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Hello, porn lovers! Let me introduce you to one of the porn sites that will show you celebrities in action! I hope you are in the mood for something like that today! But, when are you not in the mood for celebrities?! They are on the TV screen all the time and they are just getting hotter and kinkier as time goes on. It can be a big problem if you are watching a movie with your girlfriend or your wife, and you get a hard-on because of a hot celebrity from that movie. You can hide your turtle from your significant other but you might want to find that celebrity on the internet later and finish what you started. Well, you might just get help for that on CelebsRoulette, a celebrity porn site that we are taking a look at today. This is the place where you can, allegedly, find the hottest celebrities and watch them in sex and nude scenes from their movies. Let’s see if this is actually true and if CelebsRoulette is worthy of your attention.

The Site Looks Classic With No Roulette Option

You know, people make bad decisions from time to time. It doesn’t mean that they are bad. It means that they are human. It was a very human mistake to name a porn site CelebsRoulette and not to have a roulette option or a random option at best. When you see the name of this site for the first time, you would expect it to be like a roulette in a casino that will generate celebrities randomly and throw them your way. Well, not gonna happen on this site. There is no roulette or random option at that, so you are dealing with the normal-looking site.

When you enter CelebsRoulette for the first time, you will be looking at the classic porn site layout. There are many videos on the main page, mostly from TV shows and movies. These short and longer clips show you the sex scenes and nude scenes of famous celebrities. The first section consists of the videos that are being watched now. Given the fact that this site has millions of views every month, this section is updated regularly because people really watch different things.

Going down on this site, you will see the section with random videos that are popular on this site. If you wish to browse the videos of celebrities, you can access the Categories tab and the Models tab. In the categories section, you will have a choice between options such as Nudity and Sex in TV Shows, Nude and Sex Scenes in Cinema, Celebrity Nudes, and Classic Movie Scenes. The models section is another story and we will cover it next.

Where Have All The Celebrities Gone?

The first thing that will strike you on CelebsRoulette is the complete anonymity of the models there. On the main page, you will see a lot of videos, which is true, but the biggest celebrity I saw there was Alexandra Daddario from the movie Songbird. The rest of the movies feature less-known celebrities and this is one of the specialties of this site. They give way to the smaller celebrities to fight their way to the top. Even if you go to the Models section, you will see girls like Pau Papel, Zazel Paradise, and many others who you have never heard of before. Also, most of the models’ pictures have black thumbnails so you cannot even know what the girl looks like until you click on her.

If you spend enough time on CelebsRoulette, you will see that this site doesn’t offer only celebrity videos. There is some real porn here as well! Of course, don’t expect hardcore porn like the one on porn tubes or premium porn sites, but cinematic action. The one video I saw was sensual sex between a couple with white wings on their backs. They kept kissing, swirling in bed, and trying every possible sex position in the books. The lighting kept changing and there was soothing music in the background. Therefore, you can expect a lot more than just celebrity sex and nude scenes on CelebsRoulette.

This is a bit misleading, I have to admit. When you enter this site, you would expect all of the biggest celebrities of our time like Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman, but no. You will get a bunch of lesser celebrities (in hot sex and nude scenes, nonetheless) and all of that mixed with some real porn. That is a weird and interesting choice that CelebsRoulette has made.

Enjoy The Content From Porn Sites And The Community Section

Of course, everything you will see on this site is for free. I didn’t even get any ads on the site and I can see that my ad blocker blocked nothing. So, this is a free site with no ads whatsoever. However, these people also need to earn money and bring food to the table. Therefore, you will not be surprised to know that CelebsRoulette worked out a deal with some big porn sites and some smaller porn sites. You can enter the Sites section and see that the content sometimes comes from smaller sites like CoupleCinema, LustCinema, and BoundHeat, and sometimes it comes from giants of the porn industry such as Adult Time.

Other than that, you can enjoy the Community section of this site where you can see all the most active and the best members of this site. You will see some content that is labeled private and you would need to login and create your own account in order to watch it. That registration is also for free, so why not?!


CelebsRoulette will surprise you in many ways. First of all, there is no roulette option. Then, the celebrities on this site are less-known and popular. And finally, they mix celebrity videos from entertainment with porn videos from sites like Adult Time. Therefore, you will not make a mistake if you join millions of people in checking out CelebsRoulette.

What We Like At Celebsroulette:
+ Free of charge
+ Many HD videos
+ Clean and responsive site
+ Active community
What We Don't Like At Celebsroulette:
- Some thumbs missing on model page
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