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Hey guys, and ladies, what's up? Today, I have one great site to present to all of you, but first, I will talk about the benefits of it nowadays! First and foremost, cameras! I wanna talk about cameras and how much that technology has developed! Today, we all have high-quality cameras in our pockets and we can record every single detail in our life! That's cool, right? Just a few decades ago, cameras were huge, you could only place them in one spot and record previously scheduled stuff, but no more! Now, you can place your phones wherever you want and start recording and sharing that video with the whole world! Why is this important for today's story? Well, today, I will be speaking of one amazing cam site! This kind of site has been around for a while, but the quality of the videos has never been better! If you choose to watch some cam site porn, you will be able to see every single detail of the model, the smallest things, and you can enjoy as much as you like! The other important thing when it comes to cam sites is that you can interact with the models! In regular porn, you are only allowed to watch already recorded material, and you can not do shit with models! But, cam sites are different! That's why so many people seek their happiness on some of these sites! If you like this stuff, CamWhoresBay can be just a perfect place for you! Stay with me till the end of the post and see what benefits this awesome place brings within!

What is CamWhoresBay and what can you get from it?

This site was named FreeCamBay at first, and it is a pretty new player on the Internet porn scene. They've only been around for about a year, but their traffic has really exploded in recent months. They're currently getting around 5 million visits a month from horny perverts just like yourself. There is a big, yet simple reason behind all of that interaction - CamWhoresBay is just amazing! 

CamWhoresBay is not the cam site you are all expecting:

Have you ever heard of the numerous situations where drunk guys picked up a hot chick in the bar and took them to their apartments? Okay, everything sounds nice so far. But, the plot twists then, and dudes realize that these chicks have dicks! Have you ever had that experience? Well, CamWhoresBay got me with a similar trick, though the outcome was a lot better. I opened the site, absolutely sure it was going to be a live cam whore site where I'd get some slut to finger herself for me because I really like jerking on that. After all, they have “Cam Whores” as a part of the title, so that's the natural thing to expect. Can you even imagine how surprised I was when I found that this site is full of pre-recorded bits of amateur porn?

Okay, that's not too bad, right? Finding a massive homemade porno stash is a much better surprise than finding a big old wiener on your weekend hookup. But I must say that CamWhoresBay is a misleading name. Most of these chicks might technically be whores, and they did record their clips with webcams, but you can't interact with them or anything. That's probably the worst thing about this site! But, I'm not saying you can not watch live webcam shows here! You can, there is a LiveSex section, where you can find all these nasty live sluts!

CamWhoresBay is a porn tube site!

Nonetheless, I must say that this place looks like a regular porn tube site, filled with the stuff made by cam girls! The very top section of the front page offers a couple of rows of clips Recommended For You. Obviously, this feature only works if you visit enough for the site to get to know what you like. If you're new, you'll probably get a bunch of solo masturbation scenes with occasional blowjobs and some hardcore fucking action, if you are lucky!

Below the Recommended clips, you will see Recently Added ones. It gives you a good sense of how fast CamWhoresBay is growing. As far as I can tell, in the past 24 hours, these guys have added about a hundred new videos. There are 35 vids per page, and the collection has almost 3000 pages. Do the math! I must say that CamWhoresBay is not a cam site in the traditional sense, but the majority of the clips are amateur whores fooling around in front of a webcam, usually alone. It's almost exactly the type of content you'd expect from a cam site, just without that live element.

Also, some professional scenes are scattered throughout the collection, but not too many. You won't find some famous pornstars here like some "amateur" sites are offering! 

One part you have to visit is a dropdown Video menu in the header! It lets you sort the scenes by Top Rated, Most Viewed, Playlists, and Tags.

It's still a webcam show! And it's great for bad tippers!

I checked some shows here, and it is clearly a webcam show! Or was, anyway. I was wondering if this is still a show, or just a clip now? No matter what, I can relate to the people who are not willing to pay the bitch any money! Sometimes, it is hard to get in the line to pay, she has a lot of followers, she is busy in the private chat room, and so on! That's where CamWhoresBay comes in handy because you can watch all those shows, but you don't have to pay a single dime!

Final thoughts about CamWhoresBay:

To be honest, this amateur content porn tube is one great place for all of you who like webcam girls! Most of the scenes on CamWhoresBay come from that source, and you can really have a lot of fun if you like this kind of porn!

What We Like At Camwhoresbay:
+ Lots of nasty amateur pics
+ Free of charge
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Camwhoresbay:
- Nothing
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