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There's no way looks like your usual porn torrent site. Those websites typically have a flat interface, are cluttered with virus-giving ads, and all that garbage. This web, especially for a hentai torrenting site, looks fucking awesome. And big titty Hentai babes looking right at you, you get this banner up there. That too is some nice fucking artwork. And you're not going to see a single ad on this entire platform. I don't know if I've ever come across a torrent site that's no more virus-ridden than a $5 hooker. No membership is mandatory either. Through their reasonably priced Patreon page, this site brings in all of its revenue that you should consider supporting if you find yourself downloading a fucking ton of these hot hentai videos.

Full-Length hentai movies and nice layout

Okay, let's head down to the site. It has a dark theme that looks fucking slick. You'll see a header up with options for "Home, Categories, Tags, Game Format, Hentai Request, FFF-VIP, FAQ, DMCA, Contact, and Links" by the banner of hot hentai sluts. Some of the websites that support are seen on the links tab. You'll find, of course, a connection back to my blog. If you're a dumbass who doesn't know how to run a torrent client or import material from the web, the FAQ is a solid place to launch. When you're very mentally impaired and the printed notes are not enough, they also have useful videos there.

VIP page

The FFF-VIP page only brings you to the page I mentioned about Patreon. You get 10 bucks a month to get access to those exclusive galleries and crap. If you don't see a game or video in their vast collection, you can go to the "Hentai Request" tab and send up to three requests per day. This isn't a promise, so you are welcome to take a stab at it. Just bear in mind that it can take fucking ages for brand new games or videos to get localized.

Game format tab

There are two menus that you'll want to use while you are looking for sports. The 'Game Format' tab helps you to narrow down your quest by game type. Genres such as graphic novels, fighting games, RPGs, puzzle games and a few more can be browsed. If you choose to screen out Hentai games that are either in Japanese or English, you can also use the Categories page. But don't worry, screw you, they've got more than just playing. They have portions rendered using Miku Miku Dance for 2D hentai, 3D hentai, and hentai. There are hundreds of pages in each section full of material that you can browse through.

Previews are awesome and you can download

You will get a list of previews to try out, irrespective of the page you go to. Each one shows you in what language the video or game is, when it has been posted, the title, what category it comes into, how many comments have been left on it and anywhere you can flip from 3-30 sample images. To get the full list, either click "continue reading" or the word. You can get the publisher's name and the file size here. This site has a single download button with a magnet connection to download the content, unlike other torrent sites that have 15 goddamn download buttons that all lead to advertising and one that is the actual correct one.

Awesome quality

The consistency is the fucking next step. Many, if not all of the site's images would be in crisp 1080p HD. I had no trouble uploading as many Hentai videos as I wanted that were fetish-filled. This is by far the easiest torrent platform I have ever been on. The pieces that bridge the material on each side are several other portions worth noting here. You can find a live chat you can jump into, major samples of newly posted content, a calendar showing the scheduled updates, a rundown of the current threads, and a link to the website's subreddit. Lots of fun shit here to try!

Awesome mobile experience

Choose to have a torrent platform with a good smartphone experience, literally.'s web app is just as crisp and simple to use as the online site is. Many of the same features, menus, and options you had on the machine remain available to you. The formatting is well done and with all, you get full-screened previews. I say it isn't necessarily simple or straightforward to torrent on your computer. But if you were going to take a shot at it, then this would be the venue. This website makes it easy to download hot videos of Hentai sluts getting fucked, even though you're on the go.

Favourite Feature

My favourite thing about is that when using a torrent site, it is essentially a torrent site without all of the normal nonsense you have to contend with. There aren't any gross commercials to contend with and the website really looks fine as hell. It's like finding the jackpot and getting back from the party the goth slut who winds up not with any strange baggage or daddy problems. It's not that Dad's problems are a bad thing. I don't mind when every now and then some dick-craving babe calls me daddy, but I don't like dealing with that shit's emotional side. Much like the dream mix, this site is.


Overall, if you're some sort of Hentai-craving weeaboo who doesn't like paying for shit, I can't think of a better place to go to. is a wonderful Hentai torrent of mountains of stuff. Hell, if you're into that sort of thing, they also have games. I realize I've been harping on how amazing this goddamn site is, but for good cause. If you like Hentai, then you have to go to this place and jerk off to the big bootied Hentai bitches. In one gorgeous place, enjoy HD films, full-length episodes, uncensored videos, hentai games, and more. Yeah, and have I stated that it's free? Fucking it's free! Go on, get over to and fapp!

What We Like At Fapforfun:
+ Nice layout and download option
+ No ads
+ Great mobile experience
What We Don't Like At Fapforfun:
- Still nothing
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