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Working hard? All you think about is how you can relax after a hard day at work? Well, yea, wanking one out is certainly one of the best ways to release the stress you had on your job. What websites are the easiest and the most efficient way for you to do it? Yap, porn tubes, and today, we will be looking at Cumlouder.

What is

Cum Louder is the porn network that features a gorgeous selection of Spanish and international porn actresses in brand new and exclusive scenes spread across many different sub sites. These sites are all within the Cumlouder network and are not separate standalone sites anymore.

My first impression

At first glance, Cum Loader looks nothing more than a large, pornstar-filled collection of real hardcore. A second glance reveals the site's unique feature: a great deal of Spanish-speaking content. As such you can count on a huge number of Latina models, amateurs, and pornstars in the mix here as well as girls who don't speak much Spanish like Rachel Roxxx and Asa Akira.

Overview of the website

So when you open Cumlouder's home page for the first time you might get a little confused. The website is looking quite similar to some of the other pay sites I have visited before. Very professional and clean look, white background with a little black to it, with orange text colours that blend in really nice, with a banner on top of everything. Far-left of the banner is the Cumlouder logo and also in a nice orange colour and white font. On the far-left side of the banner are the Cumlouder logo in a loud orange and white signature font. To the immediate right of that is the search bar. A little farther right and you find their slogan: “Porn favors the bold,” with a checkmark next to it, a member’s log-in button, a credit bank, and a language option.

The Content

This site currently has 1342 updates, all of which contain videos and photo galleries, with the photos here pretty much always displaying at a high resolution 3000x1900. The videos, which are often between 30 to 45 minutes in length, are available in MP4, Flash, and WMV formats. Mostly displaying at a best of 1280x720, they have a bitrate of around 5300kbps. The network seems to be updated daily at the moment. The odd thing about Cum Louder is that I’m sure that I happened across its name way before the very recent release date that it is credited as having. Even stranger is that already it seems as though several of its sites may not be seeing many updates in the near future. Despite these question marks, this is a network that I have enjoyed seeing sites from so far, and it is great to get some major exposure to a collection of Spanish porn actresses. You don’t see too many Spaniards in porn, for some reason. It’s the overall package that interests me here rather than focusing on one subsite, and I wasn’t all that concerned about the fact that there was not that much variety across these sites. That said, Handjob Goddess shows huge promise as a niche and the Spoof Porn site has some pretty amusing stuff in it as well. It’s a very promising site indeed and has also grown very nicely since our last review.

One of a kind

Well, all in all, I think Cumlouder has very specific content, and I think they are the only ones doing something like this. It's a really nice way to see a website that has recently come to the game being able to be innovative right from the get-go, with a really unique way for us to view porn, and for that, I respect them for trying to be different. The big plus size to all of this is that the site is absolutely free while having the looks of a quality website that you have to pay for and to top it all off, you have a sizable archive of studio content to choose from.

Anything I would add

In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with a tube site that is also a porn studio that provides both aspects of its site for free. Sure, you may have a couple of ads to ignore here and there, but, still, that seems like a small price to pay for such a unique porn viewing experience. Cumlouder (often misspelled as "cumloader", "coumlouder", "cumloder", "comlouder", "cumlauder", "coumlauder" and "cunlouder") is the perfect site for the indecisive pornoholic.

User Interface

This is a well-presented site that had very little to it that I would desperately want to see improved or bettered. All of the videos come fully tagged and with the names of all performers, plus there is a complete index of all the models on show across the sites. There are also lots of viewing options on the videos especially, but the galleries were well treated as well. The layout was great, too, and you should find it easy enough to jump between the sites.

Final take on

You can't quite figure out if you would take a tube or paysite? Or you are just not able to find something that has made you spend your money on. Until then, you should definitely check out where you can check a little bit of both, while also being able to stroke one out in the process. And who can tell, maybe you will not pick any of the offered paysites, maybe at the end of the day you are just satisfied with Cumlouder's native content, and it is enough for you to enjoy their professional scenes. As I mentioned before, I think the content here is amazing.
Whatever you decide, enjoy the fapping gang.

What We Like At Cumlouder:
+ Quality and attractive thumbnails
+ Most videos are HD
+ Simple and clean site design
What We Don't Like At Cumlouder:
- Sing up option only in Spanish
- Dark mode required
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