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How do you feel about reading stories and novels? Of course, all of us had an obligation to read in school to get a better grade. Also, throughout the university, there are a lot of books and stories to read. But, when you get out of the education world, how many of you still continue to read? I would say a small number because life is too fast these days that you simply cannot find the time to read, not even for pleasure. Well, what if I told you that sex stories and short novels are an extremely popular porn genre that millions of people indulge in every single day? Many of you would be surprised but not the ones who are acquainted with this form of porn. Today, I am presenting one special site that will serve you with the best porn stories from a certain genre. The site’s name is FictionMania and from its name, you can never guess what this site is all about. Let me enlighten you and tell you all about it, shall I?

Enjoy Hot Sex Stories About Transgender People

Yep! FictionMania is about transgender people. Whether it is about the shemales or the girls who would like to be men, this site will provide you with the daily fix of erotic stories starring hot transgender characters, fantasy settings, and much more. The site gives us a nice definition of both these words. Fiction is everything created from the imagination and mania is excessive enthusiasm. So, if you are a transgender sex maniac (not in a bad way), this site will prove to be the best one you visit in a long time.

Of course, there are two schools of thought among the porn lovers. The first one says that porn is better because it gives you everything on a silver plate. You don’t have to imagine anything since everything is already in front of you. Therefore, shemale and transgender porn sites with real porn movies are one of the most popular ways of entertainment for the worshippers of T-sex. However, FictionMania approaches this genre in a completely different way. It lets you turn on your imagination and produce your personal sex scenes. This is beneficial in many ways starting from the director’s chair. You decide what a scene in your head is going to look like and no one can take that away from you. Therefore, turn your fancy on and read stories on FictionMania.

Hot Transgender Characters Who Love Sex

Currently, there are 37,000+ stories on FictionMania that include transgender characters. The stories are user-written and they are published on a daily basis. This means that you will never run out of the reading material on this site. However, because different users write these stories, don’t expect them to be of the same high quality all the time. Some of them might disappoint you while others will uplift your spirits. There is a team of moderators who check what kind of content can be uploaded and shared. You, as a spectator, can read the stories, review them, rate them, and leave a comment. Or, if you feel the wind in your hair, you can read a fantastic transgender sex story and it will find its place in the library of FictionMania.

FictionMania Has Got Some Amazing Features

You can find the stories that interest you on this site very easily. The homepage, however, is not so helpful in helping you find what you want. When you access it for the first time, you will see some random reviews at the bottom below one random picture. These reviews come from different users like yourself and they will tell you about positive or negative feelings they got from a certain story. This might help you a bit but there are other features that are more interesting. First of all, you can click on the New Stories tab at the top of the page and see the stories listed there. Still, this category is not the star of the show.

The star of this site is its Search option. Many porn sites that specialize in different genres will offer a very detailed and advanced search option. But, none of them like this. You can search the stories by length, author, characters’ ages, category, key word, file size, date added, and many other ways. This is just a fantastic option that every user of FictionMania will appreciate. This way, you will be able to find the best stories that fit your needs.

There Are Pictures On This Site

Still, when you think about a sex stories porn site, you imagine that there will be no pictures in there. Well, that is wrong for FictionMania for two reasons. First of all, there are certain stories that include pictures. You can search for them with that fabulous search option. Also, there are randomly updated pictures on this site. When you enter it for the first time, you will see a random picture with a quote underneath. The pictures are updated by the users and the quotes are taken from the most popular stories on this site. When you enter the Title Page Images, you will have a lot of interesting things to see.

Read The Best TG Stories On Your Mobile

FictionMania has an excellent mobile version. The style of the website is not the best one for your eyes since it includes a white background with black letters. This site can be accessed by any mobile device you have and reading of the TG stories is quite fun and easy.


People are always experimenting with porn sites, genres, and forms. One of the least appreciated forms is sex stories but there are people who love them. Just on this site alone, there are millions of people who enjoy written transgender erotica. If you want to enjoy this kind of fun FictionMania is by far the best choice you can take. Read thousands of stories, reviews, and messages on this site for free.

What We Like At Fictionmania:
+ Great search option
+ Site for transgender or shemales
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Fictionmania:
- Html site design-WTF
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