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The Internet is full of some crazy content. Humans are so diverse when it comes to their affinities and fetishes that we are talking about an infinite number of possibilities. From normal everyday life, we know that people get pets like cats and dogs to keep them company, to make them feel less depressed, and to have something like a pastime activity. Also, furry little animals can reduce stress on numerous occasions. However, this is the view of normal people on pets and furry animals in general. When it comes to the porn freaks and fetish lovers, we can draw the line when this grows into a separate porn genre - furry sex. That's right, there are people who love furry animals for their sexuality and you must have seen at least some porn videos where dogs ad fucking horny women, in the doggy style of course, or when people play with other furry animals. Today, we are presenting you with a website that is just that - obsession with furry animals and cartoon characters in a sexual sense - FurAffinity. Let's see what this place is all about together!

That Is A Lot Of Fur!

This site does not deal with animal sex in real life, there are no real porn videos that involve animals. FurAffinity is a place where people who love a blend of comics and anime get together. It is an imaginative place where all of these fetishes come together and the people who love it become one. The community of this site is crazy and at the moment of the review, there were more than 40.000 people active. This number amounts to more than 20 million users on a monthly basis. FurAffinity is really popular and we can already see why.

The website is one huge database of pornographic content connected with furry animals, anime characters, and fictional protagonists in comic-book style, artwork, and stories. If you are a fur addict, you will find your fair share of amazing content to fap to on this site. Being such a popular website means that the updates are happening almost all the time. People love fur and they post their artworks every minute of every day. That is why the complete and final number of content available on FurAffinity can never be counted.

Register And See Adult Content

When you first enter FurAffinity, you will notice something and ask yourself one question. Where the hell is the porn?! All you will see on the main page is the artwork of furry animal characters, busty felines and canines, and cartoon characters with big asses posing in a sexy way. Some of them have panties, horns, and even hooves on their feet for all of you devil-may-care bastards out there. If you go through the whole website like this, you will not find a single cock, sex scene, or a pink anime pussy spreading out for you. You need to register first.

Luckily, the registration on FurAffinity doesn't cost a thing, just like Jennifer Lopez's love. You will go through a simple registration process, leave your credentials, and wait a couple of minutes for the confirmation mail telling you that you can finally see some furry pussy. Now, when you enter the homepage, you will not recognize it because the content will be so different. Now, dicks, fur, pussy, fur, and hot felines, and other furry beasts are all over the place masturbating, posing, or having sex with each other. This is a neat little trick to attract a huge number of visitors's working.

Adult Content On FurAffinity Is Wild!

From this moment on, nothing can stop you from living your furry dream. The content on this site is uploaded every minute by its loyal subscribers and registered users. This is one of the perks of being a member of this site; it lets you upload your own artwork and bask in the pool of comments, reviews, and reactions to your pictures. This is what this site is all about - pictures. Comic style and deviant art prevail so, if you follow any kinky deviant artist, you know what to expect. The pictures and art on this site are so diverse that it is mind-boggling. You will find gentle feline girls rubbing their pussies, female cartoon and anime characters having sex, huge dildos going up the tight furry pussies of furry girls with horns on their heads. This place is fucking savage and we get the picture of why the people love it. Check out the picture story of a woman who turns into a werewolf and has sex with other members of the pack. It is just flip-me-on-the-side-and-fuck-me amazing!

Options Of The Website Are Numerous

Like any other furry or non-furry porn site out there, FurAffinity has got some smooth and user-friendly options available. All of them are found on the top shelf of the site in the options tab. If you click on the Browse button, for example, you will see the pages of this site listed in an orderly fashion. To the right, you will be able to filter the categories, type, species (!!!), and gender. If your thing is shemale furry lions, you will find them. The next button that you can use is the Upload button where registered users can publish their artwork and share it with the furry community. But, the real deal comes with the Support tab. It will open into many different options from a falling menu and some of them are News & Updates, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. This is the place where the community thrives.

Furry Sex Stories And Fursuiting

People who prefer fur to bare skin really have some grandiose imagination going on. The proof for that is the two categories that are shown under the artworks on the main page. The first one is the Sex Stories and Songs category. In it, you can read stories written by the users of the site and posted there for other users to read. Also, there are some music lores and scores that are also available. This shit is dope for everyone who knows how to dig it. But the final portion of the website is made by the community as well and it is called Fursuiting & Crafts. There, you will see some furry costumes, toys, posters, and dildos made by the members of this porn site.


All we can say about FurAffinity is that you need to visit it. Especially if you are a lover of furry beasts and characters getting fucked. But, even if you are not, you will find great and interesting content on this site. Go fur yourself!

What We Like At Furaffinity:
+ Thousands of porn art images
+ Fast and responsive
What We Don't Like At Furaffinity:
- Login required
- Basic design
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