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Do you have a problem finding the right porn for you? You know that you are horny but you just cannot find the right website, the right video, and the hot pornstar that gets you going. Well, many people face these problems from time to time because the adult industry is so wide and you don't know where to look. If you go to one place, there is usually a better place waiting on the other side. Therefore, the internet and the adult industry have worked together and created some of the most useful porn sites in the world. There are websites that don't necessarily give you the porn you want but they provide you with the gateway to the best sites that you are looking for. They simply open the door and let you in the Eden of porn. One such porn site is Elephant List. It is a veteran of the porn industry and a place that can point you in the right direction anytime you need it.

What Is an Elephant List?

Because we said it is a veteran it is safe to say that this is one of the oldest porn sites in the world. The Elephant List dates way back, maybe even to the beginnings of the online adult industry. You can clearly see that from its old-school 90's look. The website looks a bit like Google. It has a logo in the middle and a bunch of links around it. The style is not really the best one we have seen, but it serves its purpose. Using this site is not too complicated (focus on that “too”), and the interface is user-friendly (if you know what you are looking for).

This site is here to point you in the right direction if you are having trouble finding the right porn for you. It has a huge number of links, portals, pages, and even pictures, and videos. Of course, most of the content on this site is located on other sites since Elephant List is just a gateway to them. The amount and the diversity of the porn categories, genres, and simply the kind of porn that you want are just baffling. Elephant List can fix you up any cocktail that you want from the adult industry.

Let's Start Searching!

As we have said, this site offers a plethora of porn sites, pictures, videos, categories, and most of all - links to popular porn sites. All of the links that can be found on the main page can be accessed very quickly and without any problems. Keep in mind that some of the websites that Elephant List will lead you to are not that secure so keep your ad-blocker and your antivirus ready at all times. As the site itself says, it offers tons of free porn and this is true.

If we start from the top of the main page, you will see a big number of links at the top of it that come all the way to the middle logo of the website. The logo is just a big elephant holding a list, so that is why the name of the site is Elephant List. It is due to the size of the elephant and the sheer number of links that you can get on this behemoth of a website. Some of the links that are available at the top are Live Sex Cams, Porn Games, Hookups, Adult Sex Games, Best HD Porn, etc. Also, if you wish to get some premium porn sites, you can. There is a link to the website that deals with porn discounts. Also, some premium discounts like Evil Angel and Naughty America are highlighted and posted. So, this is the way that Elephant List makes money, and they do a great job. Namely, there were no pop-up ads or ads of any kind on this secure site. Now, when you click on a link, there is no telling what the site has to offer but the starting point is safe and secure.

Free Porn Sites And Categories

The top side of the site is not its strongest point, however. If you start scrolling, you will see why this site is called Elephant List. It has a body that is bigger than a mammoth, let alone an elephant. When you start scrolling down, on the left side you will find all the categories that are available on this site. There is literally every category known to the world since it knows porn. Everything from amateur porn, masturbation, to BDSM porn, and hardcore trampling can be found on this site. Bear in mind, the content is not on this site but it offers a link to other sites that have that kind of porn. This is how this site works and it does its job for humanity. Also, parallel with the categories, you will find all the different links. They are the links to the sites with the premium porn sites, free tubes, pictures, and lots of other content. You can even find hentai and comics on this site which means that it works with everything.


It is a popular opinion and a fact that elephants never forget a thing. Therefore, what better way to name a porn site that doesn't let you forget your porn than Elephant List. This is a mammoth of a website which is able to show you an incredible amount of porn movies and pictures. It includes an amazing database of links, websites, and offers that it is impossible to see them all. It includes a search option if you already know what you are looking for and you will find any category in the world, for sure. Elephant List is a fantastic site that will forever solve your problem with finding the right porn for you. Just enter the site, find the appropriate link, and let the party begin. This site will forever stay on your list of favorite ones once you get used to its complex but rewarding structure.

What We Like At Elephantlist:
+ Thousands of links
+ Lots of categories
+ Adds free site
What We Don't Like At Elephantlist:
- Too bright
- Search bar in the middle of the page
- Design could be more modern
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