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The name of this website corresponds to almost every nation in the world. Everyone is a part of a fap nation, whether you like to admit it or not. At least once in your life, you have searched for your favourite porn content on the internet and busted a nut at it. That makes you a full-fledged member of the fap nation. Of course, people fap to many different things on the internet. The most usual content for busting a nut is the porn movies, after that, we have pictures and some comics material. But, what happens if you grow tired of that mainstream content and you want to experience something else? This is where porn games come in. They are a special genre of porn content that many people like to experience from time to time. Porn games and much more are what the Fap Nation is revolving around so let us take a detailed look at it.

Much More Than Just A Name

Fap Nation is a porn site, that is what we can all agree on. Every website that offers porn in any way is a porn site, and this one offers something special. Fap Nation is mostly about porn games and they offer a huge variety of them to its visitors. It is a free site that doesn’t require you to become its member or to pay for its membership. The moment you enter the website, you can access its huge database, download the games, and start enjoying this great kind of entertainment.

When it comes to the content of this site, 80% of it is the said porn games. These games come in different styles, shapes, and genres. Some of them are sloppily made because the individual artists are making them so you can expect virtually anything. Games directory is full of content to fill your days, weeks, and months without thinking about other types of entertainment. The styles of the games are so diverse and some of them even have photorealistic styles. I had to zoom in and squint at the thumbnails to persuade myself that this is not real. Kudos to such artists. On the other hand, you can play many games in the hentai style, western style, even manga, and they all show some great quality fun.

Fap Nation doesn’t host its content. This means that you cannot play games on the website itself like many other porn games sites allow you to do. You will need a flash player installed if you want to see the preview and catch what those games are all about. When you click on the game of your choice, you will see the big thumbnail or a preview if available, you will get to see the picture gallery of the screenshots from the actual game, and you get a download button. Every game needs to be downloaded in order to play it and this is not a bad thing at all.

Everyone Can Enjoy Fap Nation

This site offers download options for every operating system. You can choose to play it on Windows, Mac, and Android as well. When you download the video, simply choose the system you have and the download link will appear, as simple as that. The links usually work but if you stumble upon some of them that are not functioning, you can report them or write it in the comments section below the game. The comments are always active and the members post them about virtually every game on this site so you will know if it is good or not. It is a shame that these games don’t show ratings so you won’t know if the game is good or not until you download it. 

Also, this site doesn’t have some basic options such as the newest games or the top-rated and popular games. This can be such a helpful option but it simply is not available on Fap Nation. However, a ton of other options are available and they further explore the possibilities that you have on this site. Other than porn games, you can access comics, hentai, western-style content, and many artwork galleries. When it comes to games, you can browse through the ones for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android. Also, if you want all of them, simply click Browse All.

Cool Options Of Fap Nation

Games, comics, and hentai are not the only thing you can enjoy on Fap Nation. As you can see, this is a multimedia porn site that allows you to experience many different genres and forms of entertainment. One of them is the live cam shows with horny girls who want to chat and strip their clothes. When you click on the Live Sex Cams which are sponsored, you get redirected to the site called Camonster. This place is killing it with the names! It is a simple Live Cam website with tons of active girls. You can enter private chat sessions, send them tokens, and watch them strip and do something naughty just for your eyes.

Some of the options that will be highly appreciated by every geek out there are found in the Tools section of the website. When you access them, you will get to find some tools such as Save Editor, RPG Maker, and many others. These tools explain how games and other content is being made and it even gives you the opportunity to create your own content. Pretty slick option.

Mobile Experience Is Fun

Of course, you can access Fap Nation on your mobile device. The one thing that can be tricky is the actual playing of the games on them. Namely, most of these games were made for the desktop versions and can only be accessed that way. But, this site has a great database of porn games for Android so they can be played on your mobile device. The site looks good and all of the options are there.


Fap-Nation is dope! It has something for everyone and it will give you an incredible amount of lengthy entertainment with great porn games. Other than games, you can access comics, hentai, live cams, or even create your own content with the many Tools from the website. It is all free and it comes with a lot of ads, but we can overlook them because Fap Nation is a great porn games site and you should check it out!

What We Like At FapNation:
+ Games for all OS platforms
+ Free to download
+ Big thumbs and responsive
What We Don't Like At FapNation:
- Hard way of filtering content
- Adds
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