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We know that there is a massive number of you nerds out there! You like to spend a lot of time every day reading a book, traversing the info side of the internet, and spending your time posting stuff on blogs and forums. Well, we can all agree that modern life is slowly taking away the joy of reading a good book while you sip on some ginger ale. More than often, the feeling of turning pages in your hands has been swapped for a hard mobile device where you need to use one hand, a finger, and there are definitely no pages to turn. We need to face the music and acknowledge that the books are outdated and the future doesn’t look so bright for them. Well, let’s turn the page and talk about that technology a bit.

The so-called e-books are popular. They offer another type of entertainment which is the most resembling the hardback cover of a book. You can read almost every book online on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. Of course, the differences are great and the biggest one is those gamma rays that reach your eyes and your retinas. However, more and more people are turning to e-books and that is a fact. But, where is porn in all of that? Well, today, we will present you with one of the hottest porn sites for reading books - We ain’t messing with you! This site offers the best sex stories, chapters, books, and they are all interactive. Sounds interesting? Continue reading then.

What is an interactive sex story?

As a porn lover, you already know that there are interactive porn videos. They let you become a part of the action itself. No, you don’t get to fuck a pornstar, you just get to choose how it is done! Interactive porn is very popular and it gives a feeling of deep immersion into the movie. However, you don’t get to alter the story, the character’s choices, or the epilogue. Well, there come to the interactive sex stories on CHYOA. This site has a very smart name and it is an abbreviation, to be honest. Choose Your Own Adventure! That is the name of this site!

But what does it actually mean? CHYOA is a porn sex stories site where you will find thousands of interactive sex stories, novels, and an amazing number of chapters. When you enter this site, you will see that it boasts by the number of its content. At the moment of this review, it had more than 15.500 stories and more than 615.000 chapters. Now, that is one hell of a website with one hell of a content!

What to expect on CHYOA?

You can literally expect everything! Sex and porn stories are offering the biggest freedom in porn and the plots can always have a 360-degree turn. What is best, you almost never see it coming. CHYOA will let you enjoy its stories with almost always a twist. But, the best thing about this website is that you can actually rewrite a story, enter your own ending, and you can be the author of the best-rated sex story on this site. This is what an interactive porn story is. It is a genre that is not extremely popular. But, this site, starting from the year 2014, has many millions of users every month which is absolutely unreal.

Use the power of your mind!

During the day, we get thousands of crazy scenarios in our little heads. Maybe they are triggered by a sexy girl on the train, a new episode of the favorite TV show, or your kinky girlfriends. However, you have finally found a place where you can write down all of your ideas and share them with people. One of the stories on CHYOA starts as an innocent story about some cheerleaders and one of them then becomes abducted and fucked hard by some aliens. The options and possibilities are endless, you just have to use your imagination.

The site offers a great experience because it is extremely well optimized. It is one of the rare sites that don’t include any ads. If you want to help this site, you can make a donation. It will offer this option to you in the beginning so you can take it or not. The main page shows you some of the recently updated sex novels, stories, and chapters to begin with. If you want to search for a specific story, you can do it with the search option.

However, if you take a look at the right side of the screen, you will see the CHYOA forum, details, the story of the month, and the top stories at that point. This is really helpful because you get to explore the best parts of this site for free right from the start. Also, if you wish to alter a story, you need to register. The registration is for free and it will take a couple of minutes of your time.

Excellent mobile experience!

Remember, we were talking about the best books that you can hold in your hands while you lie down in your bed. Well, there are no real books on CHYOA, but your smartphone or tablet will do the trick. This site has excellent optimization for any mobile device. But, there is one thing that can make this experience a little troublesome - the light theme. Yes, you have to stare at a bright white background all the time while you read, write, or update a story. This needs to be changed ASAP because the people are getting blind! Other than that, you will enjoy a slick and smooth interface, reading app, and overall feeling on CHYOA.


Books and words are not dead! Don’t burn the books! Not yet, anyway! CHYOA is one of those sites that are created by the sex geeks for the sex geeks. You will enjoy every story on this site and every chapter that gets updated. These words and lines will show you some of the craziest scenarios in all of porn and the best thing is that you can alter it. You can write your own story, rewrite the endings, add your own material, and revel in the glory of your written word.

What We Like At Chyoa:
+ Active users
+ Lots of fetish stories
+ Sex categories
+ Mobile experience is great
What We Don't Like At Chyoa:
- Site design is too bright
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