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Game of Porn is a tube site that has videos to watch for you, great for someone who just needs to sit back and chill while jerking off. I'm going to talk about what you should hope to find over at Game of Porn today and whether or not I think it's worth signing up for it. Interested in learning more about this XXX tube that promises to have footage of your favourite babe being fucked in high definition, full-length? Ok, read on and I'm going to give you the low down below!

First impressions

After reaching the homepage here at Game of Porn for the first time, I realized that before anything else, there's a real emphasis on only giving you access to content. A segment that displays famous porn videos in a slider-style right in the centre of the homepage-just below that is another block that shows the new scenes to be added to the archive here at Game of Porn. You can see a list of pornstars who have recently been posted in videos at Game of Porn right at the bottom of the tab, and well, that's all there is on the homepage for you to find out in terms of the content areas. There is also a header connecting field that is great if you want to try out different additional meta regions.


Because only professionally filmed material is available on this website, it is only logical that they have a section devoted to cataloguing all the pornstars featured in their films. Just about every milf, babe, teen or mature model who features in the videos featured on this website can be seen here, and there are quite a number of them as well. I like how they gave each pornstar a short paragraph-long summary of their own, but all it seems to be is a stolen description of a video featured by the pornstar. For starters, all of these pornstar 'profiles' have an 'about' section, which includes an out-of-context summary of a video she has featured instead of providing general facts about the pornstar, making the entire thing seem pretty strange overall.

Navigation and organization

Getting a lot of navigational options is always good and I think that Game of Porn sure does deliver on that. The best video connection you'll find in the header is the first additional place I want to talk about: this is where the whole smut archive at Game of Porn is sorted based on its ranking from people who have actually viewed the video. Many of the scenes here have over 100,000 likes, too, so it's not like a clip being bumped to the top of the list with only a few 5-star votes. I found a porn shoot here that's probably one of my favourites, so a little bit, we'll be enjoying that. Before seeing the smut, there's even plenty to try out at Game of Porn! This free tube also has sorting based on randomness, shoots that are coming out soon and a complete feed of the new uploads to the website, in addition to the best videos feature. Next up, here at Game of Porn, I want to direct you into the pornstar catalogue, where you can go if you know just what star you want to see in action. Currently, this library doesn't have a flat number of registered models, but I would expect hundreds, if not thousands, of children. The default sorting is based on whether a video has been added to the archive, but you can also filter and display it based on popularity.

You will need to disable your ad blocker to watch the content

If, like a regular human being, you have accessed this website with AdBlock switched on, then you may think it is not a bad website because it offers you a lot of free premium content at no cost whatsoever. But as soon as you attempt to play some video, if you want it playing, you get a small message asking you to turn off AdBlock-this may seem like a small, meaningless thing that you can simply do and continue to enjoy all the free porn on this site until your dick no longer works, but it's actually way more elaborate and sinister than that. If you turn AdBlock off, the website unexpectedly looks like World War 3--ads are bombarding you from EVERYWHERE.

The Content

Game of Porn continues to concentrate almost entirely on professional material from the biggest production houses around, now thinking more generally about the content. If you like the more professional side of adult entertainment, this is going to be one spot where you get it, we're talking about the likes of Blacked, Bang Bros, Sis Loves Me and Team Skeet. Here and there, Game of Porn has a few novice clips, but most appear to come from first-time babes who are new to the company but still get paid to get laid. Overall, I think the content is decent and I don't think you should argue all that much because so much of it is available in high definition.

My final thoughts

I understand that when it comes to their video of choice, many porn consumers out there want a little mystery, just choosing it for its one sexy thumbnail that shows the visual highlight of what it contains, and that mystery is all ruined thanks to the way the videos play on this website, and a million advertisements that pop up before the video plays make the entire experience infinitely worse. Finally, let's say that you want to watch complete XXX movies—not who's right? You click on the part of this website and get routed to another page named ''-there are loads of complete movies here that you can either wait hours to download or watch them on dubious streaming platforms, which take a long time to load again.

What We Like At Gameofporn:
+ Lots of HD videos
+ Big thumbs
What We Don't Like At Gameofporn:
- Lots of ads
- Disaster pornstar section
- No regular updates
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