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Lovers of bondage and submission porn, rejoice! In front of you is a review about a site Boundhub which is exactly what it sounds like when it comes to the content they offer! Within their collection of more than 50k videos of all sub-genres of BDSM action, you'll be able to find everything! From bondage orgasms, 18yo chicks getting tied up and fucked, lezdom action, but also incredibly hot role-play scenarios. As soon as you enter the homepage, you'll have loads of videos that are being watched at the moment. That's a nice feature because, like this, you'll be offered a random selection of various scenes and to be honest, most of them have quite good ratings! At the time I'm writing this review, I'm also browsing through the homepage where I haven't come upon a video that had a lower rating than 80%! That tells much about the high-quality job they've done but also the satisfaction of their users!

Ready for kinky porn?

If you take a closer look at their videos, you'll notice that a lot of content seems to be made by amateurs who are just kinky in their real lives but there are also a nice amount of professional porn movies! Their library is split into 24 main categories while there are hundreds of tags through which you can search as well and get to the desired action. Even if you are someone who is into the mummification porn action, I'm sure that there will be are some here for sure! These guys have done an awesome job in creating a massive hub full of horny sluts and guys that are into getting gagged, punished, or bound in inescapable ties. The only philosophy within the content of Boundhub is giving up on control and letting his or her partner satisfy their naughtiest desires on their bodies and with the use of tools!

When the word is about BDSM porn, it is important to know that here, it is not necessarily about penetration. There's a whole lot of bondage and submission scenes here that involve orgasms, as well as penetration, but also you'll have an extensive choice of top adult films that are focused more on the role-play action and connection between two people rather on the sex. The library of Boundhub has a bit of everything and for everyone but also a couple of ads on the site and when starting a video. After all, they gotta make some additional money too but know that their advertisements are limited and always related to the content. On the other hand, the action here is certainly not fake and played up, but can even serve as an example of how a BDSM scene should be made like.

You can enjoy watching all these videos freely and without registration but by becoming a member on Boundhub, a few options of making playlists, interacting with the community, and uploading movies will become available. At the top of the homepage, there's a menu bar which offers a vast number of options you can use to narrow down the search for a scene to do for the day. You'll be able to search by going for top-rated porn movies, most viewed movies, latest content, albums, categories, sites, playlists, models, channels, community, and more.

Lots of categories

Another great thing about Boundhub is their collection of photosets with a nice amount of activities in which you'll come upon shots with true amateurs doing BDSM, but also topics like foot fetish porn, leather, bondage, femdom, pantyhose, and many others! Keep in mind that most of these BDSM photo shoots were done in high quality while about amount you won't have to worry about because they've gathered around a phenomenal number of 8,800 galleries! However, one part of their collection was submitted by site channels, and exactly this combination of both professionally made scenes and amateur action is what makes Boundhub a unique and best place for BDSM porn!

This amateur BDSM porn site has really done an impressive job with their model section too! Maybe you won't find every info you wanted about a specific model there but certainly, you'll be able to find them again easily. The model list on Boundhub is quite long but you can quickly organize all that alphabetically or by most videos per profile but also by the most viewed model in the library. I must say that each of their section is well organized and simple to navigate through. 

As said earlier, by signing up on Boundhub, a wide array of options becomes available. So, after free registration, a new user gets to rate movies and categories (top-rated are 'classic bondage' and 'nylon'), to leave your ratings on playlists and channels but also to comment on videos (usually a comment is submitted for review before being posted on the site). And ultimately, if you maybe decide to upload some experience of your own, you'll be able to do it. I like the fact that they're staying true to that 'hub' in their name and are affording more options than some regular sites. 

However, there is one feature on Boundhub that is only allowed for registered users, and that's viewing permission of the content that has been submitted by real amateurs who choose to have their private videos invisible for non-registered guests. 


All in all, registration is free, and anyone who has desires for BDSM action is more than welcome on this site, even to share their own kinky moments! With a really organized website and several sections to browse through, I bet you'll be having a delightful time on Boundhub! Hurry and sign up, as tons of video and photo material awaits you in an enormous library full of both amateur and professional faces, all ready to get restrained and dominated in the name of kinky pleasure!

What We Like At Boundhub:
+ Free registration
+ Lots of categories
+ Daily updates
What We Don't Like At Boundhub:
- Too short clips
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