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Finally! I really love writing about quality tube sites, but there is one thing that stands in my way - there are not many quality tube sites! Most of them are offering stuff they do not possess, so once you visit the homepage and click somewhere, you will be redirected to who-knows-where locations! I really hate that! And this morning, when I opened my email and saw my assignment, I was suspicious! So, I decided to thoroughly check the site I was assigned to write about, and man, I have found so many good things! 

Before revealing the truth about the identity of this place, I want to ask you one question? What do you prefer, free tube sites or premium porn sites? We all know that free tube sites are offering millions of scenes, going out with the quantity over quality, while the premium porn sites are offering HD scenes, unique content, superb pornstars, but you have to pay for it! They are more into quality over quantity and that costs! So, what do you prefer? What if I told you that you can have a little bit of both worlds on the same site? What if I told you that you can enjoy HD scenes for free? No way?! Yes way! Let me introduce one amazing free tube site: HQPorner! This place is a mixture of two totally different types of porn sites, and I find it really interesting! If you want to find out more about it, stick around!

What is HQPorner and why is it different from all the others?

As I mentioned above, HQPorner is a free tube site! I would gladly put it in some hybrid type of sites, but that is not invented yet, so let it stay in free tube sites! Sometimes the name of this place gets the wrong spelling, some dudes call it "HD Porner". But I hope that you will remember how it is called for real because it's not that complicated. The name of this venue says everything for itself: it is a storage of high-quality porn material. HQ stands for High Quality! It was made for you, cheapskate weirdos, to make your wanking session worth remembering for years! And I must say it has lived up to the hype! 

What can you expect to find at HQPorner?

I can easily say that you are free to have the highest expectations about this site! I stated this with peace in my mind, because I know that all of your expectations will be fulfilled here, for sure! This place offers videos where actresses start their dirty play from the very first seconds. No bullshit intros that you always skip. Some say they hate them in porn, especially if the participants keep their clothes on for one minute or more! "Give me a straight hardcore sex, I am not here to watch a fucking movie" or lines as that are well-known to all of us! Well, you can find a lot of gonzo videos here! For all the others, who like watching the intro and storyline, who find that very attractive, don't worry! HQPorner got you covered! You can also find these scenes as well! In short lines, you can expect to watch the best porn action ever recorded and you can expect to find exactly what you have been looking for, no matter how dirty your mind is!

HQPorner is really easy to use!

This website is not about making you confused with how to find a particular video. Vice versa, they do everything to simplify this process, and I really like that fact. If you are looking for your favorite scene or a video, you will find it there in a matter of seconds. The easy tagging system is moderated by some of the site admins. The videos you find under specific labels are matching them. I am a fan of this approach because finding a black gay video under the anal and lesbian categories is something that pisess me off (and it's happening a lot, trust me).

Once you visit the homepage of HQPorner, you will see a simple but classy design, with white background, and pink and black details! All this combined gives the site a really awesome look! 

What about the functionality?

Yeah, the site is really easy to use, looks classy, but what about the other functionality of this place? Well, that's another great part! It is just awesome! I would never say this place offers free movies! When you land on the homepage, you have the impression that you are on some top-class premium porn site! The header contains several buttons such as HQ porn, Top Porn, Categories, Girls! Under that, you will see a dark banner in the background with the site's logo, search field, and several information (number of videos, number of daily uploaded scenes, and "people are searching right now" feature!

Under that, everything is devoted to HQ porn! At the moment I was reviewing this place, it had 38.854 HQ porn scenes! You will also see the Show All Categories button on the left side of the screen! Under that, there are some filters, Most Viewed, Brazzers, Random Porn,1080P Porn HD, and 600 FPS Porn. Really amazing job done here!

Speaking of amazing job, what can I say about the thumbs placement and functionality

We are used to seeing dozens of thumbs on homepages of free tube sites, right? You simply can not find what you want, they are all tightly placed, and shit like that! But, HQPorner is a different kind of beast! It offers a page with only two thumbs in a row! They are big, clear, interactive, with HD photos, and details such as title and time of duration! 

Fun Fact: I have opened more than 10 of these scenes and I found ZERO ads! 


If you are not willing to pay for porn, but you still want to watch the best of the best, visit HQPorner! Today!

What We Like At HQPorner:
+ Easy to navigate
+ Quality thumbs
+ Just a few ads
What We Don't Like At HQPorner:
- Too bright site design
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