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CuntWars aka Chick Wars! I found out recently about a site that mixes my two favourite things: virtual sex and virtual gaming. And actual sex, I mean. Or at least as real as it can be when you see cartoon babes on a robotic penis dancing up and down. Okay, guess what? Up there, there are a lot of them. The crappy thing, I've always discovered, is that most of these places have only low rent flash games that barely owe a woody to the nerd in me or the horn dog in me. There are, though, a few web developers out there who have undoubtedly stepped their nerd up and put together on a single platform some high-end games. The (misogynistically) called Cunt Wars is one of the best of these.

First impressions of Cuntwars

So you get into the action instantly with a card battle arena game similar to Hearthstone and Faeria when you sign up and click 'load' on the portion of Nutaku that is dedicated to Cunt Battles. You're going to go through a little guide that will teach you how to advance and, to start with, it's all pretty easy. I imagine this section would seem rather dull if you're familiar with the genre, but people who are new to putting characters on a board and engaging with them will definitely need to spend a few minutes coming to grips with the type of gaming that takes place here on Cunt Wars.

You can play it on your mobile or on your PC

In your web browser, all for Cuntwars runs, so you don't have to download any strange program to play it. Using your email, you create a login and it records your progress for you when you go. When anyone comes past, getting the game in the window has the extra advantage of being able to close it out easily. Only click the x, and no problem, you're back to your excel spreadsheets. Just make sure you have headphones in there and make sure you don't have to get up for a bit, because in no time this game will make you rock hard. Cuntwars also has a smartphone game version where you can download an app and begin earning your slut, demon-slaying ride over there. It is not on the Android or IOS store, but it will direct you to a page where you can install the app if you type in the website on your phone. And I've got to admit, fucking fantastic, it runs. All of the same features as iterations of the laptop. And no lag. You should, too, synchronize your development. The only problem is that it's a bit of a battery drain, so unless you want people to see big titty hentai babes all over your phone, it's just not the type of game you should play outside your house. So, I would certainly suggest playing in your home's warmth.

Easy to play and navigate

This sex games can be super fucking frustrating sometimes. Usually, there are a million choices that you have to micromanage all of your talents just to play the darn game. Fortunately, Cuntwars uses a different method. You start off with a pre-built deck, and this hot, smoking demon bitch walks you through a dozen or so battles before you head off alone. Essentially, by drawing a hand full of cards of hot devils, angels, and other fantasy chicks, you play the game. Then, in a melee row, you can put cards out on the field below or set cards in one of the two rows in the back. The enemy will then put cards in front of you so that they can compete while, of course, moaning and making adorable hentai sounds along the way. Every card has numerous skills, such as splash damage, piercing damage, invocation, double attacks, shields, etc. For real, it's a full-fledged strategy card game. In a fight, the aim is to beat the enemy by going through their cards and directly attacking them until they are all out of the heart. By having no enemy cards in front of your cards, you strike opponents directly. Your bitches will personally target them once it happens and deal with harm to their heart counter. You win as they reach zero and typically get coins, jewels, and experience.

More about the website

There are several game websites out there that have short-lived titles: they're only meant to be played for 5 to 10 minutes, generally, and that's it. Since guys like to jerk off and get on with their lives, I appreciate their appeal, but Cunt Wars takes a different approach. Instead of trying to get you in and out as easily as possible, with a little bit of a puzzle added, Cunt Wars provides a stellar atmosphere that you would appreciate if you play strategy games. Over the past few years, it's easy to see why Nutaku has enjoyed much success: they create polished goods that people continue to experience for days and weeks on end. I also took a peek at the rankings hereā€”so much rivalry among all the teams!


You'll have at least tens of hours of fun with seven high-quality games to enjoy... plus, a couple more hours you can spend playing with yourself. No matter what kind of games you want, I'm sure that on this porn website, you can find what you want. The web edition should be more similar to the version on the desktop. Although being confronted with a game is awesome, I mean seriously (!), but having to get to a list of games shouldn't be such a pain. It's absolutely free to play too, so you can head on over now, build an account and get games as far as I'm concerned!

What We Like At Cuntwars:
+ Awesome mobile experience
+ Sexy animated babes
+ Tons of content
+ Awesome site design
What We Don't Like At Cuntwars:
- Nothing found yet
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