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Have you ever flashed your dick to someone in public or someone you know? We all know that girls do this in a much better and professional way. They flash their boobs, usually in some long raincoats, and then behave like nothing happened. But, men do that as well. We have all always been driven by the thought that the forbidden fruit is the most tasteful. And it is. Doing something that you shouldn't do, especially in public, always sends endorphins and happiness serum to our brains. For all of you daredevils out there that like to do crazy things, we have a special site on the menu today. Its name is DickFlash and the name speaks for itself. Of course, you simply cannot figure out what kind of a site this is just by looking at its name, but we promise you that it is really kinky and a lot of fun. So, let's take a look at it together.

Hot Forum For Horny Flashing Men

Yep, this site is a forum site. We all remember going to forums when we were younger to learn more about the computers and how best to use them. Today, the use of forums has become wider and bigger than ever - they bring us porn. Of course, sites like these rarely include professional or premium porn, so expect a lot of amateurs flashing their dicks and doing some crazy kinky shit. DickForum will quickly become your favorite site if you spend some time on it and if you are into this whole dick flashing thing.

Of course, like any other forum out there, this site is completely free to use. You can read every line, see every picture, download every GIF. On DickFlash, you won't find many of those because most of the streams and sections are about amateur photography of kinky dudes. Now, the real question arises. Who really watches this shit? I mean, a bunch of hairy and usually unattractive men who are showing their cocks in public or with their buddies can be found on this site. Still, its community is surprisingly large and you can expect new content every day.

The Most Various Shit In Porn And Society In General

I spent some quality time on DickFlash and I can already tell you that it is one super addictive porn forum. Of course, like any other forum, it consists of sections and categories that you need to choose. Once you do that, you can enjoy the most random things that you will see. For example, the first category is, of course, Flashing. I entered it and it provided me with more sub-sections. One of them showed us a kinky guy who was filming on his downstairs tenant. It was actually a video of a guy who was standing on the window with a huge erection and just gently stroking that cock. The video was followed with a text and a bunch of funny and great comments. 

The next categories are Video Categories and Picture Categories. You can already tell what you can expect from these sections. They will show you some of the best videos and some of the hottest pictures on DickFlash. I believe that gay people and girls enjoy this site a lot because I have never seen so many cocks in my life. For example, in the video category, you have one that says Female Flashers & Watchers. You can find girls as well, but the main focus of the site is on the dudes and their big cocks. One of the interesting streams in the picture category is a lusty babe who wanted men to send her dick pictures. Of course, the comment section was filled with erections.

Some other categories that you can enjoy on DickFlash are Fantasies, General, ISO, Busted, I was flashed, and Political Discussions. Today, it is almost impossible to find a single forum site, no matter if it specializes in porn or not, to not have a Political Discussions section. As you can see, you can enjoy reading and watching many different things rather than just flashing on DickFlash.

The Kinkiest Pictures Are In The Media Section

DickFlash has an options bar at the top of the page. It doesn't have many options. You can choose Forums, What's New, Media, and Members. The Media section is definitely one of the kinkiest ones I have ever seen. It is just filled with pictures and videos of men who are doing extremely kinky stuff. They show their cocks, they are bound, sprayed on, walked on, written on, and usually really enjoying it. This sole section is the one place where DickFlash will show you its filthiest things taken from the many forum sections of the site.

To be able to download the pictures, you don't need a registration or an account. But, if you wish to be an active member of this site, post your own sections, comments, and be involved in the bustling life on DickFlash, you need to register. This is the same on every porn forum site and it shouldn't surprise you at all. This site has many members and becoming an active part of this dick flashing society is a lot of fun and you will love it. Of course, if you love seeing dick pics. TO become a member, you don't need money, just the username, password, and email. Therefore, go ahead and flash the fuck out of them!


DickFlash is a special kind of porn forum site that will either put you in awe or just apall you. It is filled with many categories and streams revolving around dick flashing. There are also girls on this site but in a much lower number. Still, you can enjoy the bustling life of DickFlash, the many members who are funny and very innovative, and thousands of sections that you can read, comment on, and laugh your ass off. For those who love this shit, there is no better site.

What We Like At Dickflash:
+ Big and active community
+ Lots of kinky pics
+ Lots of categories
+ Funny personal experiences to read
What We Don't Like At Dickflash:
- Site design
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