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What happened to the real human values? Where are the men and people generally who love girls only for their beauty? It seems that today everything comes down to watching hot girls fuck and that is what they love to do. Even outside of the porn industry, young girls and young men put sex on the first place. That is not necessarily a bad thing if we take into account how much we enjoy sex. However, it seems that we have gone astray from the real values and if a girl is not good in bed, she is not good at all. However, in every dark age, there is a ray of hope that still glitters out there. In this age today, those are the porn sites that focus explicitly and solely on natural female beauty. There isn't a huge number of them but they represent the real escape from the clutches of hardcore porn and sex worship. Today, we are taking a look at one such site. It is called Eroluv and it offers a tremendous amount of sexy girls who are only that - beautiful. If this sounds interesting, you will enjoy this review a lot.

Female Beauty In All Of Its Glory

Can you imagine the world if God didn't decide to create Eva? It would be a uniform world with only men walking around and measuring the sizes of their cocks. Eventually, in such occasion, the homosexual activities wouldn't have been a taboo because, that would be the only sex. However, we should be thankful for the fact that there is an opposite sex. On top of that, the sex that is ten times hotter and more beautiful than male. Girls and women are the real treasure of the world and thank God for porn sites such as Eroluv. If you need a vacation from the merciless hardcore pounding that waits you on every corner of the internet, this site is a real breath of fresh air.

It is a free porn site with thousands of hot models in photo galleries and videos where the sole focus is on them showing their incredible natural beauty. In these photos, which are in HD and they look amazing, the girls are posing naked or in sexy lingerie and nightgowns. They are amazing and their sole purpose is to seduce you to the point where you want to marry them. Also, some people think that these porn sites do not have explicit material and they think that everything is censored or that the girls don't show their pussies and boobs. That is not true. Eroluv is a place where you can see everything on these HD pictures. The girls are incredible and you will feel blessed for finding this site.

Even With Such Beauty, The Site Has Some Problems

Namely, getting a huge number of visitors and active members on a site like Eroluv is a devilish business. You need to offer fantastic service, unreal content, and you need to update your galleries all the time. However, this is where we enter the dark side of Eroluv. When you enter this site for the first time, you will see a hot brunette babe who is posing in her hot nightgown. She smiles upon you with an angel's smile and you get treated with dozens of her photos with her shaved young pussy. Beneath this gallery, you can find a sexy Swedish blonde who is just seducing you in her sexy white two-piece lingerie. These girls get hotter and hotter as you scroll down and they will make you forget about any trouble in your life.

However, the trouble has a way of finding you. If you pay enough attention, you will notice that the last gallery on Eroluv was updated in the year 2017, which is almost half a decade ago. That is a sad fact because sites like these are the ones that redeem us for all the dirty thoughts and things we have done in the past. However, the course of events that led to this stopping of upload is pretty common in the porn industry. Sites such as this are free and they need to find alternative ways of making money. They don't ask money from you but they are trying to make connections with the big players. Sometimes, this game just doesn't work.

The Hottest Pictures From Sites Like MetArt And FEMJOY

Of course, it is a rare occasion that a free porn site like Eroluv has some content of its own. If that were the case, you would be staring at a Login page where you would need to pay for your membership. The creators of this site wanted to do us all a favor and collect the best erotic galleries from sites like MetArt. As you know, this site is the #1 photography porn site and the content there is just mesmerizing. The majority of pictures on Eroluv come from such sites and we believe that they had a deal with them. Since the last update came half a decade ago, it seems that the deal is not working very well.

Still, Eroluv has gone some way to make your stay there easier and more satisfactory. You can choose the categories of pictures on the left and they range from the type of girls to the type of action. This site is not completely devoid of sex so you can enjoy categories like girl-on-girl, sexy ass, slim nudes, and many other. The pictures are in HD and they can be downloaded. Also, on the right side of the page, you can see the friend sites and you can access them if you love the content that you see here.


Eroluv is a porn site that tries to change the world. It recognized the need of the minority to enjoy natural female beauty. Even with it not being active anymore, you can enjoy thousands of fantastic girls and their erotic photo galleries where they just show their beauty. If you want a break from brainless fucking, Eroluv is what you need.

What We Like At Eroluv:
+ Great site design
+ Gorgeous girls
+ Easy to navigate
What We Don't Like At Eroluv:
- Not regular updates
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