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Hentai porn has always been popular from the first moment it appeared on the world map. It is a Japanese art form with animated characters. They can do whatever you want them to do. Sometimes, they just pose in a sexy way, sometimes they strip the clothes, usually with their luscious boobs hanging out. Hentai goes to great lengths in giving extraordinary content to its worshippers. You can expect anything from anime and video game characters to imaginary girls with big boobs, cat ears, and tails. Also, people love hardcore hentai with tentacles, monster sex, and more than often rape. This porn can be gruesome sometimes and it is not for everyone. The one website that offers a huge variety of hentai pictures and artwork is Gelbooru and we are taking a thorough look at it.

Incredible Amount Of Hentai

When you visit the official website of Gelbooru, you don't get to see a lot. There is a search bar and a couple of options above. To start the fun, click on the “Browse All Posts” and that will get you to the main page of the site where all the magic happens. When you are there, you will at once be bombarded with millions of hentai pictures. We are talking literally about millions since this site offers more than 4,000,000 pictures from various artists. The content is user-generated which means that you can expect a wide variety of pictures and deviant art pieces.

You can expect absolutely everything on Gelbooru. There is a ton of sexy and porn content on this site but you can also expect a lot of anime wallpapers and non-porn material. For example, if you click on the Ash Ketchum tag on the left, it will show you a huge database of pictures of that famous Pokemon character. The pages include sexy pictures with the characters and other Pokemon but also some non-sexual stuff which also looks pretty cool. This is just one of the tags that are available and more on them in a second.

Using Tags For Professionals Only

For every porn site, hentai or not, tags or categories are one of the most important things. They allow you to search for the content and choose your favorite things to fap to. On Gelbooru, there is a crazy amount of tags. Anything you type in or choose will get you to your desired page. But, this is not 100% true and slick as it seems. Most of the websites will give you something for every tag that you type in, but not Gelbooru. If you type in something really simple like “whore” or “slut”, it will transfer you to an “Error” page prompting you to try again.

This is done pretty sloppily because there are no explanations for your mistake. However, you need to use the down slash a lot (this _ is it). So, if you want to search for “huge tentacle boobies sex” you need to type it like this: “huge_tentacle_boobies_sex”. Then, you will get good page results. There are no manuals and explanations for the tags and one has to figure them out on their own. For those of you who don't like to use the search options, the most popular tags are listed on the left of the page. There is a shitload of them and you might just find what you are looking for.

Other Site Options Are Diverse

Like every other hentai porn site, Gelbooru allows you to watch and experience a lot of different things. It offers a link to its doujin sister site. On it, you will find some more hentai artwork from many amazing artists on the internet. Also, you get a link to a so-called “Wiki” page. It represents a sort of a manual for tags but it is so wide and so big that it would take months to go through it and learn all the basics. Until you finish it, you will lose all the zest for the hentai on this site. We wish that the tagging system was a lot less complex, but it works like this. Once you get used to it, nothing can surprise you on this site.

Other options on the site include the Pools and Forum tabs. Pools are represented as special studios that include a number of pictures in them. The pictures are grouped based on the content and the special tags that they are using. It can be pretty useful but there are no previews of the pools, only the descriptions. Also, the forum on this site is pretty wide and it offers plenty of topics, questions, and pictures as well.

Live Gelbooru Community Is Active

Forum is a part of the live community on the Gelbooru website. It is made and it is working with the help of the members of the site. As we have noted, all of the material on this hentai porn site is user generated. This basically means that the registered users upload their content on this site for their own and the entertainment of others. It can make you feel proud to see your artwork receive a lot of positive comments or even have its own forum page. Becoming a member of Gelbooru is free and it won't take any money from you. It allows you to upload your content, become a member of the community, and enjoy the forum of the page.


Gelbooru can be confusing for a lot of people especially with its complicated tagging system. But, once you have understood it, it opens an immense amount of opportunities to every hentai porn lover. The hentai pictures on this site are amazing and they offer a wide variety of scenes from this porn genre. You can become a member of the Gelbooru community, rate pictures, leave comments, enter the forum, and upload your own content for people to worship. If you are not a fan of ads, this place will sometimes make you pissed because it is swarming with ads. But it is nothing that a good ad blocker cannot solve. Gelbooru is our utter recommendation if you like normal hentai and some kinky shit as well.

What We Like At Gelbooru:
+ Active forum
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Gelbooru:
- Complicated tag system
- Not impressive site design
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