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How would you like to meet a girl that can be yours 100% tonight? Well, I am not talking about spending a lot of money on a date, dinner, movie, or a bunch of flowers. I am talking about paying for the escort lady. When you put this equation on the paper, you will see that the escort ladies will actually save your money and give you certain sex tonight or every night that you call them. If you take a regular girl out on a date, you will spend probably the same or even more money, and the sex is not guaranteed. This way, getting a professional escort, you know what you are getting for your money. There are many escort sites in the world and the one that we want to show you today is called Erotic Monkey. That is one hell of a name for an escort site because no one would ever say that it's such a website when they hear the name. So, let's see why this monkey is so special.

“Never Spank The Monkey Again”

Yes, this is the official slogan of the Erotic Monkey website and it can be seen at the bottom of its erotic logo. This inscription is fair and it explains the purpose and the goal of this site. It wants you to have real sex tonight and not just your right hand and a vial of vaseline. If you spend enough money on Erotic Monkey, you will definitely find a girl that you like and offer her to meet up with you. If they agree, you are having sex tonight, my friend. The escort sites usually work in a similar way and this one is no different than the others.

When you first enter this site, your IP address will be read and the site will locate you right away. So, if you are living in a big city, the chances of finding a hot date for tonight are very high. However, even though this site will recognize any location in the world where you are in, if you come from a really small area, you will get the results for the nearest county or city in your country. Well, you can't be living in a God-forbidden part of the world and expect a hot escort babe to come knocking on your door.

Erotic Monkey Is Full Of Options

There are a lot of options on this site and that is why it is really great. It can easily connect you to a horny girl from your city and arrange a meeting with her even tonight. Of course, the girls that are on the Erotic Monkey are all charging differently for their hours. On this site, you will see the ads for different girls right at the beginning of the homepage. There are many girls that are using the platform of Erotic Monkey to become available and contacted by the community. When you have found an escort girl that you like and you click on her account, you have a lot of things to see.

Every escort lady has a bunch of information about her. Starting from her ethnicity, hair color, height, boob size, details about her ass, body type, and even if she smokes or not (if that is interesting for you). As a free member of Erotic Monkey, you can see the pictures of these escort ladies. The one that I got was sizzling hot and she had 6 pictures available but she didn't show her face on them. I guess she doesn't need to because her boobs only speak three languages. If you stumble upon the girls that have only one picture on the profile, steer clear from them. They might be fake or really ugly.

Erotic Monkey will give you a chance to perform safe browsing. There is a nice little toggle button in the top left corner and if you click it, you won't see any nude pictures, and even the logo changes so that it doesn't show that great slogan. These are all nice, but the best option on Erotic Monkey is definitely the Advanced Search option. Remember that information that every escort lady has on her profile? Well, with the advanced search option, you can choose every little detail about your lady and build your perfect escort profile. Therefore, finding a perfect lady for one night has never been easier.

Pay Up And Get A Date

If you thought that we have told you everything, you are wrong. Erotic Monkey is not for free. You need to become a member of this site in order to read the reviews for the girls or even to contact them or send them messages. You see, all of the contact information is hidden until you become a premium member. You can create your account for free but to become a premium member and to actually contact your favorite escorts, you'll need $279 for full yearlong membership, $100 for two months, or $200 for about a quarter of a year. So, it can get really expensive to be a member of Erotic Monkey. So, you need money to send a message and arrange the date and you also need the money to actually pay the escort when she comes to your door. As a wise man said, no price is too big for great sex. But, do your math and see if hanging out on Erotic Monkey is the thing for you.


Erotic Monkey is your shortcut to real and awesome sex tonight. It is a professional escort site and it will become one of your favorite sites. The models are hot and they will come straight to your doorstep if you are willing to pay them. However, if you wish to use this site to its full potential, you will need to become a premium member of it. So, put everything on paper and see if dinner with possible sex is more lucrative than a night with a professional hot escort lady.

What We Like At Eroticmonkey:
+ Search option is awesome
+ Like the site design
+ Detailed girls info
What We Don't Like At Eroticmonkey:
- Some girls are quite expensive
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