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I have seen many kinky porn sites and weird fetishes in my time but today, we have a porn site on the menu that will definitely take the cake. We are presenting you with the Hypnotube, a free porn site that will turn you into a sissy. So, who should visit this site? Well, everyone can do it at least once and see if the content it offers is really for you or not. I am not sure if real macho hetero men who love fucking hot girls should spend their time here because there is a lot of movies, pictures, and gifs here that will make you gag. The sole purpose of this fetish is to wake up the submissive sissy inside of you. You can understand this site as a sort of a test to see how masculine or how submissive you really are. The content this site has offers so much variety that it comes in various shapes and sizes and for an innocent passer-by like myself, it can be interesting at times. Still, let’s see what you can expect from the site called Hypnotube.

The Name Gives Away The Content

I don’t even know where to begin with this site. It has so many approaches to hypnosis as foreplay that it is mind-blowing. It has a big library of movies where you will be tested to see if you are really a macho man or a sissy little girl. Of course, don’t get surprised if you want to get a hard dick in your tight little asshole by the time you are done with this site. Hypnotube will test you and it does so in many different ways. First of all, you need to understand the fantastic diversity that this site offers. The content can be classified into three major categories: videos, pictures, and gifs. So, there is something for everyone here.

When it comes to the videos, they offer the most different and imaginative scenarios that I have ever seen on a porn site. There are some videos that are just soundtracks where you will listen to a girl trying to hypnotize you into becoming a sissy. These audiotapes are usually followed by black and white circles that will make your eyes hurt so I don’t like it. I don’t like anything that makes my eyes water. I am a macho man who doesn’t cry! Or, am I a sissy, actually?!

Next in the fantastic array of movies that Hypnotube offers are the blowjob and transexual videos. There are a lot of blowjob videos where the girls (or boys) get hypnotized to do the sucking. This is a common scenario on this site. Also, you can enjoy many videos and gifs of transsexual babes (or dudes?) taking a big dildo or fucking another man or a woman. You see, one can really lose his way on this site. That is how diverse it is. There are also gangbang videos of straight men fucking and humiliating one hypnotized girl.

The Site’s Functionality Is Excellent

Let me remind you that Hypnotube is a completely free porn site to watch. There is an option, however, to register your account on this site but this is only if you want to post comments and get in touch with other perverted and hypnotized minds on this site. This membership is also free and you can use it to the core. However, the point of the first sentence of this paragraph is that Hypnotube looks like a blend between a porn tube and a premium porn site. The site’s functionality and user-interface are top-notch, and I don’t think that anything else should be done there.

When you open the site, you will be greeted with a pitch-black background which is normal and fresh for the eyes. Now, I expected some spirals and circles turning trying to hypnotize you, but no, it is black and I love it. On the homepage, you have the line of options and the first category is “Being watched now”. You get to see firsthand what other sissies and kinky people are watching right now. If this is true, the people really like shemales and perverted meditations.

Going down, you get to see the Most Viewed videos and the first place is Sissy Hole Training. I tried to see what was on it and one of the first scenes is a huge cock jabbing at the screen because it wants to be sucked by you. The hypnosis can start. Other parts of the video are girls masturbating, fucking a dildo, etc. all the while a smooth female voice keeps telling you that you want that dick inside you and that you are not worthy of being called a man. Well, a bit excessive but the comments for this video are very positive. Apparently, people always come back to this site to watch the movies. It looks like the hypnosis on Hypnotube actually works.

Great Mobile Version For Sissies

Hypnotube rocks a very well-optimized mobile version of the site. You can access it with any mobile device including your smartphone, tablet, or any TV streaming device that lets you stream movies. The hypnosis is better on a bigger screen but if you like to watch porn at night, like me, then the darkness around you will do the trick. The videos play at a fast steady pace and the pictures and GIFs are easily accessible. So, you can enjoy the best version of Hypnotube with your mobile device.

Bottom Line On Hypnotube

This site is the real test for every man and woman in the world. Of course, if you are a shemale, you already have proven to the world that your mind cannot be played with. To all the others on this planet, Hypnotube will try to test your will to serve and be submissive to other people. Who knows, maybe you will get to find something about yourself this way.

What We Like At Hypnotube:
+ Page is simple and nice
+ Lots of free clips
What We Don't Like At Hypnotube:
- Some adds, but not too much
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