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We all know that the advent of technology allows us to enjoy some incredible genres and ways of porn. A decade ago, we couldn't imagine watching VR porn, interactive porn, 4K or 5K porn in the highest possible resolutions. Today, that is completely normal and if you watch something less quality assured that is not in the category of top-notch modern porn, everyone thinks you are crazy. Well, sometimes, it is good to remember our roots and to worship what came before this technological revolution. There was a time when everyone used to wank off to porn pictures and just imagine them moving. We had dial-up internet that was too slow to download movies but pictures were available. One of the porn sites that reminds us of that time is here today and we are going to present it to you. Its name is Fuskator and it is all about porn pictures. Let's see what kind of layers it has and why it should be your next pick.

What Does Fuskator Mean?

Well, nobody knows this for sure. Perhaps, the people who made this site just wanted to make it sound unique and they gave it a random name. Perhaps it represents the initial letter of the creators of the site spelled together. No one really knows what Fuskator means, but we can all agree that it brings good porn. Also, other than that, it brings free porn. You can access, watch, and download every single picture from this site. And there are millions of them. In its decade long history of bringing the best porn pictures, Fuskator has built some really impressive numbers.

That's right. Fuskator is one of those sites that display their numbers on the front page. At the moment of this review, this site has 528738 Galleries with 10376556 Images which is absolutely astounding. We are talking about more than 10 freaking million pictures. This is, however, not a huge surprise when it comes to porn picture sites. They tend to have a bunch of content but still, 10 million is quite a number. And this site doesn't plan on stopping. They have a steady number of a couple of millions of users hitting this site every month. Therefore, we can expect these numbers to go through the roof as we speak.

Site's Design And Functionality Are Solid

Even though we were greeted by this message "Images currently unavailable due to server issues! Unfortunately it will take a few days to recover from backup. 😞", Fuskator seems to be working pretty fine. This notification is probably about the newest pictures on the site but who knows because there is no way to see when any gallery has been uploaded. Therefore, we ignore this message and start traversing the ledges of The site has a nice dark design that is definitely from the year 2010; the site's design hasn't been updated since then.

When it comes to its functionality and the options on the site, it doesn't disappoint. The main page shows a lot of thumbnails with available picture galleries. The information that you can see is quite quaint. You can see the rating of the gallery, its name, how many pictures it has, and how many hits it has had so far. If you hover your mouse over it, you will be able to read a description of the gallery.

Another interesting thing happens when you move your mouse over a thumbnail. Fuskator has implemented an innovative way of previewing the content of the galleries. If you move your mouse's cursor over a thumbnail, the pictures will move as in a slideshow. But, if you keep it steady, nothing happens. This is an interesting addition and it will make your stay on this site even more enjoyable because no other sites offer a sensation quite like this.

Navigation And Filter Options

If you want the ways to filter these millions of pictures on Fuskator, you won't be completely satisfied. You have the good old search option and you can use it. Other than that, the picture galleries on the front page can be filtered by quality, rating, and tags. Quality and rating filters are pretty similar because they show the galleries with the biggest number of hits and good reviews. But the tag number is important for an unknown reason. On the entire website, there is not an option to view the tags. There is no tags section but there is a classification of pictures by the number of tags included. It is a little bit confusing but it plays its part in the filter options. For example, the first gallery in the tags filter is about this blonde bombshell who shoves a fat glass dildo in her pussy. The tags are pretty random and they include some ludicrous stuff such as "huge toy", "juicy", and "large clitoral hood". Seriously, who is ever going to search for a "large clitoral hood"?! Therefore, some stuff here needs to be explained but the site works pretty well even without the explanation.

Mobile Experience Is Shaky

This cannot be claimed for the mobile version of the Fuskator site. It is not really well optimized and the navigation on the main page is pretty shaky. Most of the time, you will have problems clicking on the right gallery and focusing on the search button. But, once you have made your successful choice, the fun can start. You can sift through the sexy galleries on this site with no problem. Watching sexy pictures of kinky girls full-screen is as far as good fun goes.


Even with its couple of flaws that some people will find annoying, Fuskator is one hell of a site. It offers a flopping number of 10,000,000+ pictures and 500,000+ picture galleries. It has a fantastic choice of pictures that can be uploaded by the users even without registration. It all comes completely free and there is no need to skip this site. If you like amazing picture porn galleries, Fuskator should be #1 on your list.

What We Like At Fuskator:
+ More than 10 million free images
+ More than 500 thousand galleries
+ Almost add free
What We Don't Like At Fuskator:
- Poor mobile experience
- Basic site design
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