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What is popular today for good free porn content with large databases of material? Yes, porn tube sites are the most popular ones, because of the large selection of free material with an easy and effective way of using the website. Today we will be checking out a website with a weird name called LetsJerk, I have looked around some of the things around and now it's time to take a dive into the website and its content, features, pros and cons, as LetsJerk might become your new favourite place to visit wank one out.

Home Page of LetsJerk

It's always a good idea to start at the homepage of the website as that will be our first impressions of the tube when we arrive here. Let's Jerk shows the latest uploads to its website as the central display panel and new scenes are added on a fairly regular basis from the looks of things. You have the option to look at individual uploads from studios and categories at the top of the page, both positive features that I think all tube sites should have. Other than that, there's nothing to talk about on Let's Jerk 's homepage.

So what are the categories?

Usually, I like taking a look at the categories as they can sometimes help me figure out what the focuses of the websites are. The dropdown list given to us by will seem to cover a good chunk of the major players. We speak as an absolute minimum of Asian, bisexual, POV and teen: you can't say fairer than that now, can you? Clicking on the categories brings you to that niche's archive tab, which seems to be sorted by default by the most recently added content. Unfortunately, clicking on 'most viewed' only brings you to the most viewed overall section... which is not a helpful function in the least and would be entirely better if it were sorted based on your local filtering. It's little items like this that dictate whether a place is only fine or completely amazing or not.

Professional Studios

It's quite obvious that LetsJerk is completely focused on material coming from the biggest studios in the porn business. A quick look at their sourcing shows that their smut comes from the likes of Hard X, Passion HD and Tiny 4 K, just to mention a few of the website's outfits. I guess it's fair to say that Let's Jerk likes porn at this point in time, which features the hottest chicks that really know how to get down and dirty. In reality, these links above will show you all the uploads from those studios too, so go right ahead if you want to binge-watch! In recent years, I've seen a couple of tube sites taking this approach to their content and it's a welcome change: we all love a good bit of organisation.

How is the watching experience?

Since watching porn is the whole aim of this website, maybe I should talk about that a little bit. The video player itself is clean and tidy and streams at a reasonably good resolution: I can at least guess 720p. You can stop, pick, slow down and even speed up the clip from the time bar. Let's Jerk has an alternative for those wanting to download just below the video: this is supported by Openload and is offered at a speed of about 1 MB / s-not incredible, but not bad either. You'll see a list of video-related categories and tags below the player: these are important if you're looking for videos identical to the clip you just saw. You can even post notes on the clip and read what other people have written, but I think you're going to be too busy jerking on your meat stick to be a worthwhile thing to remember. Ultimately, you'll find a list of similar scenes if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post. I've covered nearly everything when it comes to the video sites, except that if you want to share your new nutting content on Twitter or Facebook, even has a few useful sharing buttons (those buttons really crack me up, so who the heck is using them?).

Cons of LetsJerk

Well, we talked about the good things of the websites, its categories, video player, and content, but what are the cons of LetsJerk? Firstly, I think that this is one of the most successful websites for shoving advertisements down your throat in terms of advertising: I had so many pop ups that it was almost incredible. I'm going to be honest with you about my frustration here too — I kept having PDF converter ads. Apart from that, I would like to see content choices as YouTube does: it not only provides you with an indication of what the top-end quality is for a single upload, but it also allows porn to be consumed by those with fairly rubbish Internet connections. I guess I would really like to see advanced sorting because if you can't see what the best of the best is, you could be sitting around sifting through all the uploads for quite some time.

My final take

LetsJerk did not fall short on any real ambitions and, in contrast to all of the other tubes out there, offered a decent experience. I like that all the videos can be downloaded and the site is totally free to use-hell, it doesn't even have the option to pay for an account. The ads may be a little distracting, but the overall experience is decent and I think it would be difficult to compete with someone who wants more professional porn in HD. I would really recommend this porn tube site to anyone since I did have a pretty good time on it. Check it out, see it for yourself, and happy fapping people!

What We Like At Letsjerk:
+ Tons of premium content
+ Free downloads
+ Long videos
+ Regular updates
What We Don't Like At Letsjerk:
- Pornstars section is blank
- Categories has no thumbs
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