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Hello porn freaks, are you ready for a spectacle? Today, I'm going to write about one amazing premium porn site and if you want to find out more about it, stay with me and have fun. First of all, I wanna explain what premium site term means: (sorry to all of you experienced porn lovers, but you got to understand that our community grows every single day, so this is for the newcomers) basically, a premium porn site is a place where you need to pay for a high-quality porn scene! If you have ever seen long scenes with superb sets and stunning babe, that's probably the scene from some premium site! Why would you go to the premium sites when you can find a lot of quality stuff on free porn tubes sites? Well, that's not the same, even though you can find some of the premium porn action on free sites, the real deal is on paysites! If you pay for a membership, you will be granted unlimited access, and you can do with the scene whatever you like! The conclusion is that there is definitely a good reason for all of us to pay some money and see top-notch porn action firsthand! So, if you are into this, I recommend today's topic, LegalPorno, one amazing premium porn site to all of you! If you want to find out more about this place, stick around, and let's crack this thing open!

Don't be suspicious about the name of LegalPorno, everything is ok!

When I first saw this site, I was curious about why they have decided to give a name like that! In my logic, whenever I see something so obvious, I start to doubt it! And that was the case here! LegalPorno! Man, I was sure that this place hides some dark illegal secret, but when I conducted research, I realized that everything here is legal and everything here is just fine! Yeah, I can't tell the story behind the name, I have never discovered it, but I must say that name grabs attention!  

At first sight, LegalPorno looks like the tube sites you are visiting every single day!

Indeed, there is nothing that tells me that LegalPorno is a paysite where you can find premium porn content when I first looked at its homepage! There was a classic tube setup, with a navigation bar and thousands of porn thumbnails, which are interactive (they will change and show preview if you hover), and the standard header options! But, when I clicked on the scene, I had much to see! That's the place where LegalPorno lets you know that you will have to pay for their content! As far as I can tell, you will be allowed to see a short clip, made out of the scene, something like a highlight of the scene, so you can decide whether you will buy it or not! And that's fair, I like that feature a lot! Some sites are not providing you with this option and I really hate visiting them! 

Speaking of content, does the offered one deserve to be bought?

Man, if you ask me, this is worth every dollar! The interesting thing about the content on LegalPorno is that every single scene is a hardcore one! And I mean a real, hard, pound and ground action! I started my journey here with the amazing blonde doll Lara Frost, getting her tight ass fucked in some unimaginable poses, and I fell in love with this place! The scenes I later encounter were hardcore orgy with ass fucking, gangbang shit, threesomes where babes are putting each other feet in mouth, and stuff like that! So, if you like rough action, you can not find a better place to have some premium content of that kind!

The interface is really easy to use!

One more thing that I like about LegalPorno! It is really easy to use! There is no unnecessary stuff like buttons of all kinds and similar. All you can see on this top-notch premium site (I have to put it in that category, because of the unique content they are offering) is simple design and easy to use interface. When it comes to design, the site background is white, and with some gray, black, and red details, it makes a perfect combination! The header of LegalPorno is reserved for the site logo in the left-hand side top corner, next to it you will see a search field and filtering options! Speaking of filtering options you can filter content by genre, models, studios, and selected (this filter is offering options suchs as scene not purchased, not in box, BTS, Model country, and price). The right-hand corner is reserved for the login button. So, pretty standard procedure when it comes to header!
The navbar is quite unique! Why? Because it does not possess a Home page! I mean, there is a homepage of course, it is not titled as Home, but as the total number of scenes, which I really like! LegalPorn navbar has other sections such as Studios (where you can find some amazing stuff from the best studios in the business), Models (an amazingly well-done page where you can find names such as Veronica Leal, Angel Smalls, Veronica Avluv, Jane Wilde and many others. Also, this page has the best filtering options I have ever seen, by far! You can search for models by nationality, studio, alphabet order, and much more.

What about paying!

Well, this is also an interesting part of LegalPorno! Of course, you can pay regular money, but you can also use TKT! TKT is the currency used to purchase scenes and you will spend less with TKT packages.

All in all, LegalPorno is worth paying for!

These guys are offering top class rough sex material, with some of the craziest models in the industry, and not only that, they have their own curency which will save your money! So, what are you waiting for? Create an account now and start enjoying the hard sex you have always craved for!

What We Like At Legalporno:
+ High quality porn scenes
+ Fast and responsive site design
+ Regular upload
What We Don't Like At Legalporno:
- Night mode missing
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