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The world is full of different fetishes. Everyone likes something that they cannot speak about in public. Imagine going to a business meeting and you suddenly start talking about your obsession with bondage and BDSM porn. Everyone would look at you like a pervert and the deal would probably be off, unless it is with sites like Kink or Fetish Network. However, there is one pattern that repeats itself. Usually, the people who love pretty girls focus on one particular part of their body. Most of the time, those parts are the normal ones like boobs or ass, you know, the stuff that everybody likes. However, more than often, people are dazzled and hypnotized by women's sexy feet. They simply love seeing hot feet, toes, soles, and most of all sexy shoes on them. This fetish is one of the mildest ones in the porn industry but definitely the most present. Today, we are showing you a porn site that deals with foot fetish. It is called Feet9 and it reveals everything in its name already. Let's look at some sexy feet together!

Thousands Of Pairs Of Sexy Feet Waiting For You

I can agree that feet are a sensual and a sexy part of the female body. Most times when I see a hot babe, that feeling of attraction intensifies if she is wearing hot high heels and sexy shoes. Sometimes, if they have nice nail polish, that can also boost things up in my pants. Feet9 is a perfect place for people who love feet and who love the foot fetish genre. This site is here to show you more than 18,000 free porn videos with feet. Sometimes, truth be told, this is not really porn. In some videos, women are just playing with their feet and their shoes. But, this is more than enough to make a foot fetish lover fall from his chair.

Feet9 is a real foot fetish tube with a bunch of free HD porn videos that you can watch and download. It has been around for a while and it has a steady growing rate. New videos are being updated and uploaded every day. Therefore, you don't have to worry about not having new pairs of feet to watch. From what I have seen, the videos are various and they appeal to all the senses and explore the smallest bits of the foot fetish genre. In some videos, and most of them are HD, you can see gorgeous girls with their feet in sexy high heels, boots, or simply barefoot. They are teasing and seducing you with their toes and their sexy footwork to the point where even I will become their worshipper.

What Can I Expect In A Foot Fetish Video?

If you are new to this genre, you have to understand that not everything is in a footjob. Usually, when you mention feet in porn, people imagine a hard cock being rubbed by two sexy feet until it cums. Sure, you will find plenty of it on Feet9, but there is so much more to go about it. In some videos, girls are alone with their camera. They have high heels or other types of shoes on their feet and they are working on their seduction game. They play with their shoes, they dangle them from their toes, and they constantly take them off and on which is called dipping. In the end, they take them off and start rubbing their toes, spreading them, and licking.

Another part of the feet that gets the lovers of this fetish aroused are the soles. On Feet9, you will find plenty of videos with tight beautiful soles and with wrinkled ones as well. Then, different nylons play a special role in these movies. These girls usually wear stockings or pantyhose that they take off and play with. When their feet are bare, they lick their toes and make you fall in love with them. Some movies feature two or more girls doing naughty stuff to each other. Of course, you cannot avoid the footojobs and real porn with men and women who love to use their feet in the process. On the 18,000+ videos on Feet9, you will definitely find the ones you love.

It Was Never Easier To Find The Things You Love

When it comes to the interface and the style of Feet9, this site should be a role-model for most of the premium and free porn sites out there. The homepage is so simple and it is a real joy to use it. First of all, the background is dark and the homepage shows a big number of videos. On the left side, you will find the channels list which is some kind of category list as well. You can choose Foot JOI, 3D Anime Hentai, Cum on feet, Cum on shoes, Feet Porn, Lesbian feet, Male foot slaves, Trample, and so many more. As you can see, Feet9 is a perfect place for anyone who loves this type of porn.

Other options on the site are really scarce which is a great thing. You can enter the videos database, the channels list, and Live Feet9. This link takes you to the live version of this site where models are on their cameras and for the right tip, they will show you their feet and do naughty stuff with them. Of course, most of the content on this site is user-uploaded. Therefore, if you like to spend some time at home playing with your feet, record it and place it on Feet9. You will see that people are going to love it.


If feet are your obsession and you love their usage in porn look no further. Feet9 is a magnificent foot fetish porn tube with more than 18,000 porn videos. They come in HD quality and can be watched for free. There is everything that will make a foot fetish lover satisfied on this site so don't waste your time and try it out now.

What We Like At Feet9:
+ Almost 20k fetish videos
+ Girls are gorgeous
What We Don't Like At Feet9:
- Nothing
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