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Finally, a long-awaited day has come, a beautiful day when I'm assigned with the task to present one of the best fappening sites in the world! Before I reveal the identity of the site, I want to speak about one important thing with all of you! Are getting bored with regular porn? I mean, it's nice to watch Nicole Aniston and Lisa Ann getting their tight holes wrecked by well-endowed dudes, but man, do you really think we all can nail bitches like these? No fucking way! This shit is not real, and you have to realize that! Fucking a doll such as Nicole is possible, at least as a coincidence, but fucking her in a several-millions-dollars worth mansion, with a pool, stage sets, and shit like that? No freaking way! So, why do we tend to watch premium porn? Because of the quality of the scenes and the looks of the models, it's really obvious, right? But, after some time, this can become a real issue, and we can relate to it, in the way that we will never want to have sex with regular babes in our bedrooms, but only as it is shown in these premium scenes! That's no good! We have to solve this problem now! Don't worry, I have just a thing you need! One amazing celebrity site! Yeah, I know, how the fuck is this real and that is not real? This is not meant to be real! This is just proof that all the girls like sex and even the celebrity ones are filming themselves in bed! So, whey they can do, why don't you do it! With no further ado, I give to you CelebGate! Sounds interesting? Let's keep going!

What can CelebGate give to you?

CelebGate provides you with one of the biggest celeb archives on the internet! I have to be honest and say that I have never seen a library of celebs such large as this one here! These guys have nude pictures and paparazzi photos of more than 7500 different celebrity babes from all over the globe. You can find all the fappening leaks as well as almost every celebrity that has done a Playboy nude photoshoot. If you like watching celebrity girls, there is not a better place for you at this moment! 

What about content?

When it comes to the content CelebGate has to offer, it really does not matter if you prefer videos, galleries, or just specific shit, because who could resist watching the scandalous photos and clips of hot celebrities who did not know that their shit will go viral? The site also states that these are the banned videos of celebrities, and I am sure that you will love this place as much as I fucking do. Because, we all tend to love something that is forbidden, right? 

CelebGate looks awesome!

The homepage is made in a very simple way, and if you look on the right side of the screen, you will see what the people behind the site have to say about themselves. I always read this section, just to see if they are idiots who enjoy lying to the audience, or if they are actually genuine. Honestly, if you ask me, these guys are the real deal! No fraud site, claiming that you can watch all kinds of dirty action but in the reality, you can not watch a shit! No, CelebGate is really awesome, and you can see a lot of nude pictures, Nude Videos, and Leaked Content! What's your favorite? Check out the site and decide! 

Celebrity profile pages are the best part of CelebGate!

Men, I have never seen a better profile page, trust me! Once you are in, you will see a lot of different stuff on the homepage, such as updates, video updates, birthdays, random nude photo section, hall of fame celeb nude pictures, recent blog posts, and much more, but to me, the one page stands above all the others - The profile page of celebrity babe! For example, I clicked that Hall of Fame section and saw Jennifer Love Hewit in there. My big teenage crush! I jerked on her so many times man! Her profile page contains her full biography, with info such as date of birth, birthplace, a sign of the Zodiac, profession, social media buttons, and the best is yet to come! It shows the exact number of her Nude Photos, Nude Videos, and Leaked Content! When I opened the photos, I was stunned, these sexy photos of this beautiful lady were at my disposal, totally free! You can not imagine how happy I was! Really impressive job by the CelebGate crew, a big shout out to them! 

There is a catch after all!

Of course, this site is totally free, and all this celeb content is yours for no money at all! But, things can not be so perfect, right? Ads take the role of the spoilers of the perfectness of CelebGate. But, have no worries, this is not a big deal honestly! For example, I wanted to watch a 40-minutes long video of Kim K getting her cunt wrecked by that huge black male spear. Each time I wanted to skip a part and click on that timeline, an ad popped up, and I had to wait several seconds before I was able to close it and continue watching! This same routine happens if you just watch the scene, not skipping any parts, but that's something we can live with, right?


If you need to refresh your porn life, to get away from the standard premium content scenes with slutty chicks and staged sets, CelebGate is a place you don't want to miss! Check them out and see how much sexy stuff from your favorite celebrity they have acquired! CelebGate is really easy to use, has a large database, and it is totally free! What are you waiting for?

What We Like At Celebgate:
+ Basic and clean web design
+ Huge data base of celebrity
What We Don't Like At Celebgate:
- Two language support
- Maybe night mode option
Check Out All (12)+ Fappening List Here Open Celebgate Website Here

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