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Will you be about to see some Jav Guru Asian chicks? If you have a yellow fever case? Wait a moment, morally wrong. Wait a minute. Let me change my sentence. Do you watch video clips of sexy Asian women stroking vigorously with your own dick?? You will like to see JAVGuru if you replied yes.


There is nothing more on the box on the DVD names. From the video games and photos, you get enough details. Click here and the cover and some screengrabs are going to take a bigger picture. I had a really good idea of what I should expect from Cheerleader With Colossal Tits - Monami Takarada. I had the caps of one of the huge head cheer spraying on her forehead. The caps were kept back. Each video has a purchase connection and many viewing options. The choices are a good decision because I didn't get the first connection from the stream. I received an annoying pop-up ad that had its own window by my filter, and that I said my machine would reset.

The design

There is a handy header on the homepage which we are going to talk about a little more later and a sidebar with more ties. The first part of the sidebar represents a bit of a website presentation and is a feature for the women of the month' where the webmaster selects his favourite JAV star of the last 30 days. Below, you have an advertisement for Tokyo escorts (very fitting), recent feedback and the most famous videos of the day. The finishing area is the Footer Bar, where connections to different actresses, shows and categories can be found. Let's discuss them a little closer, talk about these topics!

The categories

Everybody knows the importance of porn types, which are accessible to JAV Guru by clicking on the JAV tag list site. There's spam or pointless tags here, like '4P mini' and 'big tits,' but even some classic niches like anal, voyeur, incest and face sitting are slightly deceptive. Man – just thinking about the latter one makes me want I've been single so I can sit on my face with a pretty Japanese girl while inhaling her pink cunt! There are few problems with the category of tags here, but ultimately it will work as it should. My main request is to condense the categories and just show the ones that have 10+ niche-related videos – that's a simple way to settle things right here. You have the types of niches at JAV Guru and besides that, you also have a list of actresses that you would like to look at. This is where you would want to settle yourself if you know the names of the JAV idols that you most want to enjoy. Some kids, Hoshina Ai, Aoi Tsukasa, Ayami Shunka and others, have hundreds of videos here. By default, the actresses with the greatest number of videos are shown at the top – resulting in the company rising lower down the page. I'd like to also add the studio tag section – perfect if you know the producer who brings you the porn that you're looking for. All right, let's watch some porn with that all out of the way!

The player

When it was loaded, the video itself played well. I had a whole screen button to click on, but the video didn't go fullscreen, with a false CRITICAL Warning. However, the second time's a charm. The Japanese adult video filled the screen so that I could learn 480P's rich information. Since it is a DVD rip, I got the big tits with my erotic adventure for two whole hours. JAV is DVD rips. The thing of Guru. Some places sell some brief Asian video, but here they concentrate on showing you complete films. Apparently, several hundred physical JAV titles are released on a daily basis. This website makes an effort to get you as many as possible. All the links to complete DVD rips on websites like FileJoker, free of charge, make me wonder if all these are legitimate. They don't claim that they uploaded these videos somewhere without permission, but they don't say they got permission anywhere. The way to obtain and buy JAV movies lawfully does not help the fact that they have a FAQ entry.

Summing down Jav.Guru

The JAV's glossary is worth a click, even if you want to see the strange fuck. Chikan means molester, usually used in porn on city buses. The sound of Gokkun is swallowed in Japanese style and a smutting of semen by a woman succeeds for some men. Kintama twisted her nuts to torment a guy. There are plenty of sites on the Internet to watch Asian porn. In reality, on many sex video pages, it is also a big category. And. YES. Guru focusses on an Asian porn form, JAV DVDs, which are perhaps the best English site to use. Their set is massive, increasing and can be viewed or downloaded free of charge. There are 10.000+ HD DVDs on this web site for you to try out, all of which are entirely free and dedicated to Japanese erotic entertainment. If you read so far and still don't know if JAV Guru is for you, I suggest that you try it out because you don't need an account or anything else to enjoy it.

What We Like At Javguru:
+ Lots of Japanese pornstars
+ Free content
+ Clean site design
What We Don't Like At Javguru:
- Player bugs
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