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When you want to wank one off, you go to some of the known and used websites from before, right? Rarely do people dare to explore some new pages on the web. However, this exploration can sometimes be very rewarding. During one such time, we stumbled upon a website called Instant Fap. Wow, the name is catchy and it described what we were looking for in the first place. No one likes to lose the whole day for fapping. Maybe if you are a couch potato who doesn't leave his place at all, you can dare to lose the whole day to fapping. But for us faster people, we tend to find a couple of minutes every day to shake the turtle. Instant Fap seems like the perfect solution to our problem so we are going to take a look at it!

What is Instant Fap about?

Well, it's pretty much about you taking your cock...oh, the website, right! Hehe… Well, all jokes aside, this site struck us with its modern style and the user interface. It is definitely unique in the porn world and among the free porn sites, tubes, and picture sites. The layout is dark and it is perfect for nightly browsing. Finally, some website that recognizes us night owls and predators. I don't want to be up and squinting at a bright page when the only light source in my room is the phone or computer. Well, done dudes at Instant Fap!

This site is all about porn! And many kinds of porn categories are included. You can enjoy the hot pictures, animations (or GIFs), and porn videos. You can switch them on, mix them, or play all of them at the same time. It is your choice and it is an easy one to make. Just mark all of them and let the fapping fun begin. The links with pictures are all found on the main page but there are no previews. If you hover your mouse over, you will get nothing, just the title which is short and catchy.

A huge number of pics, gifs, and videos!

Instant Fap has proven to be one of the greatest sites for a quick cumshot. If you don't have a lot of time, come to this site, click on the first link, and roll away. The way that this site shows its content is fantastic and nothing like any other porn site. It works as a slideshow. You can let it go alone, or you can click one at a time when you like it. This is just fantastic! You don't have to interact with the website at all, just do one click and you are good to go! This is really innovative and we haven't seen any other site out there do that! Kudos to the guys at Instant Fap. Maybe there are girls on the team as well...Kudos to you also!

The source of porn is various!

The kind of videos, pictures, and gifs that you can watch on Instant Fap is just unbelievable. They include content from every branch of life. You can watch short porn clips, amazing pictures as well, Kpop stars dancing, amazing actresses like Salma Hayek. Her boobs are just to blow your brains out and her picture was the first one that greeted me here. After that, I was pretty much bought! The amount and the diversity of content on this site are just superb. The categories on the left side of the screen are some of the most diverse and original as they come. Choose some categories like 2busty2hide, CamWhores, or CaughtFucking. This site will just serve you with the best and most imaginative content.

However, this content is not really the property of this site. Usually, they implement their pictures and other content from Reddit and other places on the internet. But you won't get redirected, don't worry. One piece of advice that we can give to you is that you should open some of the pictures, GIFs, or videos in an individual window. When you do it like that, you will see it in its original size and quality. If you click on it from the main page and you enter the slideshow, the pictures will just fit your screen size.

Many broken links!

So far, the Instant Fap website has been one hell of a ride. It has shown us so much smut, celebrities, and Korean girls dancing. However, we have to talk about a couple of things that left us with a sour taste in our mouths. The biggest flaw of Instant Fap is the huge number of broken links. You can see it on the main page especially when you click on the pictures tag. You will see a sad smiley and a message saying “internal error”. Well, fix it! Too many people visit this site and they should, it is fantastic! Don't lose your members because of some broken and dead links. Fix that shit! Also, there are some ads that can ruffle some feathers as well. Mostly, those ads were for Brazzers so we are all in to look at them, but how they got past our ad blocker is beyond us.

The mobile site is great!

This is a great site and it offers many other options as well. The mobile version is great and you even have a link to it on the desktop version of the website. Let us tell you, looking at those slideshows rolling by on your phone or tablet is one hell of a treat! You will enjoy the best mobile version of Instant Fap on any mobile device you have.


InstantFap lives up to its name. It is a website that will give you some great fun and you will always return to it. You will get tons of pictures, GIFs, and videos on this site and they are all coming in the form of a slideshow which is fantastic. You can literally click just once on this website and enjoy it like never before. If you are looking for pictures from movies, TV, music, amateurs, teens, college, masturbation, sex, and hundreds of other categories, you will find them on this site! 

What We Like At Instantfap:
+ Fast and easy to use
+ High-quality content
+ Site organization
What We Don't Like At Instantfap:
- Lots of adds
- Thumbs
- Lots of broken links
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