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Porn sites are always trying to be the best version of themselves. You will never find a porn site or any of the other types of sites for that matter who will not claim that they are doing everything in their power to bring the best content and experience to people. However, some of them succeed in that wish and others keep on trying. Today, we are going to take a look at a porn site that meddles somewhere in the middle of these two categories. It is a site that can confuse you easily and at the same time show you the content that will blow your mind. Let’s meet JJGirls. It is a site dedicated to the girls from the far East of Asia, from the land of Japan. We all know that the girls and boys from this country always produce something spectacular and let’s hope that JJGirls will live up to the expectations. Let’s take a look at it together.

The Hottest Japanese Girls In Hot Sexy Pictures

Yes, before we continue, you guys need to know that JJGirls is all about the pictures. It is a porn site which is completely free, but it just doesn’t offer any other content on its own other than pictures. This is not a bad deal actually. You know how they say that pictures speak a thousand words? Well, in Japan, they speak a little more. What these girls are willing to do is just incredible. There is a study showing that the Japanese and Asian girls in general are the most submissive girls in the world. No one knows why it is like that but we believe it is because of their tradition and the patriarchal society that still keeps its values.

However, not to stray away from the subject of JJGirls, the pictures on this site are numerous and they are usually in HD. You will find thousands of galleries of the hottest Japanese girls so I hope that you know your favorites by name because, to me, they all look similar. They are hot as hell, I gotta give them that, but some things that they do are really incredible. They will show you their traditional attire, strip it, use a dildo, and then get attacked by dudes with hard dicks who fuck them hard right where they are. Also, you can expect all kinds of sex pictures and the good news is they are all uncensored. I haven’t found any censored porn on JJGirls and that is the fact I love the most about this site.

The Site’s Design Will Confuse You At First

We have covered the content of the site, now let us see how you can reach that content and how troublesome it is going to be. Well, to be honest, JJGirls didn’t do a great job in making its website simple. It is actually a really complicated website with a lot of question marks and doubtful clicks. For one time, I couldn’t recognize the real content from the ads. Now, I like to make it simple. When you enter the homepage, you will see Japanese models and their names. This is where the content is. If you want to watch their sexy galleries, choose a girl and click on her picture. Another thing that needs to be improved on JJGirls is that the pictures are static. They show no previews and you have no idea what is waiting for you. I don’t get much idea from a JAV girl standing in a kimono outside. It can go in so many ways.

So, if you come only for pictures, you will find them easily. But, on the other hand, if you are a person like myself who loves to explore every single website to its fullest potential, you will not be satisfied with the outcome. Other than its picture galleries, JJGirls is a huge repository of ads and redirection links. There is only one options menu that actually involves the galleries from this site. Any other link or an ad that you click will lead you to a different site and this might lead to frustration. That one options tab that involves JJGirls offers a lot of different categories so let’s take a look at them.

Many Categories To Enjoy JAV Girls To The End

When every other link, post, and ad leads you to another place, you should cling to the one that leaves you on JJGirls if you liked the site. And what is there not to like? You have thousands of picture galleries that are completely free and you can watch and download them as much as you like. But, when it comes to categories and the menu on this site, it goes like this: Japanese Archive, Japanese AV Girls, Japanese Amateur, Japanese Hardcore, Japanese PornTube, Japanese Wife, Asian Pornstars, European Babes, Hentai. As you can see, this site offers many different genres and categories that you can watch. From this list, only the Hentai genre will lead you to another site. Every other thing that you choose will keep you on JJGirls and let you enjoy its masterful galleries.


JJGirls is a weird site in many ways. First of all, it can be so much better but it doesn’t need to be so much better. It started its work in the year 2003 and it now has a little less than 8 million views every month. That is, we all have to agree, a fantastic number for a porn site with only pictures. On this site, you might get confused by its style, the many options, ads, and redirecting links. However, if you turn a blind eye to it all, you will find it most enjoyable to roam through their picture galleries of JAV girls and just watch what these kinky girls are up to next. For me, the experience on this site was positive and I have really enjoyed the HD pictures of Japanese babes. You should try it too!

What We Like At JJgirls:
+ Beautiful thumbs
+ Lots of categories to choose from
+ Everything is free
What We Don't Like At JJgirls:
- Not easy to navigate
- Lots of ads
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