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If you live or have lived in a rural community, you must have been a part of a family who tried some form of hypnosis. Usually, our grandmas know a woman or a man who can hypnotize you and solve your problems. Now, when we think about a hypnosis, we all imagine a man holding a pocket watch which is swinging from left to right as we slowly fall into the abyss of our minds. We can all agree that this is complete horse shit. There is no such thing as a hypnosis nor has it been proved to be efficient. However, some smart people decided to turn this legend into a porn genre. Hypnosis porn is very much present and we have one of the top porn sites that can show you this fetish porn genre. Its name is Hypno Porn so there is no doubt what this site is going to bring. If you like this porn - read to the end. If you don’t like this porn genre - also read, because you might like something on this site. Also, if you have never heard or seen porn like this, it is paramount that you stay with us. Don’t make me hypnotize your ass!

Hypnosis Porn As A Kinky Porn Genre That Millions Love

What is really hypnosis porn? Well, many people steer clear from sites such as Hypno Porn because they think that the site or its movies are going to hypnotize them. Just imagine that! You watch a movie, it freezes you in time, you skip your work for a couple of days only for the police to find you sitting in front of a hypnosis porn video. That wouldn’t be so good in a resume, we can all agree. However, hypnosis porn is nothing like that. There is absolutely no danger for you whatsoever. The only counter effect would probably include you wishing to learn how to hypnotize hot girls.

This is what Hypno Porn is all about. Hot girls and MILFs who get hypnotized into getting fucked. Now, we all have to agree that this sounds a bit sick because you would be fucking someone without their consent. It is not frowned upon; it is straight up illegal. However, this site has been up and running for a number of years because all of the girls are actresses and they are simply playing a role in a movie. No sex scenes on this site or any other hypnosis porn site for that matter are done without someone’s consent. Let’s see what you can expect on Hypno Porn.

Thousands Of Hypnosis Sex Tapes For Free

When I say thousands, some people might think that I am talking about some huge number. Namely, porn movies on Hypno Porn number in a little over 2,000. They get updated regularly and no doubt that this number will only become bigger in the future. However, the real champion of this site is not the number of its videos but their quality. Again, I am not talking about the picture quality because most of these videos are in 720p and 1080p. Don’t expect 4K Ultra HD hypnosis sex on Hypno Porn. Maybe in the future, who knows.

However, the movies on this site are so various. They all feature women and young girls who get “hypnotized” and then do all sorts of things. For example, there is a video where an employee created a smart chip to make his hot busty boss do as he pleases. He takes her clothes off and basically does what he wants while she doesn’t change her facial expression at all. Also, there is a video where a young girl is being hypnotized to get naked, do the chores around the house, and then get fucked. This hypnosis shit would really come in handy to everyone who hates doing chores. One more video that I watched was about two girls. It turns out that one of them is a vampire and she hypnotizes the other to get her to lick her pussy. The effects in the video were also pretty nice so you can see that this site is doing its best work and really putting their effort in anything they do.

Categories And Site Design Are Great

Let’s start with the categories because I know you liked what you read so far. If you want to explore more videos with interesting role plays and hypnosis, head over to Hypno Porn, it is completely free to watch them. Anyway, the categories on this site are great. They include many different pieces and they will definitely leave you wanting more. First of all, there is the basic Hypnosis Fetish, Hypno Incest, or Hypno Pimp categories. Then we have the That Kinky Girl, Entrancement, and MindUnderMaster as some of the more hardcore categories. Still, if you take a look at the options bar, there are some categories that stand out.

They are Girls Gone Hypnotized, Primal Fetish, and Ludella Hahn. The first category is obvious where girls get hypnotized and have sex next. Primal Fetish is where you can expect many different videos where girls do all sorts of things like cosplay and obedience. Finally, Ludella Hahn is this hot redhead kinky bitch who is the main star of all the movies in this category. Other than these categories, you can find many others. The website is easy to use. It has the newest and best movies on the homepage, categories on the side, and the options line at the top of the page. The only thing that I hated was the logo of the site. It seems as something a child would paint in Paint. Seriously, change that shit!


Let me try this fucking shit! This is what I thought to myself when I saw Hypno Porn. I never watched it before and it turned out to be really fun. Exploring new fetishes and genres is what modern porn is all about. Therefore, go to Hypno Porn and enjoy!

What We Like At Hypnoporn:
+ Lots of categories
+ Ultra HD videos
+ Fast and responsive
+ Free downloads
What We Don't Like At Hypnoporn:
- Basic site design
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