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I have been doing a lot of hentai reviews lately, but let me be honest with you I did not expect to ever come up to something quite like this. Today, I have got a surprise for you. And by "you" I mean all the grown men out there who want to have sex with little girls with a horse toy made for them. Derpibooru looks like a very visited website with nearly 3.5 million visits each month. Another serious fucking dedication is DerpiBooru. Setting up a Booru-style imageboard is not rocket science, but it requires time, commitment and money. The platform has not only been created by a team of totally well-adjusted fat men, but they also have a very active group continuously sharing content for My Little Pony.

Filtering things out

While this site being a website known for adult content, seeing that there is a filter to make to kid-friendly doesn't really make any sense. You may be able to use the filters here to remove the blatantly pornographic content, but the sly, definitely sexual subtext that lurks underneath any apparently innocent image of a sweet pink horse, shivering in terror, is completely not blocked. Why is the poor girl trembling? Is it that a sweaty, overweight guy with poor grooming is scratching at her with his smegma-covered micropenis? Look in the mirror again, so all of us know the answer to that question.

The content

I wish there was a filter to keep the kid-friendly material off the main screen as a scholar dedicated exclusively to the erotic arts. They have a range of filters that mask the porn, the spoilers, and the pictures of "grim and gruesome," but nothing to shut the dull shit out. I'm here, goddammit, for a freak show! The front page is just a continuously updated source of My Little Pony content generated by the passionate user base of bronies of DerpiBooru, like any picture board in this format. They are prolific, these motherfuckers. Linger for a few minutes on the internet, reload the tab, and you'll find new amateur sketches of prancing ponies, pregnant ponies who have been so over-inflated that they can't move at all, ponies posing in pretty skirts, and other ponies posing nude with their big twats and wrinkled assholes uncovered and dripping. When frolicking in an apple orchard, there is also a pony cutely scowling at something.

G-Rated content

The very nature of all DerpiBooru's G-rated material reveals the truth: these goddamn kid horses are genuinely cherished by bronies. It's not just a sexual obsession, some weirdo jacking off while watching a cartoon about animal friendship. It's a passion, nay, a fiery passion that can never be taken away. These poor men will never be able to marry their true loves, but if there is one consolation, the toys are readily accessible and can literally be taken home without effort. Then again, they weren't designed to find a decent entry with fucking good luck in mind.

Patreon is the main source of income

DerpiBooru runs on Patreon donations, which is more evidence that these perverts are truly in love with Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie and the whole My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic gang. With your donation, you don't get access to any extra shit, which is cool for the cheapskates who live with mum and have no source of income. I suppose that's the majority of users here. Right now, out of their millions of visitors, they have nearly 300 patrons, offering a little over a grand. They must have spent all of their money on toys for children.

Chat with the rest of the community

A lot of picture boards have areas where people can talk about things, but usually, they're ghost towns. Within the last 20 minutes, most of the forums here had new posts. Since it seemed to have the most going on, with almost 4000 active subjects, I checked out the General Discussion area. The newest thread was about your favourite images being posted. Do you know what fucking bizarre really is? There are barely any of them explicit at all. A drawing of a pony strip club orgy was posted by one absolute pervert, but everyone else's favourite is some truly girly, boring shit. There are big-eyed ponies screaming, flying, looking adorably frustrated or slowly rising out of a pit in a way that would almost be sexy if it weren't a fucking genital-free cartoon pony.

Weird Stories

Another damn story, though, is the Fanfiction Board. Nearly every thread here has NSFW marks. The legends have evocative titles, such as the Slut of Satan, Sexorcism, Sisterly Love, and the Plunge to Desire of Equestria. This week, I read a post called There's No Presents, Not This NSFW Christmas.   Usually, it's full of well-written smut about utterly obscene stuff if you find a flourishing lit erotica board. This shit is completely obscene, but it's so messy and brief that I have to ask if My Little Pony's demographic is actually directed at it. It's so vague, I've got a hard time thinking that someone would be able to get to it.


" is a crazy fucking location (often mispelled as" derpybooru), "but I'm sure the bronies who visit it already know that. If not, I'm sure your parents wanted to take your fedora and tell you that this shit isn't natural, but they didn't let your autism go through that. Obviously, it's not a website that anyone is going to get anything out of, but it's also apparent that the people are really into their animated horses here. You're probably going to enjoy DerpiBooru if you're into My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and just happen to be a pervert who likes to have sex with cartoon animals.

What We Like At Derpibooru:
+ Very active community
+ Tons of images
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Derpibooru:
- Some stories are really weird
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