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Do you consider yourself to be a porn worshipper or just a regular porn tourist? Let’s make a clear difference between the two. A porn tourist is someone who doesn’t watch porn regularly and always sticks to the same roots and the same porn genre. Namely, a person like that always visits the same sites and watches porn movies to get a quick turn-on and wank it off. On the other hand, a porn worshipper is someone who mixes things up. These types of people love to explore new sites regularly, as well as to enjoy different types of porn on a regular basis. So, if you consider yourself to be the latter, we have a special kind of porn site for you today. Its name cannot tell you anything about its content. It is called Erofus and it is here to expand your views on a completely different porn genre than what most people love - comics. Let’s take a quick look at this site together.

Free Sex Comics, Adult Cartoons, Manga & Animes For Everyone

If you love reading, this site is for you. However, don’t expect books and some long texts about porn action. Erofus is a place that specializes in porn comics, cartoon comics, and hentai porn pics. It is the one place where you can satisfy all of your wishes if you are a porn lover of this magnitude. Now, everyone knows that watching porn and reading a sexy comic book is really different. But the differences pull on both sides. When watching porn, everything is given to you on a silver platter. You don’t have to imagine anything and all you have to do is to succumb to that extreme feeling that porn produces. On the other hand, when reading comic books, you need to imagine most of it because, well, the pictures don’t move. Also, there is something here that regular porn doesn’t offer - diversity.

How many times have you watched Wonder Woman as a child and imagined banging her hard in her uniform? Or watching Dragon Ball and wanting Goku and Bulma to end up together and having sex? Well, if you were a normal kid, probably plenty of times. Speaking for myself, watching some anime nowadays can get you really horny because those girls just look so yummy. On Erofus, you will be able to watch and experience anything you wanted as a child or as an adult. It is a huge database of comic porn, anime and video game parodies, as well as 3D-style comics, manga, and hentai. So, there is something for everyone here. Let’s see what you can expect here.

Thousands Of Comics In All Kinds Of Styles

When you enter Erofus for the first time, everything becomes so clear to you. It is a comic porn site alright. On its dark background, which looks amazing, you will get to see many thumbnails that lead to extravagant porn comics and hentai content. However, these are not movies. They are categories. So, if you click on, let’s say, Hentai and Manga English, you will be taken to a page with all of the comic books that follow such a distinct style. Usually, individual comics amount to hundreds of pages and you will have a hell of a time reading them and watching the amazing style of animation. Also, if you are already familiar with animation porn, hentai, and comic books, this next piece of information will be valuable to you.

The front page doesn’t only represent the categories section. It also shows you the names of the distinct comic book artists that create the content. So, if you are familiar with, for example, Melkormancin as an author, you will know what kind of content to expect. This is a good way of classifying porn content on Erofus because the styles and the artists are never mixed. The content of this site updates every single day and you can expect many new comic books and animation works on this site. Good luck reading them all! You would need a lifetime of sitting in front of the computer to do that.

Enjoy Manga & Hentai Porn As Well

Manga is a two-way street. Some people adore it while others resent it. It seems that there is no middle ground with this. So, if you are a manga lover, you will find plenty of stylish and exclusive content on Erofus. We are talking about black and white pages with a clusterfuck of sex that looks really good. Again, for some people, it is too bland and tasteless so they will steer clear from it. I, on the one hand, love manga and have found many awesome artworks on this site.

Also, the hentai porn style is abundant on Erofus. You will watch amazing warrior babes fighting animals and monsters only to spread their legs to their enormous cocks. Of course, people would argue that the real hentai porn is in the movies but if you visit this site, you might just get a change of heart when it comes to that idea. Now, let’s take a look at the minor things that I didn’t really like.

Ads Can Discourage You

The first thing I noticed when I entered Erofus was that hot blonde chick a mile from me that wants to fuck. Then, between all the thumbnails, there are so many tips on how to enlarge your penis that it is simply ridiculous. All jokes aside, this is a free comic porn site. Everything you see can be seen and downloaded without money. So, they need something to earn money for themselves. These ads, no matter their numbers, are not violent and they do not pop up in your face so I can live with them.


Erofus is the true porn site for you if you are a porn worshipper and you love porn comics. There are thousands of artworks, comics, manga, and hentai porn pages on this site that it is impossible to count. Check it out today if you want to get some new tingles in your mushroom tip.

What We Like At Erofus:
+ Best comics on the internet
+ Data base is really huge
What We Don't Like At Erofus:
- Some empty spaces and broken links
- Poor sorting option
- Some comics are low quality
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