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Hypnohub is a Booru NSFW image that has been circulating for a number of years now. Launched in 2013, porn fans of hypnosis rejoiced at the beginning of what would wind up as the biggest spot to discover cartoon hypnosis graphics. This is an NSFW booru image that shows a specific set of niche fetish pictures, so it's for people who are curious about this kind of stuff, or already like it. For this sort of fiction, imagine the setup. You meet a hot porn chick or a crush on your TV show, but you know she's never going to sleep with you. So, you are starting to do research into how people can be hypnotized. It's better than you thought, and you're happy to leave soon. This hot chick starts feeling really tired as the pendulum swings, and you realize she is in your hands. This sexy porn slut is going to do something, anything you want, for you now. What begins with an 'innocent' blowjob turns into oral, vaginal porn,  anal sex porn, and in the end, you could even ask your friends to do some porn for group sex.

Lots of genres to look at

Overlapping with the XXX niche style, both of these genres and more are on Hypnohub. There are a variety of other unique fetish pics that are also shared in addition to seeing Hypno-porn pics on the web. Any of these are porn pics of possession, porn pics, porn of body power, inflation, bimbofication, age reversal, and many more. The argument is here, there is a lot of extra material. It's a lot of fun to hear about some of these more unusual fetishes, and many people can find themselves turned on by things they didn't think they would be.

Hypnotic theme

Even like too many other niches, hypnosis is the underlying trend. In their laws, it also notes that all images that do not have obvious signs of hypnosis or regulation of the mind are not allowed. These individuals take their mind control porn seriously. It means they have just what they are claiming they are providing. They even do it all on a great porn website, one that is fairly straightforward to find and use.

Recognizable movies and tv characters

There are some famous characters included here, so there will be enough for you if you are a fan of Pokémon, Jungle Book Ka, or any other animated characters with the ability to hypnotize. You will be happy with a large number of photos on the web, whether you are masturbating or just want to check out some awesome porn art. They also publish Manips, in addition to people uploading anime porn images.

Selection of Manip pictures

Manips are photographs that individuals have discovered that they have changed on the internet. For NSFW hypnosis pics, this should be easy to do, because all that really needs to be changed is to alter the eyes to appear mind-controlled or hypnotized. To create a storyline, people sometimes add text. There's so much you can do about it, too, so you can do it after you click on the site and try it out if you want to make your own post. Bear in mind that the platform is for fictitious (not real) characters and animated porn. When looking to build Manips for this blog, check for anime or hentai.

Expect the quality control

You couldn't be more mistaken if you say, "Ok if anyone publishes anything they want, there must be a lot of garbage on this web." Although the content of porn on Hypnohub varies, they have a Quality Management Center that separates them from many other Booru websites. Of what it provides here, there is nothing akin to Hypnohub. Anyone will mark photographs they see as below quality requirements, which places them on the manual review list. Ah. Good. There is also "Forbidden Material," so keep that in mind before publishing, and read that over. Accept the rules, and you're not going to have your hard work stripped or your account wiped. 'Don't upload manips with actual people' is one of the laws of the web. On the other side of things, certainly, go over to the web as animated mainstream films are out. There seems to be a lot of arousals here and some wonderful new wank stuff to enjoy. For example, take 'The Incredibles 2'. There's still a Variety here, with a lot of it showing up just before the movie comes out. If Elastagirl is interested in your perverted sex dreams, fuck yeah, you'll be satisfied.

Great community

Anyway, however, it is awesome that at Hypnohub they have such a wonderful group. There are lots of people here who comment on art, and that's what I love about the web. With other porn-loving freaks like you, I like to exchange feedback and stories, and I say that lovingly.

Website is clean and easy to use

When you get there, the site is pretty basic, with a few menu items and a search bar. Posts, marks, posts can be seen, and you can go to the website. There is also a chat section before you get to the main area of the web, Patreon (so you can help the site), and a wiki as well! It's nice to have a wiki because I still have a lot to learn about the more distinctive porn and these kinds of pages. This is a great place to get an exceptional degree. I went to the segment with tags because I wanted to see all they were selling here. TONS of tags are there.


At HypnoHub, there is a committed team that works tirelessly to ensure quality control and implementation of laws. Sometimes, because it doesn't seem to have anything to do with hypnotism, you'll wonder why a pic or GIF was posted here, but the general theme is maintained quite well. Overall, by lovers of the hypnotic porn niche, this site is well-known as a fantastic site. There are no recordings, of course, but that's the art that we're talking about here. The atmosphere is pretty decent here, with only small changes expected.

What We Like At Hypnohub:
+ Thousands of hypnotized babe images
+ Solid web design
+ Active community
What We Don't Like At Hypnohub:
- No videos to watch
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