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A good contribution to the universe of the Jav site. This is a fully free tube of Japanese videos that are completely uncensored. If you click on Movie at the end, you'll find 3795 videos at the time of the analysis and all of them will appear on a list. In the right-hand corner of the web, you'll see access to the groups. The one you've just hovered over the connection and you can pick which spot to first explore. Next to Porn stars is a connection, if you click to get you to the thumbnail photographs of the hot young children in this video.

First impressions and info

JavHiHi is one of the few places on which I focus on high-quality Japanese porn. There's so much I love about this website - let's get there. HD Japanese porn is not easy to get around, but there's plenty of this website. Its video players default to 480 pixels and include quality choices, which allows you to up to 1080 pixels on all standard porn websites. The videos are amazing as well - most are 10-20 minutes, but there is also a lot of complete artwork and titles that keep my 4-centimeter participant up to 10 minutes, rather than deflating after a few. The videos are really good.

The website

The website is blue and white, so it looks quite as I'd expect to see a free JAV Website. The architecture isn't unbelievable, but it has some new features. Like the large ass banner on the top of the list. It's gigantic, holy shit. There was a picture from one of her latest videos that made it look like I was just going to suck in the rosy vortex. The model had a broken anus. That might not be too horrible, though. There's a nice vore out there, I'm sure. But, yes, the banner displays a new video on the website, so one of the big-ass previews can be quickly tapped to get started. Over the pretty banner, you're going to see a "Home, Images, Categories, and Pornstars" header with some easy options. Any website is easy to use and none of them are bumpy connections off-site.

Pornstars and categories

The Pornstar page lists all hot babies on the web with an HD image and a lot of videos made on the site. Views, ratings, and the news can be filtered. All the default crap. Clicking on their sexy teaser picture gives you a full page with such model statistics as height, weight, birthday, views, and so on. A brief overview of the style, usually complete, can be read, and all their videos can be seen below. The button Categories is not a separate page. You get a drop-down menu with nasty fetish features such as "BDSM, Squirting, Lingerie, Nurse, etc." The categories in your normal JAV. Here, there isn't something too wild. I will go over to the videos tab or scroll the newest listings on the front pages to see any videos. You can take a look at the things you see the most throughout the week and also at all this nice crap on the rest of the front page, but you'll also be taken to some other JAV pages to use the Video tab.

Navigation and previews

But it looks in advance. These reviews are awesome. They might not be animated, but from the footage, you get a sexy HD shot, big enough to walk on its own. You will get a video period, a title with the names of the pornstars, an account, a count, and an uploaded date. Even an HD tag is available, but I haven't seen videos that haven't been in HD really. The website is as fun as the video player. It's this half-dark half-light stuff, which makes it easier to watch films. Now, there aren't many advertisements on the web so I'm not going to burn them that much, but I kept looking like the virus city of the little pre-video popup commercial. All of these offers "install this extension to protect your privacy" are obviously trying to get your personal information.

Mobile is good

You have to contend with a little more smartphone advertising, but the web is fantastic other than that. Both the smartphone formats have been successfully completed and all the videos have been played snap-free. All the same options in the menu I mentioned are still applicable and the overall design is correct. There are no winning menus or terrible areas.

Rest of the features

As this site is a free video website, no bonus section is available. Besides the videos on the web, no pictures or extras. There are JavHD banners, so it's just a free teaser on this platform that I think to show us what I'm going to find when I'm here. The advantage to me is that this hot spot exists, which gives us a glimpse into the world of porn in Japan. These Japanese studs are fortunate enough to blast or load these wonderful girls bareback.

Conclusion is overall an awesome website. I can't name several other websites with free 1080p JAV videos without censorship. Any website like that will load the butt with bad stuff. Hell, I see JAV censored pages attempting to hook people on monthly memberships. Ok, you should tell all those other places to go screw and switch to for JAV to patch. The site is sleek and futuristic. Announcements aren't even as bad as other JAV blogs. And the content is awesome. You have to go for hot videos at if you enjoy JAV porn.

What We Like At Javhihi:
+ Great on mobile
+ Video streaming
+ Fast downloading
+ Detailed pornstar info
What We Don't Like At Javhihi:
- Still nothing
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