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For all fans of free Filipina porn, is the ideal place. You will find some of the kinkiest Philippine girls right here, and in every video, they do all kinds of ungodly stuff. And so many videos are there that you will actually never get through them all. In other words, it doesn't just need to be a few videos for you. You should watch as much Filipino porn as you like and love it. There is certainly something for your palate with so many videos to pick from.

First impressions

While this page looks at first glance fairly simple, you will find it is not really. Tons of header tabs are available on this page and you'll be taken to other web pages. You may therefore abandon this page or not. It's up to you. At last, I mean that you're here to have a nice while and not to check this page like me, so you're free to leave at any point technically, but I do not recommend that you do so. You definitely don't want to do this yet, when you have too much stuff to try out. First off, each video on this page has a long, pretty cool title. They're a little overwhelming for me, though. I say, the names of the actresses are often primarily Pinoy, but it's all around. You will see now that the films do not have many views. Most of the films on the homepage have a good view of about one kilometre. It is also clear that not many users on have accounts, so you can see that one or three individuals like videos per thousand views, and that's pretty little, to be frank. I say it doesn't matter if a page like this gets a lot of video views or not! The one thing I'm concerned about is whether I should see some tasty porn for free!

The website and navigation

I want to tell you about's visual style and why I don't like it very much. The website looks far too cheap and frankly, I don't dig anything like that, but it's all right. Finally, art is pretty abstract, so who am I to judge? I give you my own opinion, but I believe that the majority of you people will agree with my views on this website. Furthermore, this article is not only unattractive in terms of pure aesthetics but in the upper right corner of this webpage, you cannot use the ugly little search bar as well. Although the website is technically in English, the titles look so goddamn arbitrary that you really won't find a good video, regardless of what kind of stuff you look at in the search tab and that's exactly how it is right now. However, when you are searching for the correct kind of footage, you will find the glorious homepage more than enough.

The content and categories of Kantotero

If you look at this list, you probably expect it to be very little content, but that is not real. It would have too much content. Indeed, there is a lot to find in here, which is awesome. Now, mainly amateur pornography is fine. In reality, not only is the porn created by people like me and you who aren't as laid down as porn stars but for some reason, the content of these videos is pretty good. But recently on this website, which is awesome, you can find HD-amateur videos that were released. I know that crappy amateur videos were normally uploaded 240p and that is crap. Now, there doesn't seem to be anybody sucking on this list. You can find that there are no tags for you, even though you click on a random video, which is lame. In addition, there is no "Categories" tag here, and we need it, boy oh boy. But scrolling the homepage can benefit you quite a bit since most of these amateur videos are practically the same thing. You see a girl sucking dick and then you see her doggy-style or missionary dick, and you're going to see her take dick. Nothing is too unique for the real on this page, so it is best to avoid looking at those special Asian BDSM footage. In short, you'll like the contents of this website when you're going on vanilla pornography so you're pretty much fucked whether you are anyone strange like piss, a foot fetishist, or a fetishist. You should stop playing with them, I mean your fetishes are pretentious, lame, and unhygienic already. It is better to throw them away and avoid feeding your literal dirt addiction. There's no need for me now to carry on talking about the material because you know what kind of thing on this page, you might anticipate, so we should just slowly begin talking about the result and finish the analysis. It was a bumpy trip, but I can't say that at the end of the day I had no good experience. In the next section of the review, I'll clarify what I said!


It's clear to me that I'll need to return to a website worth searching, This page is not only packed with a lot of full-length HD amateur content, but it is also totally free to use and I can't emphasize how badly I wanted it. It does not matter much because the search bar is not very helpful and the website is somehow hideous. There is ultimately just small data.

What We Like At Kantotero:
+ Navigation is easy
+ Updates
+ Tons of hot and kinky movies
What We Don't Like At Kantotero:
- Only few categories
- No filtering option
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