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Finding a girl to spend a night with no strings attached (except the money) is now easier than ever. If we were to go back a couple of decades, this topic would go in a completely different turn. Before, you had to visit some dark alleys and streets where girls with questionable morale waited for their customers. Even then, you could become a victim, get robbed, and far worse if you stumbled upon the wrong mistress of the night. They always have pimps that they work for and they sometimes ask for something more than you are ready to share. Nowadays, there is no need to physically search for escort ladies, you can simply open the right webpage and get her after a couple of clicks. However, the new times come with new problems. Such websites are often watched by the internet police and instead of a sexy dame, you will open your door to a police officer who will put you in cuffs. So, make sure to visit the recognized and safe sites that offer such kinds of escorts. One of the best ones in their category is Leo List, a website that doesn’t just specialize in escorts.

About Leo List

This is a Canadian site for everything, not just for escorts. Chances are that, if you are a Canadian, you have already visited this site for completely different reasons. Maybe you were searching for a job, real estate, or simply wanted to buy a pet. You can do all of this and much more on Leo List. It is a universal website for the many needs of Canadian people. We wonder if you knew this site had a professional escort page. It is easy to miss it because it isn’t right there on the homepage. You have to work your way to it and we are here to help you to do that.

Find The Hottest Canadian Escort Babes

Let’s say you are taking a one-week trip to Canada. You leave your friends and family behind and you are feeling lonely at night. The best way to solve that problem is to visit Leo List and find a hot girl there. When you finish everything, she will come to your door and present you with some hot Canadian chocolate. In order to find them on Leo List, you need to click on one specific card on the homepage. Let’s first take a moment and praise this amazing site for its style. This is what all the websites should look like. No scrolling through numerous options! No millions of links, tabs, and categories. The homepage is a set of nine cards that can help you with basically anything in Canada. The card that you are interested in is called the Personals card and you should click on it.

Personals Will Seal The Deal

When you click on the Personals card, you will get a set of options to choose from and you need to select what you want. You can choose from Female Escorts, Male Escorts, Transsexual Escorts, Massage, Dom & Fetish, Jobs & Gigs, and Sugar Babies. To all their own but we are going to take a spin of the Female Escorts page. The page opens swiftly and it looks just like you would expect an escort page to look. It has a big number of girls displayed one below another and a bunch of options at the top. You can even change the category from this page from the drop-down menu at the top. Also, you can choose your location in Canada, and search for escorts by using keywords. You can also click to see more filters and there you get to create your own perfect and personalized escort lady. You can choose her availability, age, hourly rate, the ones that are available right now, or the ones who have a personal video about themselves. All in all, you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

Sugar Babes Are To Die For

Honestly, one would not expect so many young and gorgeous girls to be escorts. We guess that life in Canada makes you do this sometimes, but really most of these girls are just breathtaking. We were looking at one escort lady called Veronica. She is 21 and from Vancouver. She is just perfect and we were tempted to go to Canada just to be with her. No matter the money, we would give all our savings. The point is that the girls on Leo List are to die for, they are that gorgeous! In the past couple of years, one big minus of this site was the complete absence of photos. It was really preposterous! You couldn’t see the pictures or the videos of the girls on display because there weren’t any. You could actually send them direct messages to ask for a picture, but Leo List has made it so much better now. Every escort girl and Sugar Babe has a set of pictures. That is how we fell in love with Veronica.


Leo List is a 10/10 website for all your needs as a Canadian or if you are visiting that peaceful country. You can find a job there, a pet, a house, or a hot girl to keep you warm at night. This escort side of the website is easy to find, it offers a great number of sizzling hot escorts from all around Canada and it is completely free to use. Of course, the ladies that show up at your door are not going to be free, but you already knew that. Just in case, be smart about all of this. The professional escort is not still allowed by the law and sometimes you can be tracked and found by the local police. You can always chat with the girl beforehand. Ask her about herself, ask her to send you some pictures, and if she works alone or for a company. That way, you can see if she is bait or if she is the real deal. We sure hope that the darling Veronica is there to please you!

What We Like At Leolist:
+ Lots of sexy posts
+ Nice and easy search feature
+ Like the site design
What We Don't Like At Leolist:
- Nothing yet
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