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My journey in hentai and cartoon porn world continues, and today, we will be looking at Cartoonpornvideos. You're not going to find any real women here! It's definitely not a smart thing to be skewed toward one sex genre when analyzing a porn site, but you can't argue that the world of hentai is where the kinkiest stuff exists. Ok, I'm here to launch a wonderful Hentai website called, and you're going to be able to see all sorts of kinky shit, which is to be expected, right? It's very easy to really reason why people are fucking in love with this genre; any slut featuring in a Hentai movie is perfect, not to mention that anything is allowed. Since this isn't the reality, but the cartoon, that means there are no restrictions... you can see all the forbidden crap you may not be able to see in real porn.

About and first impressions

I'm sure all who read this know what 'hentai' really is so let me elaborate if you've been living under a rock this whole time. Hentai is Japanese erotic animation, and it's fuckin 'awesome. All the animations are subbed here which is perfect for those who love to hear the moaning of bitches. The fact that some of them were fan-made and they feature characters from an already existing game or anime is one thing I really enjoy when it comes to these naughty animations. This means that you'll be able to see that shit here if you ever wanted to see your favourite characters fuck. There are plenty of OW character 3D animations, for instance, and I appreciate why anyone will get off watching Mercy, Mei, Widow, and other hot characters get fucked deep. You still have the weirder animations, though, including the little mermaid Ariel, being fucked by the old butler.

The design and the clips

I'll mention one thing; before you really start browsing the crap this place has to bring if you haven't watched Hentai before, you need to be prepared. Anything is permitted in the Hentai universe, as I have already said which means that a lot of weird, bizarre or fucking sick stuff is often shown from categories such as blood, torture, lolicon to some more simple tags. Today, the concept of Cartoon Porn Videos is pretty simple if you ask me. it's like they haven't ever worked to make this garbage a little more presentable. But though this place looks pretty simplistic, it does a really easy job of delivering great videos, which is the only shit that counts, doesn't it? In the beginning, you can get a random list of the most famous clips, and most of them are classified as HD clips, as I've seen. Actually, the ones that are called are HD, which was a good surprise for a change as many websites say they offer HD, but obviously, many of them do not know what that means.

Categories and tags

I found a lot of clips that were not actually uploaded when I was surfing, so I suppose not all of their clips have subs, but most of them do. You have the groups on the side, and you can opt to list them on a different tab as well. I was mildly surprised, as only the very simple tags were protected, and I wanted to see a lot more than that. Though their definitions have remained basic, if you click down the Categories section all the way down, you'll get a shit load of marks... maybe even too many.  Well if you're looking for something pretty darn specific, you don't have to think about discovering that stuff, because I honestly discovered all the kinky videos I know I'd love, which means you're going to find the crap you want too.

The innovative character search option and amateur members tab

You also have a tab devoted to 'Characters' only, as many already-known characters are included. This is the first time I've seen such search choices on a Hentai website, and I'm very shocked, in a good way. From OW, Street Warriors, Skyrim, to Pokémon, One Piece, Sailor Moon and others, here's a list of series you may be involved in. There is also a special part where the site's users will share their dirty videos, so have fun surfing if you are into amateurs showing off their naughty side. Honestly, I don't get much out of the photos and all that crap, but I'm sure some of you get a kick out of seeing an inexperienced horny chick or lad get naked.

Porn Games section and make friends

There is also a separate segment devoted to porn games, in addition to the great videos that has to show. Still, instead of seeing true gaming, I did run into a couple of videos from the games, which was pretty flipping strange. Nevertheless, if you are into that, there are plenty of porn games, and if you do not find any satisfactory content here you can instead browse other porn game pages I have checked. Of course, because you can become a part of the web and see the garbage of other users, if you like, you can still only list the participants. Each member will have a profile picture and some information listed, and you will be able to send a message to them or add them as a friend until you become a member. I hope you can read more about other people here who have the same passion for Hentai as you do.


This site is also part of the porn industry, and the pages on the side will also be identified within that network. Other than that, I don't think something else that I've overlooked is there. All the crap that provides you can download, and if you love hentai as much as I do, I'm pretty fucking sure you're going to enjoy your visit.

What We Like At Cartoonpornvideos:
+ Active community
+ Everything is free
What We Don't Like At Cartoonpornvideos:
- Ads
- Outdated site design
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