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First of all, to fully understand today's review, I will have to point out a few things: Today's site is one of the aggregator sites, and it is highly important for you to know what that means, so here it is: this type of site is gathering the links and content from a variety of sites and providing you with them! They are not hosting any of the content, but if you take the fact that aggregate sites are free into consideration, hosting is not so important, right? One more thing you have to know about aggregator sites is that they have a huge database of videos! So, if you are searching for a site that will provide you with an almost unlimited choice of clips, FUQ is the best place for you! Buckle up, we are going fast into cracking this thing open!

Such a marvelous job with site name and domain:

Okay, for most of you, this is not even important, but actually, having a site name made out of only three-letter with the .com domain is so hard to get man! You can't even imagine how hard this is and the example of that is the names of many sites, famous sites, having .net or other domains! But, FUQ did a marvelous job, with that Fuck You misspelled! Really impressive stuff and it is no wonder that they are placed so high in Google Search Engine! 

What do FUQ offers:

If you ask me FUQ is where guys go if they want to find videos of hot sluts doing what they do best: fucking and sucking dicks! This tube site offers a vast choice of videos, no matter how kinky or demanding you are! Basically, you will find whatever you wish right here, with ease! And that's the golden ticket to FUQ! I will now tell you one fact, which is hard to believe in, but it is a 100% truth! When you combine total numbers of straight, gay, and trans scenes on FUQ, you will get a mind-blowing 58 millions of porn scenes! Yeah, you read it well, it is not a mistake! With this place, you won't have to do cross-search between sites anymore! Everything is here! 

The FUQ pulls videos from a ton of sources:

The fact that their catalog is offering so many different choices is one of the Fuq’s major selling points. They’re pulling videos from a ton of sources. I counted over 150 different websites under the Source filter. Do you want to spend days searching for “blonde blowjob milf facial fist butt threesome” on 150 different websites, or would you rather spend three seconds doing it on one?

Let's now talk about functionality and design on FUQ:

Well, when you see this site, you would never tell that this place is free and that it represents an aggregator site. So, what's so special? Well, everything here is made with taste and by exceptional experts. White background, with touches of gray and black looks really cool on FUQ. The header here is filled with a logo on the left-hand side, and the logo looks cool, sexy blonde babe wearing golden rings with the FUQ COM message! The left-hand side of the header is reserved for the search field, which is kinda special, button for a dark or light theme and thumbnails size, language selector, and straight, gay, shemale checkboxes.

When it comes to the search field, when you do not enter anything in there, it serves as an indicator of the number of scenes! Yeah, you can see the exact number of scenes on the FUQ in the search field! And that number is insane, over 50 million of scenes! Next to the search field, there is a button where you can change the theme: dark and light! Here, you can also choose the size of the thumbs you wanna see on the site, and both of these options are really cool! The language bar is made with some class! I have not seen a site where you can choose between so many languages! 

The navigation bar and other options on FUQ:

Just under the header, you will see a gray navigation bar, with some interesting sections! Categories, Pornstars, Popular videos, New videos, Top rated videos, and Our network are the sections offered! I will not write about the obvious stuff here, but I have to mention Categories and Pornstars: Man, such a great job when it comes to the implementation of these two sections! The thing that impressed me the most is the way the guys from FUQ enabled the search and sorting between cats and stars! Just impressive! Each category and pornstar has the number of scenes by its name. You have a separate search field for the categories and pornstars! You also have the letters box, where you can click on the letters of your favorite star or cat! And, they are all sorted in alphabetical order! So, no need for a keypad, you can find all you like using a mouse! You another hand will be free for... Well, you know what to do with it.

When it comes to the video experience, FUQ is awesome:

Why? Because you can see a lot of information about each video with just hovering over it! And you can sort them out by many filters such as popularity, date, duration, rating, quality, source, VR... Really a wide range of filters for videos. Just to mention this: you can see the duration, quality (it has an HD mark in the upper right corner of a thumb), percentage of likes, and time of upload for every single clip! More than enough considering the fact that this place is totally free!

To sum everything up:

The FUQ is a totally free porn site which hosts no scenes on their server, they are providing you with the link to the other places! The database of movies is huge, you don't need to switch between places now, everything you have ever wanted is here! Visit this place now and check it out for yourself!

What We Like At Fuq:
+ Clean and free site
+ Lots of different categories
+ Mobile friendly
+ Responsive
What We Don't Like At Fuq:
- Some categories are mixed
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