these girls down the lane, obviously, but that's the process of the game. Grow crops, feed certain crops to animals to farm what comes out, take other crops to use and activate some of the girls' next contact, depending on which one. Have more and more experiences with each girl before you screw her, and what you can expect is yet another image added to the set that you've been creating since you began engaging with whatever slut it was before you finally make it to home base. The more you do in the game, the more interactions you get and the more details you have on each girl to potentially do better in the engagement you have, so there's a lot to do, a lot to pay attention to and even some planning as to how you're going to set out your estate. If it's a crappy layout, you're going to do it shitty, no two ways. If you've ever been a fan of western porn comics before then, you're definitely going to be comfortable with this kind of shit. Whatever makes your dick hard is all I'm going to say, but for what it is, the art style here is pretty good.


I think Booty Farm is all right, but I wouldn't be wrong to say that when you sign up for this spot, you take the whole Nutaku project together. Both the games are free and the options are marginally more for my money than what Booty Farm has to offer. If I'm completely honest, I'm a bit frustrated in the actual concept and I think it's just as well that all of their other available games set the bar too high in terms of game quality.

What We Like At Bootyfarm:
+ Page design
+ Free to play
What We Don't Like At Bootyfarm:
- Not much hard porn
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