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Introduction does not lack quantity; hundreds of videos showcasing all sorts of dirty kinky sluts are piled on the web. In all sorts of types imaginable in a porn-addicted mind, babes on this web seem to have an extraordinary appetite for giant cocks. The videos about; newly Added, Highest Ranked, Most Watched, and Longest are very simple to sort. Much of the videos are 4 minutes long on average, which is a little too short, but the longest videos are 8 minutes long on average. If you like those long films, you're going to feel a bit out of place here.

First impressions

I'm going to start this review with a slight negative: Hot Girl Club doesn't allow you to link via HTTPS. At, there is almost no security possible and for me, it is a big concern for someone who is in a country where porn is forbidden or merely communicating via a network through which they do not have exclusive access. For those of you who don't keep up with network security, I'll keep this simple: anybody who runs your traffic for you has the ability to see every single place you've visited here on Hot Girl Club. Provided warning-all that's I'm going to tell.

Home page and features

The homepage here is obviously really focused on showing you skin: I would say that 90% of the site's real visible areas are dedicated to porn of any sort. The largest segment is the 'newly featured porn videos' content block, which comprises 5-column preview rows and rows for scenes that you suggest to take a peek at by the owners of this site. You'll find some third-party referral locations scrolling down the list, a few free films from a paysite, and then the same places repeating a few times before actually getting something new: categories. Right now, though, I'm not going to look at these. I will in just a few moments. You have all the sorting tools and filters you would expect from a polished, user-driven tube website, at the top of What do I say by that? To further change the type of smut that you're getting, you can use different dropdowns. For starters, click the 'top-ranked' bar and you'll be able to see the finest flicks from the last day, week, month or after Hot Girl Club first went online, as voted by the users of the site. The number of views and the length of uploads are both equally sorted: I love video hosting sites that have these basic resources open to users.


All right, so I've listed groups before and now I'm going to talk about them a little bit. There is a page with central types that is perhaps the easiest way to identify the ones you are after: there are all the regular erotic niches. We're talking about Asian babes uploads, big-titted chicks, party sex movies, and even some queer footage to boot! There are no hundreds of niches for the Hot Girl Club to sift through: only the big stars that 90% of viewers are going to be involved in. Besides each one, they still have a good content count, so you'll know you're having 4,500+ teen scenes and 2,000+ interracial clips from the get-go. What's more, all the categories then have the same sorting functionality that I listed earlier, so that's all open to you if you want to see the longest, most-watched or top-rated. Hot Girl Club is doing the work of Heaven when it comes to cataloguing and archiving the smut. Fantastic things to be fair.

The Pornstar Page

Now, before I try some smut, I'm going to direct you to the pornstar website, too. Simply click on her name and browse to a complete range of what she has to share if you know what girl you're interested in. Yeah, and of course, individual pornstar content, as well as all the other items, can again be filtered and sorted by popularity and upload date. One idea I have is to sort pornstars by overall video count: cool to see who's actually putting out the most! I just had one complaint here, and it's that there are no sample thumbnails for any of the girls, even those with quite a few videos. Small stuff, however, it will actually round out the section of the website.

The Content

Because much of the material comes from big paysites and is not created locally, my general opinion of the smut is that if you want generic XXX sex videos from sources such as Reality Kings, Brazzers, Naughty America and Evil Angel, it's perfect. I didn't see any amateur porn here at all. It would seem that Hot Girl Club just seems to mess with the most successful of production houses. That's awesome if you like the best bitches in the world taking cocks from hanging studs, but anyone who wants a more handmade vibe at the Hot Girl Club won't get their rocks off.


I guess you can tell by now that the more I spent here, the more I liked the adult content they had to sell, although my initial experience of this area was quite ordinary. There's a great set of full-length scenes in Hot Girl Club and some can even be downloaded: I don't think you can say fairer than that. In reality, a turn to HTTPS will make this position highly competitive, so fingers crossed that they support people in the not too distant future watch porn safely and then I would rank them even higher on my list of awesome tube websites!

What We Like At Hotgirlclub:
+ Great pornstar section
+ Easy to navigate
What We Don't Like At Hotgirlclub:
- Too short videos
- No regular updates
- Missing search bar
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