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When did you have a date last time? Was it with a hot girl? How did it end? If you are a stud who easily gets pussy, then this is not a review for you. If, however, you feel the consequences of the latest Coronavirus pandemic and you simply cannot find pussy for months, this is the perfect place for you. Preferably, you need to be living in Quebec, Canada. Also, you can travel there for the purposes of the site we are about to display for you. We will be talking about an escort ad site called Humpchies which can bring you the best girls from the state of Quebec in Canada. Why are escort sites so popular and important? Well, let's take a look at one date you will have with a (presumably) hot girl. You will send her flowers, take her to dinner, maybe see a movie, and still not be sure about whether she will have sex with you or not. Most of the time, you have to go on a couple of dates with a single girl to get her to sleep with you. We are talking about a lot of money that you will spend on these dates for the possibility of having sex. Escort sites such as this one skip that dating bullshit and give you real sex for real money. Usually, you will spend less and have sex with a professional hot escort lady without any dating, foreplay, and speculations. If you are still feeling a bit distant from the whole escort idea, let's see if this site is your cup of tea.

The Hottest Babes In Quebec Are Waiting For You!

As we have mentioned, Humpchies is a website from Canada for Canada, namely the Quebec region with the biggest city of Montreal in it's downtown. So, if you happen to live there or are going on a trip for a couple of days, this site can save you the trouble of spending your nights alone. If you wish to get the hottest escort ladies from Quebec, your best bet is to visit Humpchies and choose the one(s) that you like. Because French is the official language of this region, don't be surprised if you find girls who speak or write the French language in their ads. You will even see the French flag next to the site's logo so there is nothing to be surprised about here.

Getting laid has become so easy with Humpchies these days. All you have to do is to choose the city or a region you come from in Quebec and go through the list of the babes who have posted their ads on this site. These girls write a couple of words about themselves and they usually post pictures. On some ads, there is only one picture, but some of them feature more and they also name a price for their escorting services. Finding your perfect Canadian chick has never been easier so let's see how you can do it.

Search, Find, Call, and Fuck!

As you already know, Humpchies is an escort site. This basically means that your activity on this site is quite unilateral. Firstly, you need to input the name of the city you are coming from in the state of Quebec. Also, there are other filters that you can use. You can search the girls based on their services for incall, outcall, or both options. Also, you can choose the specific type of activities you expect them to do. This way, you can choose girls who will strip in front of you, give you a blowjob, massage you, and even let you fuck them in the ass. If you are a fan of massages, you can search all the parlors in Quebec that can give you the massages with happy endings. All of them are listed on Humpchies and they are always one click away.

Once you have chosen the perfect category for your girls, you can go through the ads. There are thousands of ads about hot girls in Quebec. Expect Caucasian girls, ebony girls, Latinas, and even duos that can come to your door. If you choose a duo, you will pay more, of course. Still, these ads are created and posted by the girls. They usually put their name or a nickname, some short description, and some of them put a price for their services. When you find the one, you will see her contact number so you can call her or send her a message in order to meet. In one or two hours, fresh professional pussy will be knocking on your door.

Some Ads Lack The Pricing

One of the smaller problems of Humpchies is the lack of the prices on some ads. Usually, the girls should put a price for 1 hour of services listed so that the users know if they are interested or not. Most of the girls on this site don't have a price listed. However, they all have a phone number or some other contact so you can ask them directly about that. Also, pictures play a definitive role in your choice. All of the ads have a profile picture. Usually, there should be more pictures that can help you decide whether the girl is your poison or not. But, some girls have just that one picture, and the rest is left for the imagination. More pictures and a price on every ad should be the way to go.


Humpchies is an escort ads site where you can find the hottest girls in the state of Quebec, Canada. If you are lucky enough to be living there, this site can help you get warm on cold Canadian nights. Simply visit the site, choose your favourite girl, contact her, arrange a meeting, and you will see her at your door in no time. Escort sites can save you the trouble of paying a lot of money on dates that often don't end up with sex. If sex is what you need, Humpchies has got you covered.

What We Like At Humpchies:
+ Huge database of sexy girls
+ Beautiful and attractive thumbs
+ Functional and responsive site
What We Don't Like At Humpchies:
- Missing some profile pics
- Adds
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