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There are over 7 billion people on this planet and you will never find two completely the same persons. We differ in our clothing style, eating habits, partner choosing, and, most importantly, porn choice. People think that the kinky dudes who love BDSM porn, bondage, and spitting come out at night to play, but that is not true. These dudes and girls are becoming much more numerous and they are not hiding anymore. Hardcore fetish porn is slowly taking over so the porn sites and the industry, we can also say mankind itself, needs to find a way to repel it and still find that gentle side in humans. This is where we introduce KindGirls as one of the strongest fighters on the side of sensuality and soft porn.

Fight The Hardcore Fetishes With Style!

KindGirls is a website that will restore your faith in humanity's sensitivity and passion. It is a porn site that will show you the sweetest and the kindest side of the pornographic industry. Thousands of gorgeous and elegant girls are waiting for you here, eager to show you their bodies, cute faces, and sensual sexuality. KindGirls is a porn site that was created in the image of sites such as NubileFilms and MetArt, trying to fuse the art and porn into one. And, let us tell you, they are doing an awesome job.

If you are a hardcore porn fan, turn around. If you are a kinky person with weird fetishes, turn around. There is nothing here for you, and yet, there is everything here for you. This website will help you wake that sensual side of your personality that was long forgotten somewhere in your kinky brains. The girls shown in the pictures on this site are posing, teasing, and pleasing everyone's need for the superb passionate sexuality and we can just wish there were more sites like this.

What Is The Content Of KindGirls?

When you first enter the site, you will be welcomed by a beautiful girl wearing nothing or wearing some sexy seductive dress or night-gown. The first post on the site is from the day when you visit it and if you keep scrolling down, you will see the most beautiful girls from the days before. This site cares about its members and therefore updates regularly with amazing content. As they say it themselves, KindGirls is a “clean and honest site about beautiful nude girls.”

As you have already guessed, this website is mostly about photography. It has been producing and sharing content since 2005, which is more than 15 years of going strong. They have an amazing number of photo galleries that come in stunning quality and are available for download right away. Of course, you will find some porn videos, and right now, there are more than 300 short HD clips of women satisfying themselves, masturbating, or simply posing and showing their beautiful bodies. You can also expect some lesbian love but nothing hardcore or fetish. These kind girls take care of their sexuality and they have a sensual approach in everything they do.

Style And Options Of KindGirls

The website looks nice. It has a soft tone of the background color that matches the passion that radiates from the girls featured on it. The website offers just a few additional tabs with more contextualized content and it doesn't need anything more than that. First of all, its homepage is beautifully done, showing you the best pictures from the given day, some text about the site itself, and the porn sites that it affiliates. This is necessary since the content on this site is available for free.

The second option is the Girls tab. When you open it, you will get a list of all the girls featured on KindGirls. The cards don't possess any personal information about the girls, only their names and the country of their origin, together with all of the galleries available on this site. Maybe this is something that the site can add since some people love to know their favorite models and their personal information. The second tab is called Photo and, you guessed it, here is the complete collection of picture galleries that this site has to offer. The galleries are shown monthly and you can easily switch between months from today all the way back to the year 2005. There is also a Random button if you like surprises.

The third and final tab is called Video and it contains the video database of KindGirls. It is not very big because the focus of this site is on the pictures. However, you will be able to browse and watch more than 300 videos showing you these amazing sexy kind girls in action. Again, we repeat, don't expect hardcore sex scenes or any fetishes because you won't find them. But, when we think about it, people who love feet and toes will have a lot of fun on this site.

People Gotta Eat

If you take a look at some of the pictures on KindGirls, you will see that they bear the mark of some big porn sites such as MetArt and NubileFilms. Because this site offers its content for free, they need some way of earning money. They serve as an affiliate website for several bigger and premium porn sites such as NubileFilms, X-Art, and Hegre. This site also offers a live chat that you can access if you make a free account. The Mobile version of the site is also optimized. It looks absolutely the same as the desktop version and it offers all of the commodities and features in a compact style.


KindGirls is one of those sites that restore faith in humanity. This site is proof that there is still some sensuality and passion left in us. You will have mighty fun on this site if you like sensual girls, artistic pictures, and amazing quality of videos. In the style of MetArt and NubileFilms, KindGirls is creating its own legacy with some of the most beautiful and natural girls you have ever seen. Visit this site now and feast your eyes on the beautiful female body in all of its glory.
What We Like At Kindgirls:
+ Basic site design
+ No adds
What We Don't Like At Kindgirls:
- Small video archive
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